Turkiye warns its citizens of risk of an attack in US and Europe

The Turkish Foreign Ministry has given its citizens some recommendations on travel to the United States and Europe, warning of possible Islamophobic, xenophobic and racist attacks, Reuters reports Photo: It is known that the ministry issued recommendations after Western countries warned their citizens about possible terrorist attacks in Turkiye. It is noted that Ankara recommended that Turkish citizens in the United States and European countries act calmly in the face of ...

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Media: US demands Turkiye to stop allowing flights from Russia

The United States authorities are trying to push Turkiye to stop allowing the arrival and maintenance of flights of Russian airlines on American-made aircraft, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The Wall Street Journal publication refers to sources in saying, “Senior American officials warned last month that Turkish individuals are at risk of jail time, fines, loss of export privileges and other measures if they provide services like refuelling and spare parts to US-made planes flying ...

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More than half of US states banned TikTok in government facilities

... American states have banned the use of the Chinese social network ...

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American politician: Western imperialism will collapse after US crushing defeat in Ukraine

Western imperialism will collapse when the United States, NATO and the Kiev regime are defeated on the battlefield – as noted by an American politician, candidate for governor of Kentucky Geoffrey Young, TASS reports photo: Mr. Young also shared his opinion, saying that the sanctions imposed against Russia will lead to economic problems in Western countries, “Western imperialism will break apart when the Dollar value collapses, the United States, NATO and the puppet Nazi ...

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Expert said US provoked serious regional conflict in Europe

The United States managed to make the European Union itself destroy its regional economy, yet the rest of the countries will not just observe this, but will begin to determine their own development strategy – as noted by political scientist Vadim Borovik during his talk with ONT TV channel ONT video screenshot As the political expert underlined, the Americans managed to take a certain step, which provoked a serious regional conflict in Europe, “This step has drawn the European Union into the ...

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Medvedev: anti-American military alliance is possible in the event of long-lasting Ukrainian conflict

The results of the North Atlantic Alliance meeting at the Ramstein base in Germany indicate that the West does not intend to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine. In the event that the conflict does not end soon, the creation of a new anti-American military alliance is possible – as noted by the Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, RIA Novost i reports Photo: According to Mr. Medvedev, the main goal of Western countries is to exhaust and ...

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South Korea announced readiness to supply weapons and shells to US as its ally

South Korea, as an ally of the United States, is ready to supply Washington with weapons and ammunition in the future – as stated by President Yoon Suk-yeol, TASS reports with reference to The Associated Pres s Photo: The South Korean leader said that his country is ready for arms deals. As an example, he recalled the 100,000 artillery shells that Seoul had previously sent to Washington. Yoon Suk-yeol noted that the United States and South Korea regularly purchase military ...

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Foreign Ministry: US interfering into Belarus’ internal affairs

The visa restrictions imposed by the US State Department on Belarusian officials are interference in the sovereign state’s internal affairs – as stressed by the press secretary of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, Anatoly Glaz “The new year has come, and the policy of the US State Department has remained unchanged,” Mr. Glaz said in a statement posted on the Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s website . “We regard this decision as interference in the internal affairs of our sovereign state, as an ...

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Global Times: about 50% of Europeans consider US measures against Russia unfavourable for EU

Almost half of the population of European countries believe that Washington’s actions directed against Russia are unprofitable for the EU economy – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Global Times Photo: Moreover, more and more Europeans admit that they are dissatisfied with the relations between the European Union and the United States. Most Europeans have no confidence to have a more independent and autonomous strategy that could serve Europe’s own interests ...


Poll: 38% of US residents refused treatment because of high prices

The share of Americans whose relatives or they themselves are forced to refuse treatment of diseases due to significant costs rose to 38 percent last year, which was a record value for all 22 years of observation, according to the results of a sociological survey conducted by Gallup, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The survey data also shows that the number of such Americans increased by 12 percentage points in just a year. The indicator was the highest in 22 years of observations ...

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Charity organisation suspected Madonna of child trafficking

The Ethiopian World Federation charity organisation suggests that a famous singer, Madonna, may be involved in child trafficking, RIA Novosti reports Photo: As informed by The Times Nigeria, activists have addressed the President of Malawi, Lazarus Chakwera, with a request to inspect the activities of Madonna’s Raising Malawi Foundation. The celebrity organisation was founded in 2006, and it has been dealing with assistance to citizens of developed countries in adoption of African ...

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CNN: US using Ukraine as testbed for Western weapons

Ukraine has become a laboratory for testing Western weapons, which do not always live up to expectations, and after the lessons of the conflict, they can completely become a thing of the past – as noted by an informed CNN source Photo: The channel’s interlocutor said, “This is real-world battle testing.” Moreover, he said that ‘none of this equipment has ever actually been used in a war between two industrially developed nations’, so Ukraine has become ‘absolutely a weapons lab ...

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Sri Lanka, US to hold naval exercises in January

The United States and Sri Lanka will hold joint annual naval exercises in the Indian Ocean on January 19 th -26 th – as informed by the US Ambassador Julia Chang, TASS reports Photo: It is noted that the exercises will be held in the area of the bases of the Sri Lankan Navy in Trincomalee and Mullikulam. At one stage of the exercise, they will be joined by ships of the Maritime Self-Defence Forces of Japan and the Navy of the Republic of Maldives. "The CARAT/MAREX ...

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Associated Press: US begins combat training of Ukrainian troops in Germany

... military on how to properly use certain types of weapons and ...

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President of Croatia revealed US’ true purpose in Ukraine

The United States and NATO are waging a war against Russia with the help of Ukrainians – as stated by Croatian President Zoran Milanovic, RIA Novosti reports Photo: “Washington and NATO, with the help of Ukraine, are waging a proxy war against Russia,” Istra 24 newspaper cited the Croatian leader as saying. In his opinion, the US and NATO plan not just to remove Vladimir Putin from the post of President. “The plan should not be about sanctions. Sanctions are absurd, and we can ...

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Opinion: US hegemony is coming to an end

Military expert Igor Chibisov speculates on whether the US will maintain their dominant military-political position in the world and the status of ‘a world gendarme’ against the current ‘militaristic background’ Photo: www.BELVPO.COM “After the end of the Cold War, the United States cut the network of its military bases (there are more than a thousand of them at present), but expanded the geography of the American military presence. After WWII, the world was divided into two superpowers: the ...

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Reuters: about 1,250 American tanks and armoured vehicles transferred to Europe

Approximately 1,250 American tanks and armoured vehicles are arriving at the Dutch port of Vlissingen in January – to be further redeployed to Poland and the Baltic States, TASS reports Photo: According to Reuters, Abrams M1 tanks and Bradley infantry fighting vehicles of the 2 nd Brigade of the 1 st Cavalry Division located in Fort Hood, Texas, are being transferred to Eastern Europe. This move is part of ‘a planned reinforcement’ of NATO combat groups on the eastern flank of ...

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Opinion: US carefully hides the truth about Ukraine from its citizens

American journalists are under strong pressure of the US authorities, so Western publications hide the truth about the situation in Ukraine – as stated by an American political expert, President of the Centre for the National Interest and publisher of The National Interest magazine, Dimitri Simes, in his talk with the Soloviev Live channel Photo: According to the expert, there is only one media outlet in the United States that does not conceal the truth from Americans. “Until ...

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Biden could face up to 10 years in prison for stealing classified documents

Republican Congressman Paul Gosar said that the United States plans to investigate President Joe Biden. For careless storage of classified documents in the analytical centre, he could face up to 10 years in prison, RIA Novosti reports Photo: It is noted that the Republicans in the US Congress want to investigate the case of the theft of classified documents. “Biden secretly hid them in his office when he was vice-president, but suddenly the Democrats didn’t care. Careless ...

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Poland bought batch of Abrams tanks from the US

Poland has purchased an additional 116 Abrams tanks from the United States. As RIA Novosti reports, the US State Department earlier approved the sale of 116 Abrams tanks along with ammunition to Poland. Photo: CC BY-NC-ND 2.0/NATOChannel According to Poland’s Ministry of National Defence, the first American Abrams tanks will be delivered to the country in 2023, and the logistics package will include spare parts and consumables, as well as mobile container workshops for the repair of weapons and ...

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