Legends of antiquity

... , senior researcher at the Lida History and Art Museum, notes. The ... nothing to do with the history of the castle itself; the ...

Belarus , history , Lida Castle , culture , tourism

Lukashenko: we will preserve our civilisation

Speaking at today’s performance-concert in St. Petersburg dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi siege, Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed to the dangerous trends in assessing the Great Patriotic War results, BelTA reports Photo: www.belta.by Speaking before the start of the concert, the President made a small digression from the prepared theses, and – following it – all those present at Gazprom Arena which hosted the event gave a ...

Lukashenko , history , memory , Great Patriotic War

Lukashenko: both Belarus and Russia are open to any friendly steps towards

... most brutal war in the history of mankind,” added Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

Lukashenko , Russia , memory , Great Patriotic War , history

Lukashenko: preserving the truth about the war is paramount issue of modern times

Preserving the truth about the Great Patriotic War is the most important point of modern days – as stated by the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, at today’s performance-concert in St. Petersburg dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the complete liberation of Leningrad from the Nazi siege, BelTA reports Photo: www.belta.by "This truth demonstrates the depth of the moral and spiritual downfall of those who joined the banner of Nazi Germany. It drops like a black shadow on many ...

Lukashenko , russia , great patriotic war , genocide , history

105th anniversary of BSSR proclamation discussed at NAS

... changed the course of national history, gave rise to the glorious ... of Belarus’ Modern History Department at the NAS’ History Institute, stressed, “Soviet ...

history , national academy of sciences , Lutsky , bssr , ussr

Belarus’ Defence Minister: experience of historical interaction of nations that defeated fascism is of enduring relevance

... the first time in the history of mankind, there was an ... before our eyes. The WWII history is being rewritten in the ...

Khrenin , genocide , memory , fascism , history

Defence Minister: scales of Belarusians’ tragedy in war years much greater than previously assumed

At a recent meeting of the joint board of the Belarusian and Russian defence ministries, Belarus’ Defence Minister Viktor Khrenin thanked Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu for the tremendous work done on declassifying archival documents of the Defence Ministry and placing them in the public domain, Belarus’ Defence Ministry reports in its Telegram channel Photo: www.vayar.mil.by "This has enabled the Belarusian Defence Ministry, together with the Prosecutor General's Office, to shed ...

Khrenin , history , Great Patriotic War , genocide

Professor: Russophobia is weapon of Western ideology

... , we need to turn to history to understand that it is ...

history , Union State , russia , Belarus , Russophobia , west

Key provisions of Belarus’ National History Concept presented

... key provisions of Belarus’ National History Concept at a plenary session ... Policy in the Field of History: Problems and Prospects of Preserving ... science, anthropologists of the NAS History Institute reconstructed the appearance of ...

history , state policy , Belarus , Danilovich

Talai: Today Union State is an island of hope, light, goodness and justice

... hosted an international forum, entitled History for the Future: Russia and ... will certainly go down in history as an era when evil ...

Talai , Union State , history

Deputy Head of Belarus’ President Administration: future should be built on traditions laid down by victorious peoples

... decisions of the kind, since history has somehow been interpreted in ...

Lutsky , patriotism , history , Belarus , russia

Bow to the memory of heroes

... space. Over its half-century history, it has been visited by ...

Belarus , history , Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex , director

Deputy Prosecutor General: Belarus was subjected to all forms of genocide specified by UN Convention

... Policy in the Field of History: Problems and Prospects of Preserving ...

genocide , Belarus , history

Shores of history

... must remember the lessons of history,” Honoured Artist of the Republic ...

culture , history , premiere , film , On the Other Shore , historical drama , Belarusians , reunification

True answers to questions of history

... a deeper understanding of our history, Igor Sergeyenko emphasised, “One can ... of the President Administration, the history of Belarus is carefully studied ... many difficult questions of our history – truthful answers, without political fraud ... popularise the concept of the history of Belarusian statehood “Attention should ... institutions and popularisation of military history, improving the management of dissertation ... developing accessible forms of popularising history among the population using modern ...

Minsk , conference , history , Sergeyenko , State Policy in the Sphere of History

11,700+ Belarusian settlements destroyed by Nazis during WWII, the list being updated

... Sciences of Belarus (and its History Institute), the National Archive, the ... Great Patriotic War History Museum, the Education Ministry, relevant ...

genocide , Great Patriotic War , history , investigation

Professor: Belarusians’ consolidation in 1939 resulted in historical justice

The consolidation of the Belarusian people in 1939 made it possible to achieve historical justice – as noted by the Chairman of the Standing Committee of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly on Education, Culture and Science, corresponding member of the National Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor Igor Marzalyuk The historian believes that, if it had not been for September 17th, 1939, Belarus would not have been able to preserve its ethnic identity, so ...

history , national unity day , September 17th

Borovik: national unity enables nation to become competitive and successful in international arena

... destiny in crucial periods of history,” noted Vadim Borovik. According to ...

Borovik , Belarus , history , National Unity Day

MP on National Unity Day establishment: President made truly historic decision

... decree in 2021, and its history was not simple. Part of ...

history , national unity day , Belarus , gaidukevich , opinion , President

Opinion: Belarusians didn’t run after the West, but took their own way, preserving memory of the Soviet past

... of September 17th for the history of Belarus, the historian said ... important events in the Belarusian history: the reunification of Western Belarus ... the Soviet past. Throughout the history of independent Belarus, there have ...

Danilovich , Belarus , Poland , history , September 17th

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