Deputy predicts increase in conflict in Polish society

Polish farmers have threatened to resume the blockade of checkpoints on the border with Ukraine if they do not receive written guarantees from the authorities that their demands will be met. Member of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Sergei Klishevich, commenting on this news in his talk with Alfa Radi o, predicted an increase in internal conflict in Polish society. The parliamentarian connected what was happening on the Polish-Ukrainian border with the political ...

Klishevich , opinion , Poland , crisis , Ukraine , border

Expert explained what can bring Europe out of long-lasting crisis

... and banks, a deep social crisis caused by a new influx ... , and thus emerged from the crisis of 2019-2020 at the ...

avdonin , West , europe , crisis , opinion

Expert on crisis of EU government bodies

... there is a government staff crisis in Brussels. World publications are ... emerging from the 2019-2020 crisis at the expense of the ...

Avdonin , EU , crisis

Finns said their national economy deteriorated

About 73 percent of consumers in Finland believe that the economic situation in the country has deteriorated in 2023 compared to 2022, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the source, about 73 percent of consumers believe that the economic situation in Finland is worse now than a year earlier, and only 6 percent of respondents say it is improving. In addition, 43 percent of those questioned express the opinion that the Finnish economy will continue to deteriorate. Only 10 ...

Finland , economy , crisis

Independent German journalist predicted worsening situation for German business

... Germany is in a permanent crisis and there is still no ...

Germany , crisis , business , economy , sanctions , Russia , EU

Poll: 59% of Germans dissatisfied with Scholz government and support early elections

... November, leading to a political crisis. Extra-budgetary funding needed to ...

Germany Scholz , coalition , crisis

Ukraine’s ex-PM said Kiev risks facing sugar crisis after grain crisis

... that Kiev, after the grain crisis and blocking of borders, would ... of difficulties, including the sugar crisis. According to him, this will ... , such as the grain crisis and the carrier crisis’. According to him ... . According to Azarov, the sugar crisis is next in line.

Ukraine , EU , integration , crisis

Expert: crisis of US power around the world is obvious

... emerging into some kind of crisis of their world order – and ... it is quite obvious. The crisis of their power around the ... consequence of the US internal crisis.” According to Mr. Mikheev, many ...

crisis , usa , opinion

Middle East crisis could disrupt oil supplies and trigger price hikes

... Arab oil embargo, the current crisis in the Middle East has ...

IEA , Middle East , crisis , oil , prices

Expert: US lives in debt, but doesn’t want to pay it back

The United States of America began to live in debt when it became necessary to maintain its hegemony – as noted by Vladimir Vasiliev, chief research fellow at the Institute for the US and Canadian Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences, in his talk with the Soloviov Live TV channel photo: The expert drew attention to the fact that the US authorities do not want to talk about this problem. “Today, you will not find information about the most painful moment in the United ...

US , debt , economy , crisis

UN Secretary General: world is in state of storm

... global economy will face a crisis. Recession is registered in many ... supply chain disruption, an energy crisis, an increase in interest rates ...

un , climate , economy , crisis

US economist predicted most serious debt crisis in ten years

... face the most serious debt crisis Photo: It ... Roubini predicted the global economic crisis of 2008. Now, he believes ...

Crisis , US , economy

Inflation in Netherlands hits 47-year high

In 2022, annual inflation in the Netherlands stood at 10 percent – the highest indicator in the country since 1975, according to information posted by the Central Agency for Statistics of the Netherlands, TASS reports Photo: It is noted that in 2021, inflation in the Netherlands amounted to 2.7 percent. The statistical office associates such a significant change with energy prices in the country, which were on average 114 percent more expensive in 2022 than in 2021. However, ...

Netherlands , inflation , crisis

Putin, Erdogan discuss situation in Ukraine by phone

... in Ukraine and the Syrian crisis – as stated in the office ... -Ukrainian issues and the Syrian crisis. In particular, Tayyip Erdogan proposed ...

Erdogan , Putin , Türkiye , Russia , crisis , Ukraine , Syria

Expert predicts US collapse and crisis after 2024 elections

... America may face a serious crisis and deepening divisions in American ... wake of an acute economic crisis, which at that time was ...

USA , expert , crisis , opinion

Bundestag ex-deputy: Lukashenko’s policy keeps the world from sliding into abyss of Sodom of fascism

The United States is against China, and other countries are caught between these millstones – as noted by former deputy of the German Bundestag Waldemar Herdt during his talk with ONT TV channel ONT video screenshot According to him, both Armenia and Azerbaijan are a well-thought-out concept of destroying the last competitor that is still standing. “If Russia fails, America will regain its former hegemonic power over the whole world and take over China. In fact, the attack goes against China, ...

Opinion , Germany , crisis

More petty thefts in supermarkets registered in Italy due to crisis

In Italy, low-income citizens have to commit petty thefts in supermarkets, as the country is experiencing economic instability and growing prices, Agenzia Nova reports Photo: According to the news agency, the number of evidences of poverty is increasing monthly. Since petty thefts in supermarkets are most often not reported to the police, so these are mostly learnt about from the store employees. For example, one of the security guards, who works in several supermarkets on the ...

italy , crisis

UK is predicted worsening of crisis due to strikes

... the same day, then the crisis can worsen. It all depends ...

UK , crisis , strikes

Gaidukevich: political crisis in Europe is just beginning

The political crisis in the EU countries is ...

Opinion , Gaidukevich , EU , crisis

Number of homeless Ukrainian refugees increased in UK

... to try to avert the crisis. The amount of payments can ...

UK , Ukraine , refugees , crisis

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