Expert: Belgium’s worst times yet to come

The worst times for Belgium are yet to come – as stated by political scientist and Mayor Adviser of the Belgian city of Liege, Valery Dvoinikov, during his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA reports Photo: “There is a special discussion about Belgian politicians, because most of them are depressed. They cannot react in any way to this situation and 10 percent of politicians in the north of the country – in Flanders – have resigned. This figure reaches 8 percent in the ...

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US farmers face ruin due to anti-Russian sanctions, media report

American agriculture is going through tough times as government policies prioritise sanctions against Russia over US welfare – as noted by Kevin Stolkin, a columnist for The American Conservative, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In his article, Stolkin underlines that many fertilisers were subject to sanctions. Moreover, fuel prices continue to rise in the United States, which can cause American farms to go bankrupt. American Lorenda Overman, who has her own farm, said that in the ...

USA , farmers , sanctions , crisis

‘Hot autumn’ predicted for Poland

... led to a severe economic crisis, and by autumn the country ... . Today, the brunt of the crisis has to be borne by ...

Poland , crisis

Conflict in Ukraine resulted in Europe’s economic collapse, expert says

The conflict initiated by the US and the UK on the territory of Ukraine has led to an economic collapse in Europe – as noted by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies, in his talk with Alfa Radio Photo: According to the expert, even some European politicians have seen that the United States by its actions wanted to plunge Europe into chaos. “They call for a clear definition of who is who. The conflict in Ukraine – initiated by NATO ...

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UK hit by cost of living crisis

... the growing cost of living crisis’. Experts’ forecasts show that the ...

UK , prices , crisis

German industry may fail to survive the crisis

... may fail to survive this crisis – as stated by Michael Adam ... industry may not survive this crisis. I think this is the ...

germany , gas , crisis , opinion , russia

Under the ruins of capitalism

... emerge from the global economic crisis Elections in France, the second ... , clearly reflects the socio-political crisis in Europe. However, there is ... be able to overcome the crisis in its current state? This ... . By and large, the debt crisis has been raised and nurtured ... of crises: first, the energy crisis, when the cost of a ... reached $150, then the food crisis began, ending in a financial ...

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One fifth of Lithuanian population below poverty line

The Baltic States are on the verge of a trade deficit, with every fifth resident of Lithuania living below the poverty line. People can’t even eat normally. About 20 percent of citizens are unable to buy meat or fish: one of the worst figures in Europe. In his talk with Belarus 1 TV channel, political expert Andrei Starikov, who heads the Baltnews news agency, said that the last food stocks are being now used up in Lithuania. Photo: “In Lithuania, one fifth of the population is ...

Lithuania , crisis

Growing crisis in Europe may result in lifting certain restrictions against Belarus

... Chirkov, when discussing an emerging crisis in Europe with Belarus 1 ... channel Photo: video screenshot “The crisis is resulted in a sharp ... commented on how the food crisis will affect the Belarusian agriculture ... , “Escalation of the food crisis in Europe may become a ...

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US raising alarm because of food crisis

... an aggravation of the food crisis in the country. According to ...

USA , crisis

From bad to worse

... cash in on the migration crisis that erupted after the start ...

Ukraine , refugees , migrants , crisis

Over 50% Belarusians consider collective West responsible for refugees’ influx to EU borders

The figures were announced during the presentation of the Belarus. A Vision of the Future sociological poll conducted jointly by the EcooM Analytical Centre and the National Academy of Sciences’ Sociology Institute PHOTO: WWW.MGPU.RU Who is responsible for the influx and accumulation of refugees on the Belarus-EU borders? This was one of the questions proposed to Belarusians for answering, and the results are as follows: Governments of the states which people are fleeing – 33.8% European Union ...

refugees , crisis , sociological poll

News photo: a group of refugees trapped between Polish border fences

Photos by Vitaly Pivovarchik

refugees , crisis , border

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