Belarus, China discussed prospects for joint scientific research

... visited Zhejiang Shuren University in China’s Hangzhou, reports ... in joint events planned in China for 2024, were discussed with ... educational interaction between Belarus and China for the sustainable socio-economic ... of the first head of China-Belarus Industrial Park Development Company ...

Belarus , China , co-operation

Belarus’ NAS delegation displays its scientific and innovative potential at international conference in China

... , is taking part in the China-Eastern Europe Experts Co-operation ... 14 countries, including Belarus, Russia, China, Serbia, Hungary, Poland, Bulgaria, the ... . “Welcoming speeches were delivered by China’s Deputy Minister of Human ...

Belarus , NAS , China , science , potential

China blamed United States for emergence and escalation of Ukrainian conflict

... to shift the blame to China and not to try to ... ‘drive a wedge between China and Europe’. He stressed that ...

china , usa , ukraine

Media: China built world's first drone carrier

China has built the world's ... is the fourth ship of China, the existence of which has ...

china , drones

Jinping: China hopes for early restoration of peace in Europe

... crisis in Ukraine, said that China hopes for the speedy restoration ... the Chinese leader, Russia and China have demonstrated an example of ...

china , Ukraine , Xi Jinping , peace

Kochanova: Belarus proud of its relations with China

China is a close, reliable friend ... the People's Republic of China to Belarus, today “We are ... Aleksandr Lukashenko and President of China Xi Jinping. In March 2023 ... , Aleksandr Lukashenko visited China, following which the main vectors ... for women from Belarus and China was held. Not long ago ... National People's Congress of China in 2023. “The formation of ...

kochanova , China

Heat-resistant aluminium alloys able to operate at 500 degrees Celsius developed in China

... . As noted by Professor He Chunnian from Tianjin University, who authored ...

china , scientists , metal , discovery

Belarus’ Great Patriotic War History Museum, Nanjing Anti-Japanese Aviation Martyrs' Memorial Hall agreed to co-operate

... a political necessity and a common duty to future generations. The ... ' Memorial Hall is one of China’s largest graves of foreign ... who died in battles in China from 1937 to 1945. The ...

China , Belarus , memory

Putin to pay official visit to China on May 16th-17th

... pay a state visit to China on May 16th-17 th ... the People's Republic of China on May 16th-17th, 2024 ...

russia , China , Putin , Xi Jinping

Minsk City Executive Committee: Minsk, Beijing signed 2024-2026 co-operation development programme

... 2024-2026 was signed. “In China, the Belarusian delegation also plans ...

Minsk , Beijing , China , Belarus , co-operation

Expert: Xi Jinping's visit to Europe gives European politicians an opportunity to rethink their values

... the development of relations with China. At the same time, Americans ... and Europeans previously often called China the main threat and challenge ... States – is aimed at squeezing China out of the economic agenda ... to lose. However, in reality, China is now the top trading ... mutual trade market at present. China's trade with Europe is ... stop in Europe. In turn, China can provide everything to Europe ... very difficult for Europe without China," Mr. Belyaev stated. According ...

europe , China , Xi Jinping , Belyaev , opinion

World's largest deinonychosaur tracks discovered in east of China

... Lincheng Town, Fujian Province, east China, which belong to deinonychosaurs, Xinhua ... by scientists and experts from China University of Geosciences and Yingliang ... largest deinonychosaur tracks found in China and beyond," Xing Lida ... , an associate professor at China University of Geosciences, said, adding ... Cretaceous dinosaur tracksite discovered in China to date," Niu Kecheng ... the Late Cretaceous dinosaurs in China. The discovery has recently been ...

China , archaeology , dinosaur

Xi Jinping: Beijing to support peace conference recognised by Moscow and Kiev

China will support a peace conference ... of the PRC underlined that China did not start the Ukraine ... instead of being an onlooker, China has been playing an important ...

China , France , Russia , Ukraine , peace conference

Expert explained why China actively buying gold

... say that, at this stage, China is dumping government bonds of ... , including political players such as China, fully realised that the American ...

China , gold , avdonin , opinion

278 types of NEVs on display at Beijing International Automotive Exhibition

... place in the capital of China from April 25th to May ... market share of NEVs in China is projected to range from ...

china , automobiles , expo , Beijing

Chinese diplomat said China’s right to trade with Russia should not be violated

... economic exchanges between Russia and China should not be undermined – as ... States would take measures if China did not stop supporting Russia ... munition into Ukraine, while blaming China’s normal trade with Russia ... stressed. Lin Jian stressed that China’s legitimate rights and interests ... stop vilifying, pressuring and scapegoating China, stop going after Chinese companies ... of State Antony Blinken accused China of allegedly supplying dual-use ... complex. According to him, if China ‘does not solve this problem ...

China , Russia , US

News photo: International Horticultural Exhibition 2024 in Chengdu kicked off

During the May Day holiday, a large number of tourists visited the main site of the International Horticultural Exhibition 2024, Xinhua reports Over 2,000 events, including cultural ones, are planned as part of the exhibition, which will run until October 28th in Chengdu, Sichuan Province in southwestern China. Photos:

exhibition , China , May Day

China's Shenzhou-18 manned spaceship successfully launched

... (Beijing Time) on April 25th, China's Shenzhou-18 manned spaceship ... Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China. About 10 minutes after the ... Satellite Launch Centre in northwest China, April 25th, 2024. (People' ... Dongfeng landing site in north China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region ... in late October this year. China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) spokesperson ... during two spacewalks, which marked China's first extravehicular maintenance and ... issues in orbit. In 2023, China initiated the lunar landing mission ...

China , spacecraft

China to lease 2 pandas to US zoo for 10 years

... the protection of bamboo bears, China plans to send a pair ... .PIXABAY.COM According to the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), the ... male Yun Chuan and the female Xin Bao ... them were previously sent to China.

China , US , panda

China releases world's first high-definition lunar geologic atlas

... , including Jilin University, Shandong University, China University of Geosciences (Beijing), the ... scientific exploration data gained from China's Chang'e lunar exploration ... the moon in different ages, China made technical specifications and standards ... exploration and path planning for China's future lunar exploration projects ...

China , lunar geologic atlas

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