Media: Biden may no longer be making US foreign policy

US President Joe Biden violated the principle of ‘strategic ... case of an armed clash between Taiwan and China, the United ... that with his words, Joe Biden dramatically changed the long-term ... refuted the words of Joe Biden. Biden, the commander-in-chief, is ...

USA , Biden

Chinese Foreign Ministry objects Biden’s statement on Taiwan

... statement by US President Joe Biden that the US military would ... the event of a conflict between Taipei and Beijing – as noted ... According to her, Biden’s remark grossly violates the ...

China , USA , Biden

US politician accused Biden of provoking nuclear war

... policy of US President Joe Biden that led to such an ...

usa , Ukraine , Biden

Fox columnist: Americans don’t believe Biden’s accusations against Putin

... not believe US President Joe Biden’s claims that Russian leader ... the past six months the Biden administration has been trying to ... United States is aware that Biden is blocking the oil pipeline ... have become more frequent. Joe Biden said that the companies that ...

USA , Russia , Biden

Texas governor blames Biden over migrants found dead

... victims of US President Joe Biden’s migration policy, TASS reports ... Texas. These deaths are on Biden. They are a result of ...

US , Biden , migrants

Biden predicts new COVID-19 pandemic

... White House, American leader Joe Biden mentioned the risk of a ... we need money for," Biden said, answering a question from ...

us , biden , coronavirus

Trump says Biden is pushing US to world war

US President Joe Biden can lead his country – that ... world war the way they [Biden’s administration] are handling it ... . Meanwhile, the day before, Joe Biden said he did not consider ...

trump , biden , usa , world war

Congress demanded from Biden information about fund spending to help Ukraine

... administration of US President Joe Biden detailed information on how the ... on Capitol Hill about the Biden administration’s ability to properly ...

USA , Biden , Congress , Ukraine

Biden says US does not want war with Russia

... United States of America, Joe Biden, TASS reports Photo: www.reuters ... is not seeking a war between NATO and the Russian Federation ...

Biden , USA , Russia

China responded harshly to Biden's readiness to fight for Taiwan

... he commented on President Joe Biden’s words that the United ... 23 rd , US President Joe Biden announced readiness of the US ...

china , biden

Playing with fire: Biden’s lies about Russia exposed in China

US President Joe Biden is deceiving Americans by blaming ... over four decades, with the Biden administration quickly spinning a new ... Reserve to contain inflation. Will Biden continue to blame the stock ...

USA , Biden

Biden unsuccessfully joked about Paralympians in wheelchairs

... to joke, US President Joe Biden asked a wheelchair user not ... . During a joint photo, Joe Biden loudly asked ‘not to jump ... on the Internet. Users criticised Biden’s statement and indicated that ...

USA , Biden

Trump says Biden will lead the country to hell

... said that his follower Joe Biden is turning their state into ... i Photo: Biden, concluding his speech in the ...

Trump , USA , Biden

Biden accused of transforming US from democracy to oligarchy

As a result of Joe Biden’s presidency, the United States ...

usa , biden

The French called Biden a ‘catastrophe’ after his words about Putin

... conflict, after US President Joe Biden described his Russian counterpart Vladimir ... the French leader by criticising Biden. The US President has recently ... neighbouring country. In response, Joe Biden called Vladimir Putin a butcher ... CNN TV channel. Before that, Biden twice said that he considers ... the country unacceptable and unforgivable. “Biden wants an escalation because the ... Clémenciste. Nom_de_plume noted that Biden’s words will not help ... French] should not agree with Biden and Zelenskyy. These two are ...

France , Biden

Americans comment on Biden's controversial behaviour

... Breitbart users got bewildered with Biden’s words. Photo: www. ... part of his European tour, Biden visited Poland last week where ... the White House explained that Biden was not advocating regime change ... What a great circus show; Biden and Harris take turns behaving ... at home." "Biden is the only US President ... its breath and hopes that Biden will not confuse a ... control." Several users quoted Biden's words about the Russian ... has become known earlier that Biden’s public approval rating has ...

usa , biden

Biden's public approval rating dropped to 40%

... support for American President Joe Biden has dropped to a record ... respondents do not support Joe Biden’s work against the background ...

biden , rating

Biden denies US has biological and chemical weapons in Europe

US President Joe Biden said his country does not ... meeting with business representatives. Joe Biden added that Ukraine also has ... both of those," Joe Biden believes.

biden , russia , usa

Biden exposed to ridicule by Bulgarians

... ironic about US President Joe Biden’s statement that Russia would ... feels like the Americans and Biden live in some kind of ... . Military spending continues growing since Biden believes in fairy tales. I ... specifying the year? Or will Biden admit that he was telling ... newspaper readers made a conclusion, “Biden – who enjoys record-low popularity ... moment.” In recent months, relations between Russia and the West have ... ’s border. US President Joe Biden announced that the attack is ...

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