Belarusian State Great Patriotic War History Museum is 77!

... 's largest museum of military history now keeps more than 157 ... to learn more of the history of its creation. The Museum ... History in Faces and Between the ... , who heads the Partisan Movement History Department, explained. “It is hard ... Belarusian State Great Patriotic War History Museum is a true veteran ... the Victory, has a rich history, and continues its mission: to ...

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Ancient crypt unearthed in Belarus

A tractor driver of the I.P. Melezh agricultural enterprise was ploughing a field when he discovered a structure with red brick walls: that was a coffin with a cast metal sculpture of an angel The territory was fenced off and police officers are now on duty here around the clock. The discovery caused a great stir. Historians and archaeologists have actively joined its examination and study. “I can assume with a high degree of probability that the unearthed crypt of the late 19 th century belongs ...

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Kingdom of magic mirrors

... . Let’s plunge into its history together. Photo: youtube.com This ...

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Rite from the past

Galina Adamovich creates films full of light, kindness and a great depth and her recent work is devoted to an ancient Belarusian rite Photo by Maksim Vecher The talented documentary filmmaker’s new work is entitled The Arrow and tells us of three women who sing in a village ensemble. Once a year, their singing has a sacred meaning: on the fortieth day after Easter, on Ascension, they perform the Burial of the Arrow – or simply The Arrow – rite dedicated to the farewell to spring and welcoming ...

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War history on paper

... dedicated to the Brest Fortress history presented in Brest The Brest ... Fortress. History and Memory book was published ...

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Memories will never die

A book on rescue of the Polotsk orphanage’s children during the war published in Georgia Two years ago, a hotline was organised by the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House with participation of a Georgian journalist, Levan Dolidze, and Haya Mordokhayeva who was a pupil of the Polotsk orphanage during the Great Patriotic War. The SB. Belarus Segodnya newspaper published an article then on her ordeal and how the children were rescued by partisans and then transported to Moscow by pilots of the 105th ...

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Roads of struggle

The Roads of Struggle and Creativity at the Brest Regional Museum of Local Lore – dedicated to the National Unity Day – features flag and coin related items, fabrics and clothing, technical means and devices, paintings, photo documents and others exhibits As it’s been informed by the museum, among the presented items there are some unique ones which are being exhibited for the first time. These include authentic banners of the Communist Party of Western Belarus and the Communist Youth Union of ...

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Remains reburied

The remains of 83 Red Army soldiers – who laid down their lives while liberating the Vitebsk District during the Great Patriotic War – have been solemnly reburied in the agro-town of Zaronovo

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