NATO may prepare another provocation with hands of Kiev regime, expert considers

... of a complete absence of Ukraine’s military successes, there are ... Radio , the expert noted that Ukraine is dependent on NATO, and ... think of how to restore Ukraine after the outrages that have ...

nato , ukraine , avdonin , opinion

US studied Ebola and smallpox viruses in Ukraine, Russian Duma Deputy Chairperson says

... the US Biological Laboratories in Ukraine, Deputy Chairperson of Russia’s ... presented of which pathogens in Ukraine Americans are particularly interested in ... have a territorial attachment to Ukraine, viruses and pathogens have been ... studied in Ukraine, the endemicity of which is ... from the historical territory of Ukraine – for example, Ebola and ... Defence on the territory of Ukraine’. Ms. Yarovaya stated that ‘ ... actually make the citizens of Ukraine absolutely defenceless in the face ...

russia , ukraine , usa , smallpox

US Congress approves record $40bn aid for Ukraine

... $40bn in new aid to Ukraine – as reported by TASS Photo ... go to food aid to Ukraine and other countries of the ...

USA , Ukraine

Germany admits Latin America sided with Russia

... 's military special operation in Ukraine quite differently from most Western ... convinced that the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, is responsible for ... positions on the issue of Ukraine’s crisis.

russia , Ukraine

Deputy names those responsible for suspension of Russia-Ukraine talks

... of negotiations between Russia and Ukraine, since Kiev is following the ... a special military operation in Ukraine, because Azov is a key ...

ukraine , russia , uk , Gaidukevich , opinion

West’s activity in Ukraine extremely dangerous for all Eurasian space, expert says

... the West’s activity in Ukraine is extremely dangerous for all ... space. “A military conflict in Ukraine threatens the CSTO states. The ... situation in Ukraine involves destabilisation, military threats, economic ...

west , ukraine , opinion

Russian intelligence says US attracts IS mercenaries to fight in Ukraine

... to participate in hostilities in Ukraine – as stated by the Head ... Syria, and now also in Ukraine,” Mr. Ivanov said.

Russia , Ukraine , USA

Lukashenko: Ukraine fully subordinate to West

... important issue today than a Ukraine-related conflict. Since 2014, ... noted. Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that Ukraine had been incited and pumped ... also been supplied there. “[Ukraine] has been poisoned with everything ... Belarus in August 2020, Ukraine has completely got subordinate to ... part of our southern neighbour. Ukraine proactively imposed sanctions against us ... border. All this is known. [Ukraine] conducted provocative aviation actions by ... the Western military presence in Ukraine and in the region ...

Lukashenko , csto , Ukraine

Egypt's budget lost $7bn due to situation in Ukraine

... Egypt accounted for Russia and Ukraine, and 31 percent of all ... impact [of the crisis in Ukraine] – which is already observed and ...

egypt , Ukraine

Conflict in Ukraine likely to escalate due to Poland’s actions, expert says

... troops into the territory of Ukraine under the guise of peacekeeping ... is prepared for intervention in Ukraine,” the expert said in his ... entry of Polish troops into Ukraine will actually mean a very ...

nato , ukraine , dzermant

No one needs big European conflict today, expert believes

We are accustomed to statements that NATO does not want to fight with Russia, but the Russian Federation does not want to fight with the alliance either – as noted by political analyst Aleksandr Kazakov during his talk with ONT TV channel Photo: video screenshot According to the expert, a special military operation is perceived both in Russia and in the West as a consequence of a fairly old concept within the framework of the ‘limited war’. At the same time, a limited war, which has existed ...

Russia , Ukraine , USA

US behaviour does not meet status of UN Security Council member

... interfered in the events in Ukraine in every possible way and ... – based on its hegemonic considerations, Ukraine’s linking to NATO will ...

us , china , Ukraine

Political expert about Poland’s role in escalation of Ukrainian conflict

... of the western regions of Ukraine – as stated by political analyst ... the special military operation in Ukraine are increasingly focusing on the ... is already ready to divide Ukraine, and is also trying to ...

Poland , Ukraine

Lukashevich: Belarus provides platform for peace talks while Western countries provide weapons to Ukraine

... information about the events in Ukraine, our neighbouring country. There is ... in the special operation in Ukraine,” Sergei Lukashevich drew attention. The ... that has borders with both Ukraine and Russia, has a significant ...

Belarus , Ukraine , Russia

Russia, Ukraine work over draft meeting between Putin and Zelenskyy

Moscow considers a meeting of the Russian and Ukrainian presidents is possible, but it must be thoroughly prepared – as noted by the press secretary of the Russian leader, Dmitry Peskov, TASS reports photo: “Our position has not changed. You are well aware of the position of the Russian President: no one a priori refuses the possibility of such a meeting, but it must be prepared," the Kremlin spokesman said. Mr. Peskov stressed that ‘preparation for this meeting can and ...

russia , ukraine , peskov

Ukraine started dismantling Three Sisters monument on border with Russia and Belarus

... located on the border of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia – as reported ... friendship of the peoples of Ukraine, Russia and Belarus, as a ...

Ukraine , Belarus , Russia , monument

Any war has its political-economic component, expert asserts

... a special military operation in Ukraine. Photo: ONT video screenshot “Any ...

Shpakovsky , USA , Russia , Ukraine

Russian Defence Ministry reported new data on US experiments with Ukrainians

... of a psychiatric hospital in Ukraine: medical preparations were tested on ... came to the territory of Ukraine through third countries, and the ... the United States has turned Ukraine into a Pentagon testing ground ...

usa , Ukraine , biolab

UN Secretary General: no truce in Ukraine yet

It is currently impossible to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, but it is important to concentrate on helping the civilian population and evacuation – as stated by UN Secretary General António Guterres, TASS reports Photo: “There is no possibility of concluding peace or a general truce,” said the UN chief. He also noted that now it is necessary to provide assistance to the civilian population and organise the evacuation of people from the areas of hostilities. Mr. Guterres also ...

UN , Ukraine

Volodin: Washington wants to create man-made famine in Ukraine

... arranging man-made famine in Ukraine – as noted by the Russian ... to return grain stored in Ukraine to world markets. The Russian ... arranging man-made famine in Ukraine,” Mr. Volodin stressed. At the ...

usa , Ukraine , famine

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