French politician urged not to succumb to NATO military propaganda

... account that the situation for Ukraine and President Zelenskyy is becoming ... to participate in fighting in Ukraine. Mr. Filippo also drew attention ... operations after the failures in Ukraine. Mr. Filippo concluded his statement ...

Russia , Ukraine , NATO , France

Lavrov: Chinese peace plan on Ukraine corresponds to Russian common philosophy

... for resolving the situation in Ukraine and Switzerland's proposal to ... of the current situation in Ukraine, which reflects the hybrid war ... and bodies of Ukrainians and Ukraine. According to the Chinese approach ...

Lavrov , Ukraine , CIS , Foreign Ministers Council , meeting

Lukashenko on Ukraine peace talks: today it’s time to sit down and finally come to agreement

... moment, first of all, for Ukraine to sit down at the ... peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are possible under the current ... a very good moment for Ukraine and its Western curators to ... there is no reaction from Ukraine and the West after this ... do not want peace in Ukraine. The Russian side posed the ...

Lukashenko , Putin , Belarus , Russia , Ukraine

Lukashenko: there’s everything for peace talks in Ukraine now

... everything for peace talks in Ukraine – as noted by President of ... voice will be heard in Ukraine.” “Therefore, Ukrainians, especially the population ...

Lukashenko , putin , Belarus Russia , Ukraine

Lukashenko: there can be no peace process without Russia’s participation in talks on Ukraine

... participation in the talks on Ukraine – as President of Belarus Aleksandr ... always discussed the situation in Ukraine, including the possibility for a ... to talk about peace in Ukraine in Switzerland (naming it a ...

Lukashenko , Putin , Russia , Ukraine , West

Lukashenko on mobilisation of women: it’s out of desperation

... assumptions on this issue in Ukraine. photo: ...

Lukashenko , Ukraine , mobilisation

Lukashenko: Belarus ready to help Moscow and Kiev if peace talks begin

... for the sanitary zone between Ukraine and Russia, it still needs ... . There are serious problems in Ukraine, and they already admit it ... to continue this escalation in Ukraine via its supplies of weapons ... transfer of their military to Ukraine, most likely, to Belarus’ border ...

Lukashenko , Putin , Belarus , Russia , Ukraine

Ukrainian farmers advise Poland to grow marijuana instead of grain

... compete with countries such as Ukraine, Brazil or Russia. They’d ... located on the border with Ukraine. They demand to limit or ... of cheap agricultural products from Ukraine. The protests were supported by ... previously reported, the budget of Ukraine had lost more than $523m ...

Ukraine , poland , protests , grain

Musk said US reluctance to end Ukraine conflict poses real problem

... for ending the conflict in Ukraine, pursuing the idea of ‘eternal ... the issue of assistance to Ukraine, Elon Musk noted that the ... possibilities for providing weapons to Ukraine. This year, only one aid ...

US , Ukraine , Elon Musk

Verkhovna Rada: Ukraine withdrew from CIS agreements on co-operation in mechanical engineering and petrochemistry

Ukraine withdrew from co-operation agreements ... the Commonwealth of Independent States, Ukraine withdrew from the agreement on ...

verkhovna rada , Ukraine , CIS , agreement

China supported holding conference on Ukraine

... the participation of Russia and Ukraine, as well as ensuring equal ... conference, which both Russia and Ukraine would agree to, with the ...

China , Russia , Ukraine

Legally doped up

... moment. The current president of Ukraine promised during his election campaign ... again and began declaring that Ukraine needed to create the ... The Ministry of Health of Ukraine is confident that cannabis legalisation ... production laboratories were dismantled in Ukraine and 79 labs — in ... of liquidated laboratories, about which Ukraine bothered to report to the ... psychotropic substances were seized in Ukraine. Of these — 2.2 ... Rada, SBU [Security Service of Ukraine] officers, policemen with ranks and ...

ukraine , cannabis , legalisation , Zelenskyy , drugs , trafficking

Russian FM said Ukraine took path of nuclear terror

... Russian Foreign Ministry stated that Ukraine – supported by the United States ... and provide information support for Ukraine’s actions.

Russia , Ukraine , nuclear terror , Foreign Ministry , US

Up to 50,000 refugees likely to come to the Netherlands by 2025

... do not include refugees from Ukraine who continue to arrive in ... , about 28,000 people from Ukraine will arrive in the Netherlands ...

netherlands , refugees , Ukraine

Russia’s State Duma deputy: let Macron personally lead French military in Ukraine

... lead the French military in Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports photo: www ... the healthy male population of Ukraine, now he simply does not ...

Russia , Ukraine , France , troops , Macron

Szijjarto: Hungary still strongly against proposals to send troops to Ukraine

... to send Western troops to Ukraine unacceptable and continues to oppose ... to the Armed Forces of Ukraine – as stated by the country ... , does not supply weapons to Ukraine, and it will not do ... possibility of sending troops to Ukraine," Mr. Szijjarto said, noting ...

Hungary , Szijjarto , Ukraine , weapons

State Border Committee: 171,000+ citizens of Ukraine arrived in Belarus since February 2022

... through Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, and Ukraine, reports with reference ... through Latvia, and 19 through Ukraine. According to the State Border ...

State Border Committee , Belarus , Ukraine , Lithuania , Latvia , Poland

Kuleba: allies do not provide Ukraine with sufficient air defence

... it not feasible to provide Ukraine with the minimum request?" ...

Ukraine , kuleba , patriot

French politician: NATO interferes in France’s politics and diverts attention to Russia

... NATO forces, at least by Ukraine, perhaps together with the US ...

France , Ukraine , West , NATO , Russia

Media: Ukraine lowered its minimum conscription age to 25

... Centre for United Actions of Ukraine, Oksana Zabolotna, noted that the ... been a sensitive matter amid Ukraine’s growing shortages of infantry ...

Ukraine , Zelensky , conscription

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