Historian: majority of Belarusians did not accept Nazi ideology, choosing independence instead

... the Head of the Military History Centre at Belarus’ National Academy ...

history , litvin , opinion , nazism

Opinion: Belarus does not erase RzechPospolita period from its history, but views it objectively

History is a powerful weapon that ... by the historian, the RzechPospolita history is now presented exclusively in ... are a definite distortion of history.” Moreover, the uprisings of 1794 ... the RzechPospolita period from our history. Moreover, we do not reject ... period, since this is our history. At the same time, we ...

Danilovich , opinion , history , rzechpospolita

Heroes in every family

... , registration is not required. Personal history in the context of the ... Belarusians’ interest in their family history in the Great Patriotic War ... ,000 such files on the history of the partisan movement, most ... our archive. So their family history was filled with new awareness ... . And now the photo and history of the handkerchief, which can ...

Partisans of Belarus , Belarus Segodnya Publishing House , history

Education in Slutsk: reputation and prestige

... a rich and very interesting history. Some time after its foundation ...

Slutsk , history

We, Belarusians, are peaceful people

... , this is evidenced by our history. President Aleksandr Lukashenko, “If we ... suitable. Young Euphrosyne knew the history of her family well and ... , princely campaigns that filled the history of Ancient Rus’. Euphrosyne chose ... know our people and our history. Aleksandr Lukashenko has always captured ... of the outline of our history. By Vadim Gigin, Candidate of ...

history , Peace , creation

Pictures for all times

... If we turn to the history of postcards, it dates back ... cards. A turn in the history of New Year’s cards ...

New Year , Merry Christmas , postcards , history

Palace intrigues

... light of the sun The history of attempts to revive the ...

Belarus , Kossovo Castle , culture , history , tourism

A real palace in miniature

... of an old estate, the history of which goes back five ...

Krasny Bereg , tourism , history , holiday

About 300 Soviet monuments to be demolished in Estonia

Estonia plans to dismantle most of the Soviet monuments, and their list has been prepared by a special working group assembled by order of the government, Interfax reports PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM Asko Kivinuk – who heads the group – explained to ERR, “Soviet-era monuments from the list prepared by the working group will be removed as soon as possible.” According to him, 133 out of 322 monuments and tombstones with Soviet symbols on the list constitute war graves, and ‘we can proceed with these ...

estonia , war , monuments , history

Belarusian fortified churches

... ancient temple has an amazing history. It was built on the ...

tourism , churches , history , culture , travel , holiday

Gorval — a modest gem of Polesie

... the best periods in its history. It is not known for ...

Gorval , history

Do you remember how it all began?…

... first official match in its history. Just a little while ago ... good fruit. This is our history, and I believe that it ...

sport , hockey , history

Honour and loyalty of the Paskeviches

In the history of Belarus there were many ...

history , Paskevich , Gomel

Real genocide

... and other countries distort the history of the war, confuse terminology ...

genocide , history , war

Russia handed over copies of documents on first partition of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth

Russia handed over to Belarus copies of historical documents from the Foreign Policy Archive of the Russian Empire, dedicated to the first partition of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, on the occasion of its 250th anniversary. Their transfer took place at the Russian Foreign Ministry – as reported by BelTA with reference to the press service of the Belarusian Embassy in Russia. Photo: www.belta.by The event was attended by Ambassador of Belarus to Russia Dmitry Krutoi, Russian Foreign ...

Belarus , Russia , history

Memory of Belarusians killed during WWII venerated at Dremlevo memorial complex

A mourning rally dedicated to the memory of civilians burned alive and shot by fascists took place in Dremlevo: on September 11th, 1942, the punishers destroyed almost all villagers here The tragedy happened during the Triangle punitive operation which covered the Zhabinka, Brest and some other districts. All adults and children were gathered by the Nazis in two sheds and burned alive: 196 women, old people and children were killed then. Only twelve villagers managed to escape. On September 13th ...

memory , tragedy , history , fascism

On September 1st, the President will hold a lesson for schoolchildren and students

... President Aleksandr Lukashenko conducting a history lesson for them. Belarus’ Education ... of State will hold a history lesson, that will be broadcast ...

Lukashenko , education , history , historical memory

History in the light of the float

From Batleika to Bolshoi: the history and traditions of the Belarusian ... theatrical art has a rich history and splendid traditions. The initial ... milestone in the Belarusian theatrical history was the temples of Melpomene ... , which has a 110-year history, now houses the Polessky Drama ...


Brilliant architect of the provincial city

The architectural attractiveness of Mogilev has always been a subject of controversy among tourists and guests of the regional centre — some were completely satisfied with the quantitative and qualitative state of historical buildings, others found it boring and not particularly worth the time spent opening selfie sticks. However, those who are difficult to please are always easier in a dispute — they, as a rule, do not tire themselves with either preliminary preparation for the trip or the ...

Mogilev , history

Tragedy through the eyes of a child: exhibition about the Holocaust opened at Presidential Library

... importantly, the children learned the history of the tragedy, the Holocaust ... . It is important that the history of such a tragedy as ...

Exhibition , history , genocide , holocaust

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