UN Secretary General: world is in state of storm

... global economy will face a crisis. Recession is registered in many ... supply chain disruption, an energy crisis, an increase in interest rates ...

un , climate , economy , crisis

US economist predicted most serious debt crisis in ten years

... face the most serious debt crisis Photo: It ... Roubini predicted the global economic crisis of 2008. Now, he believes ...

Crisis , US , economy

Inflation in Netherlands hits 47-year high

In 2022, annual inflation in the Netherlands stood at 10 percent – the highest indicator in the country since 1975, according to information posted by the Central Agency for Statistics of the Netherlands, TASS reports Photo: It is noted that in 2021, inflation in the Netherlands amounted to 2.7 percent. The statistical office associates such a significant change with energy prices in the country, which were on average 114 percent more expensive in 2022 than in 2021. However, ...

Netherlands , inflation , crisis

Putin, Erdogan discuss situation in Ukraine by phone

... in Ukraine and the Syrian crisis – as stated in the office ... -Ukrainian issues and the Syrian crisis. In particular, Tayyip Erdogan proposed ...

Erdogan , Putin , Türkiye , Russia , crisis , Ukraine , Syria

Expert predicts US collapse and crisis after 2024 elections

... America may face a serious crisis and deepening divisions in American ... wake of an acute economic crisis, which at that time was ...

USA , expert , crisis , opinion

Bundestag ex-deputy: Lukashenko’s policy keeps the world from sliding into abyss of Sodom of fascism

The United States is against China, and other countries are caught between these millstones – as noted by former deputy of the German Bundestag Waldemar Herdt during his talk with ONT TV channel ONT video screenshot According to him, both Armenia and Azerbaijan are a well-thought-out concept of destroying the last competitor that is still standing. “If Russia fails, America will regain its former hegemonic power over the whole world and take over China. In fact, the attack goes against China, ...

Opinion , Germany , crisis

More petty thefts in supermarkets registered in Italy due to crisis

In Italy, low-income citizens have to commit petty thefts in supermarkets, as the country is experiencing economic instability and growing prices, Agenzia Nova reports Photo: According to the news agency, the number of evidences of poverty is increasing monthly. Since petty thefts in supermarkets are most often not reported to the police, so these are mostly learnt about from the store employees. For example, one of the security guards, who works in several supermarkets on the ...

italy , crisis

UK is predicted worsening of crisis due to strikes

... the same day, then the crisis can worsen. It all depends ...

UK , crisis , strikes

Gaidukevich: political crisis in Europe is just beginning

The political crisis in the EU countries is ...

Opinion , Gaidukevich , EU , crisis

Number of homeless Ukrainian refugees increased in UK

... to try to avert the crisis. The amount of payments can ...

UK , Ukraine , refugees , crisis

UN Chief: crisis in the world must be turned into moment of multilateral co-operation

... to transform this moment of crisis into a moment for multilateralism ... the world community is in crisis. According to him, conflicts have ... -being of countries, and ‘the crisis associated with rising costs of ...

UN , Guterres , crisis , co-operation

Former Bundestag deputy: wealth accumulated over years has been destroyed in the country

... to get out of this crisis. All this is the result ... the heart of the food crisis, on the verge of which ... all get out of this crisis, when 70-90 percent of ...

Opinion , Europe , USA , crisis

IEA urges Europe to take immediate action to prepare for next winter

... consumption amid the global energy crisis.”

Europe , gas , crisis

Italian government considers emergency energy savings plan

An emergency energy saving plan, which the Italian government is considering in the event of a cessation of gas supplies from Russia, envisages suspensions in industrial production, with the deadline being 30 days: from December to February, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the newspaper il Messaggero, such a plan is being studied by Ecological Transition Minister Roberto Cingolani against the backdrop of a Europe-wide cut in gas consumption by 15 percent. Savings ...

Italy , electricity , crisis

Russian State Duma said the threat of global economic crisis becoming a reality

... threat of a global economic crisis is no longer something from ... threat of the global economic crisis’. Makarov warned that if the ... world economic crisis happens, the Russian economy will ...

Russia , global economy , crisis

Germany accuses US and EU for charging high gas prices

Liquefied natural gas prices have risen due to unscrupulous suppliers in the European Union and the United States – as noted by the German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Action Robert Habeck, RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the official quoted by Die Welt, countries officially friendly to Germany often play against Berlin in the fuel market. “Some countries, including friendly ones, sometimes achieve astronomical prices [for their gas]. Of course, ...

Germany , USA , EU , gas , prices , crisis

Ursula von der Leyen proposes EU states measures to cap gas prices

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen proposes options that could help bring down the cost of natural gas, with a corresponding letter being sent to the leaders of the EU member states, RIA Novosti reports Photo: EU Chief proposes to accelerate negotiations with the main suppliers of energy resources to Europe – the United States and Norway – in order to reduce the cost of gas. Ursula von der Leyen recommends joint procurement of blue fuel in the EU in order to ...

EU , gas , crisis

Bloomberg: Poles are burning trash to stay warm

Polish citizens, due to energy shortages and high prices, have to use garbage to heat their homes. Because of this, the situation with air pollution in the country has deteriorated sharply, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: According to Bloomberg, Poland uses coal to heat Soviet-era buildings, but problems with this resource force people to use garbage, which not only causes air pollution and smog, but also smells bad on the streets. “It’s so bad this season that you can smell trash ...

Poland , crisis

Crushed Europe

... of August. Compare: before the crisis in 2021, 1 megawatt-hour ...

Europe , economy , crisis

Industrial production in Asia weakens due to falling demand from West amid economic crisis

Industrial output in Asia fell sharply in September, being influenced by slowing demand and worsening economic conditions in China and the West. According to Reuters , this market situation diminishes economic recovery prospects for the region. Photo: Manufacturing activity in September compared to August declined in Taiwan and Malaysia, as well as in Japan, India and Vietnam. According to experts, this is due to rising prices for raw materials. “We’re seeing economic ...

Asia , economic production , crisis

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