A detailed look into the future

... the key points, in my opinion, is that the updated Constitution ...

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Political analyst: CSTO is now close to the level of NATO

While sharing his views with Alfa Radio , political analyst Piotr Petrovsky said that taking into account the recent events, some adjustments should be made to the CSTO charter, enabling the organisation’s forces to respond to challenges and threats even in a more mobile way “Now the CSTO is an organisation that is somewhat constrained. Its charter was formed in the 1990s, when many did not understand why such an association was needed. It came down to internal anti-terrorist issues, especially ...

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Information pressure on Belarus will continue, expert considers

... Alfa Radio today, sharing an opinion that waves of information pressure ...

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Belarus to monitor Russia-NATO talks

Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, explained to STV TV channel why it is important for Belarus to monitor the Russia-NATO talks, BelTA reports The expert assessed several rounds of Russia-NATO meetings, saying, “They did not expect that Moscow would clearly demand a new security format from the collective West, since NATO's advance to the East and such a slow seizure of territories is unacceptable. At the same time, NATO does not appreciate the ...

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Progressive intellectual capital, ideas of social equality moving to the East

... place there and, in my opinion, it is quite successfully progressing ...

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Baltic States and Poland engaged in vile geopolitical business, political expert asserts

The sanctions imposed against Belaruskali have not produced the result desired by the West. Moreover, they even have an opposite effect, and Lithuania’s Foreign Minister Gabrielius Landsbergis confirmed this personally. The official noted that the sanctions had not affected the financial state of the Belarusian fertiliser producer but – on the contrary – provoked an increase in prices of its products, thus boosting revenues. Evidently, the sanctions policy is disastrous for the states which ...

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Dzermant: people actively discuss draft Constitution

... think they will express their opinion. We will, in turn, take ...

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Marriage unites a man and a woman, Paralympic athlete believes

... clarification is needed, in my opinion: of a man and a ...

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Lithuanian leadership reached a new low, deputy believes

... our allies. Therefore, in my opinion, we should – I think the ...

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Riots in Kazakhstan were not spontaneous but well planned

... ONT TV channel In his opinion, there are enough reasons and ...

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Number one issue

... ) has launched a series of open dialogues The Power of the ... to take into account the opinion of everyone. Valery Yanchuk, Associate ...

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Feldman: CSTO forces prevented colour revolution in Kazakhstan

The CSTO forces did not permit the realisation of the colour revolution in Kazakhstan, Pavel Feldman, the Deputy Director of the Institute of Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, told Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA informs Photo: www.belta.by “Today it is already clear which forces stand behind this intervention. Naturally, these are the United States, NATO, possibly Turkey and radical Islamist forces, which – no matter how paradoxical it may be – ...

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Citizens view draft Constitution positively

Aleksandr Rogachuk, the Chairman of the Brest City Executive Committee, has appreciated a high activity of Brest residents in discussing the draft Basic Law – as he stated today during the city activists’ meeting with a member of the Constitutional Commission, the Director of Roundtable of Democratic Forces Information and Analysis Institution, Yuri Voskresensky Mr. Rogachuk believes it is necessary to inform people on the constitutional reform. “We organise discussion platforms and invite well- ...

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West is trying to cut Belarus off from sales markets

This opinion was expressed by an information ...

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Society mobilised in discussion of constitutional amendments

According to Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, discussions of the draft Constitution have mobilised society, BelTA reports "The process of discussing the draft Constitution indicates that our society enjoys a high degree of civil mobilisation. The project has aroused much interest among people, including from the regions. They are calling, inviting, arranging meeting with our main speakers. The latter, in turn, share their opinions and position. Members ...

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Allied relations with Russia and China enable Belarus to be on firm ground

... the West and, in my opinion, the shape of the future ... the Belarusian realities, in my opinion, we have already talked of ...

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Political expert comments on events in Kazakhstan

... Aleksei Dzermant has shared his opinion on the events in Kazakhstan ...

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Gigin: no need in historical police

Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, was among the participants of the meeting on implementation of Belarus’ historical policy chaired by the President today. After the event, he shared his vision of how the work should be organised in this area. Photo: www.belta.by “It is no need to build new institutions, we have everything. The President emphasised this correctly today. There are sources of money, financing. Moreover, not much is needed. There are also ...

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Riots in Kazakhstan co-ordinated from Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine

Everything that is happening now in Kazakhstan is co-ordinated, particularly, by the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine, the Russian political scientist Sergei Karnaukhov told Belarus 1 TV channel photo: www.reuters.com “There are signals that everything that is happening now in Kazakhstan is co-ordinated from the Baltic States, Poland and Ukraine,” noted the expert noted. “The initial numbers of telephones for chats – which are familiar to all of us from Belarusian rallies – through which ...

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Political technologists work in Kazakhstan, Belarusian analyst believes

The protests in Kazakhstan are the doing of political technologists and specialists in the field of ‘velvet revolutions’ – as stated by Aleksei Avdonin, an analyst with the Belarusian Institute of Strategic Research, in his talk with ONT TV channel “Diverse political technologists and experts in the field of ‘velvet revolutions’ are actively working. They understood that there are certain problems in society that can be actively rocked. The population has already been warmed up, primarily young ...

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