Makei: West's attempts to equalise Great Patriotic War veterans and SS punishers are unacceptable

... attitude to veterans, history, and memory. You see what is happening ...

makei , memory , veterans

St. Petersburg Governor thanked Lukashenko for preserving common historical memory

... preserve and defend the historical memory of the Great Patriotic War ... all Russians for the historical memory and protection of our common ... very much for defending historical memory!" Mr. Beglov mentioned another ...

belarus , russia , memory , Lukashenko

By the roads of memory

... of the Year of Historical Memory with the support of the ... . Notice On June 22nd, the Memory Train began its journey from ... and Russia. The international project Memory Train was initiated by the ... . Together we will preserve historical memory The international parliamentary conference Historical ... historical facts and preserve the memory for the sake of future ... of the concept of historical memory that exist today not only ... the issue of preserving historical memory has acquired strategic importance today ...

roads , memory , war , patriotism

Lukashenko laid flowers at mass grave from war times

... to the hallmark monuments and memorial complexes – that remind us of ... -Soviet republics – gather at iconic memorials and obelisks known all over ...

lukashenko , memory

Kochanova: we will always remember, as we are unable to betray or forget

... of flowers at the Masyukovshchina memorial complex. Members of the Presidium ... sacred duty to pass the memory of the war from one ...

kochanova , memory , Great Patriotic War

Lukashenko and his family donated Soviet coins to Talai for memorial sign creation

... in everyone's heart. The memory of those who gave us ... words: the Living Memory of Grateful Generations memorial sign will be installed ... . “In the Year of Historical Memory, all the people have united ...

Lukashenko , talai , memory

Lukashenko: alarm bell of truth will break through the wall of silence and lies

... have encroached on our historical memory,” the Head of State stressed ...

Lukashenko , memory , Great Patriotic War , victory , genocide , year of historical memory

News photo: EAEU prime ministers laid wreaths at Victory Monument in Minsk

great patriotic war , EAEU , victory , memory

Lukashenko: historical memory should be talked about openly

... of how to preserve the memory of the Great Patriotic War ... case, we will keep this memory. We should protect our monuments ... – whether we will preserve our memory or not.

Lukashenko , memory

New generations should always remember Great Patriotic War

... Leonid Kasinsky, at the Historical Memory: Great Victory Won by Unity ... Belarus, and the descendants’ grateful memory is embodied in thousands of ... man-made memorials, obelisks and burial mounds. It ... . Moreover, while realising that the memory of the Soviet people’s ... trying to reformat the historical memory of our youth, falsifying and ... organised – aiming to strengthen historical memory, resist the falsification of military ...

Great Patriotic War , memory , defence ministry

Golovchenko: we have no right to betray memory of millions of killed Soviet people

... no right to betray the memory of victorious soldiers and many ... plenary session of the Historical Memory: Great Victory Won by Unity ... that the Year of Historical Memory gives an opportunity to society ... the Fatherland and preserve the memory of war victims. At the ... on the foundation of historical memory. It was to this foundation ...

golovchenko , memory , history

Previously unknown place of civilians’ mass destruction in wartime discovered near Minsk

... the eve of the Historical Memory: Great Victory Won by Unity ... Director of Russia’s Historical Memory Foundation, has been engaged in ... the opportunity to honour the memory of those who were brutally ...

Great Patriotic War , memory , history , genocide

Real scale of Belarusians’ genocide during war is horrifying

... be paid to perpetuating the memory of the dead people and ...

Prosecutor General’s Office , shved , genocide , memory

Latvian authorities will fail to ruin the memory, Belarus’ MEP believes

... , but you cannot destroy the memory. This is vandalism, blasphemy, insult ... that ordinary people call this memorial a Victory Monument. The parliamentarian ... monuments, you desecrate and demolish memorials, you forbid wearing St. George ...

latvia , memory , opinion

News photo: pictures devoted to Victory Day on show

An exhibition of unique archival photos devoted to Victory Day opened in the ruins of the White Palace in the Brest Fortress – featuring pictures taken in May 1945, those demonstrating the last war day and celebration of the long-awaited victory of the Soviet people over fascism

brest fortress , victory day , memory , great patriotic war

At Post No. 1

... of the Brest Hero-Fortress memorial complex. Every day high ... and gymnasiums students keep the Memory Watch; for half a ... This year, the Brest Fortress Memory Post, which has become one ... took part in the Memory Watch for the first ... members of the club, a memorial detachment is recruited, which ... in the Museum of the Memory Post. The retired lieutenant ... visits the museums of the memorial complex, the Kizhevatov frontier ... parents suggested something, shared their memories.” Ilya Iovlev’s father ...

Memory , Brest Hero-Fortress

Prosecutor General: victory over fascism in 1945 to enable us to defend our interests today

... we are the heirs – from memory," the Prosecutor General addressed ... war to be erased from memory. “Understanding of the importance of ...

memory , history , Great Patriotic War , prosecutor general

Names of 6,500+ war victims identified in Belarus over past decade

The figure has been announced today by Sergei Voronovich, the Head of Commemoration Work of Fatherland Defenders and War Victims Department of the Defence Ministry’s Armed Forces, as part of a round table discussion – To Remember. Genocide of Belarusian People During Great Patriotic War. Search Movement in Belarus – dedicated to the Victory Day The event gathered representatives of the Prosecutor General's Office, the History Institute of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences and the Belarusian ...

memory , history , Great Patriotic War

Kochanova: our sacred duty is to preserve the memory of war heroes

... Alley of Heroes – honouring the memory of those who died during ... take over. We honour the memory of those who died, and ... sacred duty to pass this memory from one generation to another ...

Great Patriotic War , kochanova , memory

Belarus celebrated Day of Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps

... took place at the Trostenets memorial complex – gathering deputies of the ... flowers and wreaths at the memorial of sorrow, getting frozen during ... . In the Baranovichi District, the memory of the Koldychevo fascist concentration ...

Great Patriotic War , memory , nazism , history

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