Lavrov: West views Moldova as ‘next Ukraine

... the role of ‘the next Ukraine’ – as stated by Russian Foreign ... can follow the path of Ukraine, Mr. Lavrov said, “Moldova is ...

lavrov , russia , Ukraine , moldova

Rogozin: first Marker robots arrived in Ukraine’s special military operation zone

... to the Armed Forces of Ukraine by the West.

rogozin , russia , Ukraine , robots

Kremlin explained why special operation is still ongoing

... days for the conflict in Ukraine to end – provided that the ...

russia , Ukraine

Politico: Pentagon does not believe in Ukraine’s ability to retake Crimea

... was that ‘the victory of Ukraine’ in an attempt to regain ... Secretary of Defence for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, and Lt. Gen ...

usa , Ukraine , crimea

EU to allocate €25m for mine clearance programme in Ukraine

... a mine clearance programme in Ukraine – as informed by Prime Minister ... the eve of the EU–Ukraine summit. "We are grateful ...

Ukraine , EU

Opinion: there’s great risk of Poland's direct involvement into Russian-Ukrainian conflict

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that statements ... involvement into the hostilities in Ukraine at the instigation of Washington ... . “Ukraine is virtually gone,” the MP ... valve is turned off, then Ukraine will die. Therefore, Kiev needs ... . What is the risk? When Ukraine starts experiencing increasingly great losses ... might be an instruction: look, Ukraine fought to the last man ... never die for Europe and Ukraine – only mercenaries or someone of ...

gaidukevich , opinion , poland , Ukraine

Expert: Belarusian authorities take wise decisions that prevent Ukraine conflict from exacerbating

... wise regarding the situation in Ukraine. “The Belarusian authorities take wise ... this boat [the situation in Ukraine]. Almost the whole world is ... new round of escalation in Ukraine, “Belarus is a border country ...

Belarus , Ukraine , West

China urged US to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

... cares about the citizens of Ukraine and worries about their safety ... heavy and offensive weapons to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict and making ... to stop sending weapons to Ukraine and ‘gaining profit from the ...

china , us , Ukraine

Borrell: EU to teach Ukrainian military to use Leopard 2 tanks

As part of the EU-funded training mission for Ukrainian soldiers, the European Union will train tankers for Leopard 2 tanks, which they intend to supply to Kiev – as noted by EU’s top diplomat Josep Borrell, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Josep Borrell remarked, “As part of the EU military assistance mission in Poland and Germany, we plan to train 15,000 troops by April, and then an additional 15,000, including for the use of tanks such as the Leopard 2.” Earlier it became known ...

EU , Ukraine , Borrell

Deputy believes US supports Nazism in Ukraine

Washington supports Nazism in Ukraine in order to weaken Russia ... the crimes of Nazism in Ukraine for the sake of a ... the zone of their interests. Ukraine is in the zone of ...

US , Ukraine , Russia , Klishevich

UN called on influential parties to encourage Russia and Ukraine to stop fighting

... deliveries of fighter jets to Ukraine, the UN official said, “We ...

un , russia , Ukraine

Lavrov: all wish the end of Ukrainian conflict, but the time factor is not the key

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov made a corresponding statement in his talk with RIA Novosti and Rossiya 24 TV channel Photo: According to Mr. Lavrov, everyone wants the conflict to end, but it is not the time factor that is important, but the substance factor, the quality factor of the results that will be provided for the people of the Russian Federation, for those who want to remain part of Russian culture and whom Kiev has deprived of everything Russian-related for many ...

lavrov , russia , Ukraine

Von der Leyen, Borrell and 14 European commissioners arrived in Kiev

... the eve of the EU–Ukraine summit, TASS reports Photo: www ...

Ukraine , EU

Vucic said Serbia won’t send weapons to Ukraine

... does not supply weapons to Ukraine and does not plan to ... sell weapons to Russia or Ukraine, but we will sell them ... the Russian special operation in Ukraine became the reason for the ...

Serbia , West , Russia , sanctions , Ukraine

Prisoner of war: UK-trained AFU soldiers surrendered after 20 minutes of first battle

... of the Armed Forces of Ukraine who took part in those ...

Ukraine , UK

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

... alliance for any scenario in Ukraine – as noted by columnist Song ...

China , Russia , Ukraine , NATO

North Korea warns US over spreading rumours about its arms sales to Russia

... that the current situation in Ukraine had been provoked by the ... to Kwon Jong Gun, supplying Ukraine with weapons is a crime ...

DPRK , US , Russia , weapons , Ukraine

Expert said UN not fighting for peace in Ukrainian conflict

... that should demand negotiations on Ukraine, an immediate cessation [by the ...

Gaidukevich , opinion , Belarus , UN , Ukraine , West

Argentinean President ruled out sending weapons to Ukraine

... not considering sending weapons to Ukraine, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... about sending weapons either to Ukraine or any other conflict zone ...

Argentine , Ukraine , Germany , weapons

Lebedev: Ukraine de jure remains part of CIS, but withdrew from about 20% of agreements

Ukraine de jure remains a part ... other agreements. Unfortunately, representatives of Ukraine do not participate in the ... situation that has arisen in Ukraine will end with the achievement ...

CIS , Lebedev , Ukraine

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