12,500 people already interrogated in relation to war genocide case

... genocide of BSSR residents during Great Patriotic War is progressing Photo courtesy of ... . “The work on interrogating the Great Patriotic War veterans, disabled people, war children ... of Belarusian population during the Great Patriotic War – is in its final stage ...

Prosecutor General’s Office , Great Patriotic War , genocide

Memorial to WWII victims unveiled

... civilians who died during the Great Patriotic War After reconstruction, a memorial has ... the Belarusian land during the Great Patriotic War is felt here," Sergei ...

Great Patriotic War , memory

Belarusian State Great Patriotic War History Museum is 77!

... Soviet peoples’ feat during the Great Patriotic War. Representatives of ministries and departments ... addressed to veterans of the Great Patriotic War, partisans and underground workers who ... th jubilee. The Belarusian State Great Patriotic War History Museum is a true ...

museum , history , Great Patriotic War

Verified content of Great Patriotic War events essential for textbooks

... contain verified information of the Great Patriotic War events – as noted by Igor ... to Falsify the 1941-1945 Great Patriotic War History and Results Mr. Marzalyuk ... systematic revision of WWII, the Great Patriotic War and some mythologems – natural for ...

Great Patriotic War , textbooks

Since early 2021, more than 7,000 soldiers killed during Great Patriotic War joined Book of Memory lists

... and 855 victims of the Great Patriotic War have been discovered. Data on ...

defence ministry , Great Patriotic War

Brest Fortress staff praised

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko bestows Order of Francysk Skaryna on Brest Hero Fortress staff Photo by Pavel Bogush The Prime Minister read out President Lukashenko’s welcome address: ‘On June 22 nd , the citadel became the first shield on the path of the Nazi army. Until now, we do not know all the names of the defenders who stepped into immortality. However, we bow our heads and thank everyone who fought for a clear sky above our heads’. Mr. Golovchenko congratulated all employees of the ...

brest fortress , Great Patriotic War , awards

Soldiers’ remains reburied

Remains of 379 Red Army soldiers and commanders have been reburied in the Svetlogorsk District near the village of Veliki Bor – following the work of the 52nd separate specialised search battalion and the Estafeta Pamyati [Memory Relay] search squad The figures are striking: in the area of Veliki Bor, for example, remains of 148 people were detected, near Zarechie – 196, and near the village of Yazvin – 30. The Director of Svetlogorsk’s Local History Museum, Irina Zayats, explains, “During the ...

Great Patriotic War , memory

War history on paper

... know the truth about the Great Patriotic War. They are filled with patriotism ...

brest fortress , history , Great Patriotic War , book

Partisans of Belarus never forgotten

... are historical photos of the Great Patriotic War, copies of award lists and ... underground workers, if any. “The Great Patriotic War left a deep mark on ...

Great Patriotic War , partisans , exhibition

Memories will never die

... the Polotsk orphanage during the Great Patriotic War. The SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper ... Jews of Georgia in the Great Patriotic War. The publication has recently been ...

book , history , Great Patriotic War

Letter from the past

In Gomel, experts restored the text of a Red Army soldier’s letter and also the men’s personal data Photo by State Committee of Forensic Examinations’ Department in the Gomel Region The remains of a Red Army soldier who died in August 1941 were unearthed in the Zhlobin District in June. The excavations were conducted by the Rogachev-Zhlobin Zvezda military search group jointly with a specialised separate 52nd battalion of Belarus’ Defence Ministry. As Aleksandr Pishchalo, from the Zhlobin ...

Great Patriotic War

Remains reburied

The remains of 83 Red Army soldiers – who laid down their lives while liberating the Vitebsk District during the Great Patriotic War – have been solemnly reburied in the agro-town of Zaronovo

Great Patriotic War , history

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