Posted: 28.03.2024 10:26:00

MP: NATO aggression against Yugoslavia is blatant crime that led to global instability

On the anniversary day of the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, Oleg Gaidukevich, explained what consequences an attack on the peaceful country had produced for Europe and the whole world

In his talk with Alfa Radio, the MP noted that the North Atlantic Alliance's attack on Yugoslavia was a blatant crime of the collective West, “Children, the elderly, schools, houses, and ordinary civilians were bombed and destroyed. That was done contrary to all international norms and agreements. No doubt, it was true genocide that resulted in human losses and instability in Europe.”

Mr. Gaidukevich suggested thinking about how many countries after Yugoslavia were destroyed by the collective West, “One million two hundred Iraqis were killed because someone in the White House decided that it was necessary to take oil from this country. The same goes for Libya: a prosperous country was blown up. A lot of people were killed there in order to gain control over the country’s natural resources.”

The MP stressed that the leaders of Yugoslavia, Iraq and Libya posed no threat, “Iraq did not threaten anyone. Milosevic did not threaten anyone. Gaddafi did not threaten anyone. Now they are gone. Is there some kind of security? Is there more peace? No. The Middle East was on fire, and it is still a restive region.”

Mr. Gaidukevich believes Europe will be facing the consequences of that bombing of Yugoslavia for a long time. “Americans will not have enough of Ukraine alone soon, and they will then set the Kosovo conflict on fire immediately. Everything will be on fire in Europe again. This is being done on purpose,” he stated.