Metropolitan Veniamin: Orthodoxy is basis of Belarusians’ spiritual life

There were many joyful and sad events in Belarusians’ life, and they formed the basis for the nation’s historical experience. As noted by Metropolitan Veniamin of Minsk and Zaslavl, Patriarchal Exarch of All Belarus, it is important to look into the depths of centuries, to find and comprehend everything that helped Belarusians overcome all the trials and what made them a single steadfast nation with its unique rich culture. Photo: www.belta.by “This year, we are celebrating the 1030th ...

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Great Victory is an integral part of our national idea

The President of Belarus traditionally took part in the celebrations in honour of the Victory Day on May 9th. The Head of State laid a wreath at the Victory Monument in Minsk. Together with Aleksandr Lukashenko were his three sons. Speaking during the solemn ceremony, the Head of State stressed that Belarus remembers everyone who held back the enemy on the border and at the Brest Fortress, near Minsk and Mogilev, who was tortured in the Gestapo dungeons, who was burned down in Khatyn, Dalva and ...

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We are proud of our symbols!

... proud of their symbols and history, they look into the future ... the people had in their history. And it was this symbolism ... when we did not let history repeat itself by defending our ... our symbols and our national history, we look into the future ... ’t we have our own history? Did we really want to ... adjust our history and our country to Lithuania ... people have had in their history. Listen, we kept the red ... the first referendum in its history, initiated by the Head of ...

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Prosecutor General: victory over fascism in 1945 to enable us to defend our interests today

... belief that the country’s history must be cherished and remembered ... to distort everything, to present history in a favourable light for ... young generation will study the history of Belarus more consciously and ... moral backbone. The latter, as history shows, makes it possible to ... should realise: if we forget history, we will cease to exist ...

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Names of 6,500+ war victims identified in Belarus over past decade

... Prosecutor General's Office, the History Institute of Belarus’ National Academy ... Museum of Great Patriotic War History. As noted by Mr. Voronovich ...

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Lithuanian jackal

... roots, as always, are in history. In the footsteps of the ... a fateful date in the history of Lithuanian statehood! This is ... considered a heroic page in history. Then, even before the approach ... detrimental to national interests. In history, the arrogance of the Lithuanian ... answer. By Ph.D. in History Vadim Gigin Open source photos

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Belarus continues investigation of genocide case with foreign help

The Prosecutor General's Office of Belarus has sent requests for legal assistance in the case of the genocide of the Belarusian people to 17 countries, and the head of the General Prosecutor’s Office investigation team in the criminal case, Valery Tolkachev, informed on how many of them have responded and are rendering assistance to the country In his talk with the STV TV channel, Mr. Tolkachev noted, “We have sent fifty-one requests to 17 countries worldwide. We asked for the interrogation of ...

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Belarus celebrated Day of Liberation of Prisoners of Nazi Concentration Camps

... ’ who killed civilians for nothing. History has put everything in its ...

Great Patriotic War , memory , nazism , history

Baltic States do everything to destroy historical memory

... has been a turn to history rewriting right now?” Mr. Dzermant ...

latvia , history , Dzermant

Nazis’ crimes must be openly talked about

... at the Centre for General History, International Relations and Geopolitics at ... Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ History Institute, comments, “The facts of ...

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The last of the Itinerants

... inscribed his name in the history of Belarusian art Vitold Byalynitsky ...

culture , art , history , museum , Byalynitsky-Birulya

Ancient Belarusian fortresses

... author of the first official history of the Patriotic War, wrote ...

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Comfortable restoration

We looked in on the workshops of the new restoration building of the National Art Museum Until March 3rd, the newly opened exhibition building of the National Art Museum was closed for re-exposition. Some of the works that were shown to visitors during the first presentation of new projects came in the halls straight from the restoration workshops. To be more precise, from the museum’s restoration building at 25 Kirov Street, the opening of which Belarusian restorers have been dreaming of for ...

restoration , history , National Art Museum

Sergeyenko: Belarusians’ historical memory is under attack now

... related to various periods of history, outline the directions of scientific ... certain controversial moments of our history. It is no secret that ... , falsifications, attempts to rewrite the history of the Great Patriotic War ... interpret certain periods of our history as existence as part of ...

sergeyenko , memory , war , history

Cultural march of history

... in 1856 in Vilna, but history gave it only 7 years ... , the Museum of Belarusian Cinema History, the Museum of Nature and ... the Theatre and Musical Culture History of the Republic of Belarus ... country and respect for its history. It should be noted that ...

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From miniature to giant

... a lot in their long history. Now it attracts visitors with ...

Lida Castle , exhibition , history

Castle that is no longer here

... colonel, and the Trakai castellan. History tells us that in the ... , the greatest trace in the history of the village was left ... War. In its entire long history, it has never been closed ...

Mosar , history , Castle

Heavenly protection

... example of this is the history of the Aleksandr Nevsky Church ...

Aleksandr Nevsky Church , religion , history , monument

Either a gramophone, or a meat grinder

... become an expert on the history of the capital of the ... emphasis was on the modern history. Nevertheless, the museum presented interesting ... these exhibits there is a history of several thousand years. “We ... the museum. NOTE The local history museum can be visited remotely ...

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Under the sign of the truth

... we put these two concepts — ‘history’ and ‘politics’ — side by side ... have tried not to politicise history. The political course of the ... period of frantic politicisation of history began. Photo by BELTA It ... of new textbooks on the history of Belarus.” Aleksandr Lukashenko drew ... on certain periods in the history of the Belarusian people. ... Great Patriotic War or modern history, “We saw the fruits ... now everyone knows the true history of the symbol of the ... the pages of our national history have turned into an ...

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