NATO might seriously think about whether they should continue to tease Belarus, expert believes

The North Atlantic Alliance may soon change its line of conduct towards Belarus – as noted by military expert Aleksandr Alesin in his talk with the ONT TV channel while commenting on Vladimir Putin’s statement about a transfer of Iskander-M complexes to Belarus in the coming months and modernisation of Belarus’ SU-25 aircraft grouping photo: video screenshot The expert believes these steps should bring Belarus’ neighbours down to earth, since they are now demonstrating quite a provocative ...

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East Slavic civilisation being tested for strength

The ongoing regional events are producing an increasing number of challenges, but it is necessary to stand ground and return Ukraine to its original civilisational course – as stated by political scientist Aleksandr Shpakovsky in his talk with Alfa Radio According to the expert, the East Slavic civilisation ‘is based on Russia and Belarus, and is being tested for strength now’, “We are actually fighting in different projections for the return of Ukraine, which was stolen from the bosom of this ...

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Strong European leaders now replaced by showmen and political dwarfs, expert asserts

There are no really strong leaders in the West now – as stated by the Chairman of the Soyuz Political Initiative, Sergei Lushch Photo: video screenshot Commenting on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s proposal at G7 Summit to take clothes off to show they are tougher than the Russian President, Mr. Lushch noted that this and many other similar statements brightly characterise the Western politicians. “Strong European leaders representing the interests of their countries and the European ...

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Youth enjoys more opportunities in Belarus than in the West

... a fear of getting an opinion about the situation in Belarus ...

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Lithuanian state is unviable, deputy believes

Lithuania is governed by Washington, and no one cares about ordinary Lithuanians – as stated by a deputy of the House of Representatives, Sergei Klishevich, in a talk with Alfa Radio According to Mr. Klishevich, the United States finances Lithuania for it to fulfil certain geopolitical tasks. “Unfortunately, there is actually no such state as Lithuania today. It is part of the US Pentagon and American special services, and it exists only to fulfil their tasks – being financed for this purpose,” ...

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Aleksandr Lukashenko’s political triumph is evidenced, expert asserts

Belarus and Russia continue to actively develop economic co-operation, and the scales of their liaisons are growing – to include summit meetings, preparations for the Forum of Regions, and exchange of delegations “In a certain sense, we are now witnessing a political triumph of the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. His concept of preservation and modernisation of the USSR industrial potential is now recognised, and it enjoys demand not only in the Belarusian market, but also in Russia ...

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Russia actually completed task of Ukraine’s demilitarisation, expert says

Ukraine in its current state will become a heavy burden for NATO, so joining the alliance is out of the question – as noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives, Sergei Klishevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio The deputy compared the state of Ukraine’s military power before the special operation and at the moment. “Before Russia's special military operation, Ukraine was a fairly powerful state with a huge number of military bases that were equipped, including by NATO countries, with a ...

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West will soon experience reverse effect of sanctions, expert explains

By the beginning of autumn, the collective West will face a reverse effect of the sanctions imposed against Russia and Belarus – as noted by Belgian political analyst Gilbert Doktorow in his talk with the ONT TV channel Photo: www.gazeta.ru “Everything is yet to come. [The West] will experience the pain of sanctions by the beginning of autumn; fuel oil prices will come to the fore then. So far, we only read in newspapers that fuel oil has become more expensive, and it now costs 1.47 Euros per ...

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Expert explains why Lithuanian and Latvian authorities dislike their citizens’ visits to Belarus

When Belarus introduced a visa-free regime for citizens of Lithuania and Latvia, these states turned to propagandistic statements dissuading people from travelling so that they could not see what is really happening in Belarus – as noted by Olga Shpilevskaya, the Director of the Mir TV and Radio Company representative office in Belarus, in her talk with Alfa Radio As noted by Ms. Shpilevskaya, Belarus’ path is like a bone in the throat of the West. “Our successful development is driving them ...

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Matviyenko: Lukashenko’s clear position never depends on changing winds

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, has a clear position, and it does not change depending on winds – as noted by the Speaker of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of Russia, Valentina Matviyenko, in her talk with the STV TV channel, BelTA reports photo: www.ria.ru “Of course, if the West wanted to, it would have put Kiev at the negotiating table and forced it to reach peace agreements. They had absolutely different goals and tasks, and this is already obvious to ...

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Kochanova: historical memory is our spiritual bond

No present and good future are possible without the memory of the past – as stated by the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic of the National Assembly, Natalya Kochanova, in her talk with the STV TV channel Ms. Kochanova noted that the events taken place not so many years ago are a memory for Belarus, and our citizens should pass it on from one generation to another. “This is the foundation for our country’s preservation. This is a spiritual bond that holds us together. We know what is ...

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Many Europeans want the leader like Belarus has, expert believes

Citizens of the West, unlike their governments, treat Belarus and its leadership positively, and many Europeans want their states to have a leader like Belarus has – as stated by the Chairman of the Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly, Yegor Makarevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Makarevich noted, “It is always necessary to differentiate the politics of Europe and the United States from that of their citizens. People do not treat Belarus and our leadership badly: on the contrary ...

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Expert outlines future for Latvia and Lithuania within Union State

Europe is now suffering – both from the war with Russia and its own sanctions, Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, believes According to Mr. Gaidukevich, Europe has split recently against the background of the situation around Ukraine. “Old Europe would like a respite in the war it has launched against Russia. It does not need it anymore, as it is getting only problems [as a result]. A split is also seen in the US. American leader Joe Biden ...

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Expert explains why Macron, Scholz and Draghi refused to promptly supply weapons to Ukraine

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi denied Ukraine prompt supplies during their visit to Kiev last week, and political expert Aleksandr Shpakovsky believes the Western politicians intend to offer Russia some kind of temporary pacification, while continuing to prepare for further pumping up Ukraine with weapons In his talk with Alfa Radio , the expert noted that Germany had provided less military assistance to Ukraine than, for ...

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It is the merit of Lukashenko that Ukraine’s scenario failed in Belarus, expert believes

There have been numerous attempts to destroy Belarus from within to reach a single goal: to set the country at loggerheads with Russia – as noted by Oleg Gaidukevich, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, in his talk with Alfa Radio According to the deputy, Belarus has been at the centre of geopolitical confrontation since the USSR collapse. “There have been endless attempts to destroy our country from within – with a single goal: to set it at loggerheads with ...

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The West remains blind to genocide of Belarusians during WWII

... Lukashenko,” Mr. Gigin shared his opinion in a talk with Alfa ...

west , genocide , Great Patriotic War , gigin , opinion

Expert comments on Ukrainian military losses

In his talk with Alfa Radio , Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, commented on the latest statements of the Kiev authorities that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are losing up to a thousand people daily in Donbass – including those killed and wounded. As he noted, the figures announced by the Ukrainian Servant of the People party differ significantly from the previously reported data. According to Mr. Gigin, this can be explained by the beginning of Kiev’s ...

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Gaidukevich: struggle for Slavic civilisation’s future under way in Donbass

In his talk with the BelRos TV channel, a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, said Ukraine is a tool for remaking of world order “A struggle for the future of the entire Slavic civilisation – including for the future of Belarus and Russia – is under way in Donbass now,” the parliamentarian said. “We are well aware that Ukraine is a tool for remaking of world order, and the most important tragedy of the Ukrainian people is that they are not deciding ...

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Ukrainian leaders trying to draw Belarus into conflict with provocations

The Ukrainian authorities do not want to negotiate with Russia, instead they are trying to drag Belarus into the conflict by endless accusations – as noted by political expert Aleksei Belyayev in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel Photo: video screenshot As stated by the expert, the Kiev regime is constantly provoking Belarus to some response. “The present government of Ukraine cannot start normal negotiations with its direct military opponent – Russia, shouting that they are being tried to ...

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Belarusians and Russians need to keep together, expert asserts

If Russia and Belarus go along different paths, the enemy will deceive them and then destroy – as noted by Andrei Bezrukov, Professor at Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) of the Russian Foreign Ministry, a member of the Board Presidium of the Council on Foreign and Defence Policy of the Russian Federation, during his talk with the ONT TV channel Photo: ONT video screenshot As stressed by the programme host, Marat Markov, there have been long-lasting attempts to drive a ...

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