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Tears invisible to the world

It is not individuals who are behind child trafficking, but a criminal syndicate

After the end of the Nuremberg Tribunal, twelve smaller Nuremberg trials followed. One of them brought to justice the Nazis from the SS Race and Settlement Main Office, representatives of the Lebensborn (in English ‘Spring of Life’) association affiliated with the SS, which was engaged in the Germanisation of children abducted in the East. But isn’t it what official Kiev, Washington, London and other parties involved are doing now?

‘Hay action’ campaign

German Nazis were frightened by the huge number of Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, Poles — ‘non-Aryans’, in a word. Therefore they deployed any measures of colonisation and biological elimination of the Slavic people. Thus, they initiated the so-called hay action campaign, as part of which they killed children, kidnapped, deported, forced them into slavery in Germany, extracted their bone marrow, as well as completely pumped blood out of children for the needs of the German army. In Belarus alone, there were 16 children’s concentration camps during 1941-1944, a third of which specialised in ‘full’ blood donation.   
Thus, there was a children’s concentration camp in Belarus’ Skobrovka. It was inaugurated in May 1944 and was considered an exemplary model of its kind. In fact, it was one of the centres of inhuman medical manipulations. Also, children were prepared to be sent to Germany there. In Poland, there were three Lebensborn points for the selection of children of Poles, Russians, Serbs and Czechs. Since 1942, young prisoners from all over Eastern Europe were taken to the Kinder KC concentration camp in the Polish city of Łódź, where Nazis determined the ‘racial value’ of the child. In order to match the dominant Aryan race, it was necessary to meet 62 points assessing body proportions, eye colour, hair colour, and the shape of the skull, among other matters. 
Under the initial Lebensborn Germanisation programme, children were given German names while their documents were changed. They were usually defined as orphans whose parents died for the Führer and great Germany, and the indicated place of birth was the eastern lands of the Reich. Children were then taught German, and were beaten up for a word in Russian. Conversely, obedient and diligent children were encouraged in every possible way. A few months later, the ‘orphans’ were given away for adoption. In 1945, as the Soviet troops were approaching, kidnapped children were evacuated. This way hundreds of thousands of kids from Slavic countries ended up in Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover, Munich... Now they have no idea about their true origin.  
In 1947, the administrative head of Lebensborn, SS Standartenführer Max Sollmann, argued in Nuremberg that Lebensborn was a charitable organisation. He received less than three years in prison. 
It is still unknown where the 50,000 little prisoners stolen by the SS in the USSR have gone. Of those taken by the Nazis for the so-called re-education, only two to three percent returned home. 

How the modern scheme works

According to independent Dutch journalist Sonja van den Ende, who fled from the Netherlands to Russia, the Netherlands has become the first country in the EU to take away, according to various reports, between 100 and 300 kids through the courts from former migrant families who were unable to pay compensation for their children’s benefits. 
The abduction of indigenous children for their forced assimilation has its roots in the USA, Australia and Canada. The experience was spread in Europe then. The first scandals in the Netherlands and Belgium just marked the beginning. By the way, to this day no one will be able to say exactly where the children seized for the non-payment of benefits by their parents are. The worst thing is yet in store for children who have been taken away and kidnapped, Sonja van den Ende claims. “If you walk around Berlin, Antwerp or Amsterdam, you will see the sex trade going on around every corner of the railway station. In the eyes of passers-by, the explosive drop in the age of priestesses and priests of love from the ‘standard’ 15 to 12 and even 10 years. This is almost the only way for refugees from Libya, Congo or Niger not to starve to death,” the journalist emphasised.    
According to the UN, in 2003 alone, up to a million children who lost their parents were illegally transported from Iraq to the EU, the USA and Canada. It has been reported that 1,450 kids were abducted and evacuated from Afghanistan while US troops were stationed there. Up to 700,000 children from Syria have ended up in refugee camps in Türkiye and Jordan, where their traces are lost. Or their traces may pop up somewhere in Spain, Germany or Belgium, where under-age boys and girls end up in semi-legal orphanages, adopted by LGBT perverts, and are exploited, including sexually.

Kidnapped children as a commodity for the West

The Kiev authorities are hastily evacuating children, homeless kids, orphans and children from foster families living in frontline cities. The Investigative Committee (IC) of the Russian Federation has already opened thousands of cases for the abduction and trafficking of Donbass and Ukraine children. 
The alleged philanthropists, evacuation groups, human rights defenders, and Ukrainian groupings like White Angels and Phoenix have played a significant role in such criminal schemes. It is all about the forced removal of children. The so-called ‘angels’ are in fact an armed, legalised paramilitary entity, a sort of a police department.
This is not just one group but a network, a criminal syndicate operating throughout the country. In Kiev-controlled Donetsk territories alone, there were 4-5 such groupings that forcibly separated children from their families. There are even orders for specific children — for example, ten blonde, blue-eyed girls aged 10-13 years old are needed. The ‘angels’ drive around in police cars and contact the SBU [Security Service of Ukraine], as required. They are trained both in Ukraine and in the West. The groups may include not only Ukrainians, but also westerners. 
Here are a couple of examples. White Angels searched the city for 11‑year-old Melania Borodai for ten months, lying that her mother was dead and the child was to be taken to Germany. Why exactly to this country is unknown. “At the bus station in the New Market in Artemovsk, my mother and I got lost,” Melania wrote to the fund in a note handed over to Russia’s IC. She was forced to hide from Ukrainian shelling and an armed group that introduced itself as military police. In an interview with Rossiyskaya Gazeta (Russian Newspaper), Melania recalled that she had seen a four-year-old girl taken away at the Artemovsk market. Under threat of violence, unknown persons pointed assault rifles at her parents and took the child away. “She was taken away, she was crying, and her mum and dad were being kicked. I do not remember much what happened next. There were whispers around, ‘White Angels’,” Melania shared her story. During the evacuation by Russian military men, the girl was nearly shot by a Ukrainian sniper. 
Mira Terada, an international human rights activist, the head and official representative of the Foundation to Battle Injustice, investigated the abduction of 85 children of the Paraskovievskaya special boarding school No. 40 of Artemovsk District, Donetsk People’s Republic. At that time, the village was under control of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. It is known that the children were transported by military plane through Poland to Spain, where some of them were sold to Argentina and the United States. The parties involved in this include representatives of Spanish, Argentinian, and American non-profit organisations. The guardianship was issued only for 77 children, though. It remains a puzzle where eight more kids have disappeared.
The fact that there are various ads for the sale and rental of children in the West and Europe is highly alarming. The facts about the Ukrainian laboratories where organ-harvested children’s bodies were found have also been made public. Apparently, doctors of Ukraine’s nationalist battalions, specialised ‘healers’ had been working there. Eight such laboratories accountable for 114 corpses of children found there have been discovered in just a couple of months, 86 dead bodies of under-age victims have been identified. 
American investigative journalist Timothy Charles Holmseth is a witness in a high-profile kidnapping case. He managed to film child traffickers from the CIA and the FBI discussing their operations, which made him the target of persecution by the intelligence service for ten years. In his investigation, Holmseth presented direct evidence proving the United States’ involvement in a multibillion-dollar migrant child trafficking operation on the US–Mexico border, including what agencies facilitated the matter. We will tell about this in more detail, as well as about the ‘pedophile brotherhood’ in the United States, comprised of businessmen and officials from Joe Biden’s entourage as well as the Senate, next time.  
It looks like many more shocking discoveries are waiting for us.

By Lyudmila Gladkaya