Kochanova: world is fragile, and our memory of Great Patriotic War helps understand what we can lose

The importance of the memory of the Great Patriotic War ... People held at the Trostenets memorial complex “We must remember those ... the relevance of preserving historical memory in modern conditions, “The world ... and fascism are reviving. Our memory helps us once again understand ... to the tragic day of memory, “I am happy that representatives ...

kochanova , trostinets , victory , memory

NOC President Viktor Lukashenko: it is necessary to honour memory of those killed so that the tragedy does not happen again

... laid flowers at the Masyukovshchina memorial complex “Today is one of ... history – primarily, to honour the memory of those killed, thanks to ...

historical memory , June 22nd , memory , noc

Shved: memory of war victims and heroic deed of our ancestors are spiritual basis of our society’s life

... tragic fate of Khatyn, “The memory of the victims of the ... is a tribute to the memory of the dead, contributing to ...

Belarus , Shved , Union State , memory , Great Patriotic War

Sergeyenko: June 22nd is not just symbol for our history, it’s a real pain

... will forever remain in the memory of the entire Soviet people ... and in the memory of our country – as stated ...

Sergeyenko , memory , Great Patriotic War

Chairman of Belarus’ Federation of Trade Unions urged Scholz not to provoke War III

... aimed to clean up the memory of future generations and bring ...

orda , Scholz , victory , memory

Belarus’ Prosecutor General: Nazism is part of ideology in many states

The truth about the genocide and the Great Patriotic War is extremely necessary to survive in the current war. In his talk with the ONT TV channel, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved explained how fascists – with the help of white-red-white symbols – worked with thousands of young Belarusians so that they would destroy their own countrymen. Photo: video screenshot According to Mr. Shved, fascism and Nazism are now a new (and also old) ideological platform, “It is based on actions aimed at ...

shved , Belarus , Great Patriotic War , memory

Expert: Great Patriotic War de-heroization concept was developed in the West during Cold War

... began to fight against the memory of the Great Patriotic War ... latter is hostile to the memory of the war for a ...

Great Patriotic War , memory , gigin , opinion

Sergeyenko with Belarus President Administration staff laid flowers at Tank-Liberator Monument

... Monument in Minsk, honoring the memory of those killed during the ... remember, know, discover, study. This memory is in the names of ... , in monuments. This is our memory, this is our history, which ...

Victory Day , memory , Sergeyenko

Belarus’ PM: we will never abandon our past

... laying flowers at the Blagovshchina memorial complex as part of the ... the Great Patriotic War, visiting memorial sites less and telling children ... , who had taken away his memory and robbed him of an ... . Golovchenko expressed confidence that new memorials will be erected in Belarus ... Belarus not only preserves its memorials and small monuments in proper ... condition, but also opens new memory sites: i.e. the Khatyn ...

Victory Day , memory , golovchenko , Great Patriotic War

Kochanova: we have no right to allow manifestations of fascism in Belarus, people will not forgive us

Preserving the memory of the terrible events that ... , we have always honoured the memory of our ancestors who stood ...

kochanova , Memory , Great Patriotic War

Memory is sacred

... Iosif Kaminsky. Khatyn Memorial Complex In 1969, Khatyn Memorial Complex was opened ... village. The authors of the memorial were architects Yuri Gradov, Valentin ... here every year for memorial events. The Khatyn Memorial Complex is an ... and tragic heroism. The memorial tells about the courage and ... only sculpture of the Khatyn Memorial Complex — the Unbowed Man. ... museum, Director of the Khatyn Memorial Complex Artur Zelsky says, “Whoever ... the creation of the Khatyn memorial ensemble. It also contains ...

Khatyn , museum , memory

Khatyn is a place of strength for the Belarusian people

... museum built in the Khatyn Memorial Complex. The museum is equipped ... meeting-requiem, during which the memory of the dead was honoured ... on the territory of the memorial complex, which was restored on ...

Lukashenko , Khatyn , tragedy , anniversary , memory

Khatyn Memorial undergone changes and now has restored marble and Eternal Flame

... -scale reconstruction of the Khatyn Memorial Complex has been carried out ... restored on the Crown of Memory memorial and the Unconquered Man sculpture ... into the concept of the memorial have been dismantled: i.e ... . At the same time, the memorial was not closed to the ...

Khatyn , memory

Requiem rally held at Belarus’ Ozarichi memorial

... the youth gathered at the memorial. There were also eyewitnesses of ... terrible genocide. They honoured the memory of those killed, laid flowers ...

ozarichi , fascists , Great Patriotic War , memory

Routine of total atrocity

... them. On the accuracy of memories The testimonies of surviving eyewitnesses ... detail of some of the memories is so shocking that it ... , for example, with such a memory of the war, “One half ... Director of the Russian Historical Memory Foundation. The publication contains materials ... is an allied initiative of memory and consent. Now on the ...

genocide , memory

Prosecutor General: 1,000+ villages completely or partially destroyed by fascists identified in Belarus over a year

... now pay tribute to the memory of innocent civilians. “Back in ...

genocide , shved , memory , fascism

Belarus, Hungary discussed historical memory issues

... to the Year of Historical Memory was held at the Embassy ...

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Israel diplomat: importantly, Belarus cherishes the Holocaust memory

... discussed the construction of a memorial in Bronnaya Gora (Bereza District ... architectural design of the future memorial is ready. Mr. Mirkin noted ... to the preservation of the memory of the victims of Nazism ... , “Importantly, the memory of the Holocaust is cherished ... . The idea of creating a memorial in Bronnaya Gora is definitely ... visited the Brest Hero Fortress memorial complex and a number of ...

israel , belarus , memory , Holocaust

Belarusian diplomats paid tribute to memory of Serbian students and teachers killed during WWII

The Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Belarus to Serbia, Valery Brylev, and the diplomatic mission employees visited the city of Kragujevac to take part in a funeral event at the Monument to Shot Students and Teachers – as informed by the Belarusian Foreign Ministry Wreaths were laid at the monument to children and adults killed by the Nazis during WWII by Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic, members of the Serbian government, leaders of the Sumadija District and the city of ...

great patriotic war , memory , diplomats , Serbia

Permanent exposition in memory of Bereza-Kartuzskaya concentration camp victims opened

... Belarusians. A permanent exhibition in memory of its victims was opened ... cherish our values, traditions, and memory sacredly,” he stated.

national unity day , concentration camp , memory

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