Expert said US main and strategic enemy is not Russia, but China

... , but its strategic adversary is China, which is challenging on several ... while the strategic enemy is China. China poses a serious challenge in ... between the United States and China. America seeks to gain complete ... a technological breakthrough and defeat China in competitions in the field ...

Shpakovsky , US , Russia , China

Global Times: transfer of Russian assets to Kiev is US political stunt

The transfer of Russian assets to the Ukrainian side is a high-profile political stunt that will help the United States profit from the crisis and promote its military-industrial complex – according to the Chinese newspaper Global Times , RIA Novosti reports Photo: www. According to the publication’s experts, Washington is offering Russian assets to Kiev, ‘and the Kiev leadership will use them to buy weapons from the US in order to feed the American military-industrial complex’. “ ...

China , US , Russia , Ukraine , assets

China hopes co-operation with Russia will reach new level in 2023

... Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of China to Russia, Zhang Hanhui, noted ... Zhang Hanhui stressed, the Russia-China political trust is continuously deepening ... added. Zhang Hanhui noted that China has every reason to expect ...

russia , china

Study room for comparative learning of Chinese and Belarusian traditional folk cultures opened at BSU

... the People’s Republic of China in Belarus, representatives of the ... the peoples of Belarus and China are similar,” underlined Irina Kazakova ... and folklore of Belarus and China. A team has already been ...

BSU , China , Chinese , co-operation

Great Stone Park’s new resident to be engaged in laboratory research

... – has been registered in the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park ... the Chengdu International Railway Port, China’s Sichuan Province. During the ... over 100 cities outside of China and is the starting point ... of the China-Europe Express. More than 5 ...

Great Stone Park , Belarus , China

Belarus implemented 127 international sci-tech projects in 2022

These are projects with China, Serbia, Slovakia, Turkiey, the Republic ... example, in co-operation with China, there will be developed highly ...

science , economy , Shlychkov , china

China urged US to stop supplying weapons to Ukraine

If the United States really cares about the citizens of Ukraine and worries about their safety, Washington should stop supplying weapons to Kiev – as stated by the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Mao Ning, RIA Novosti reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM The Chinese diplomat said Washington is the main initiator and the main driving force of the Ukrainian crisis. “The United States continuously supplies heavy and offensive weapons to Ukraine, prolonging the conflict and making it more ...

china , us , Ukraine

Chinese electric car market to set new records in 2023

... sales of electric vehicles in China in 2023. According to Neil ... electric vehicles are sold in China these days. According to the ... that, in 2023, buyers in China will purchase 8-10m electric ...

china , electric transport , cars

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

The words of NATO Military Committee Chair Rob Bauer about the readiness for a clash with Russia are not just a threat, they indicate the preparation of the alliance for any scenario in Ukraine – as noted by columnist Song Zhongping in an article for the Global Times, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Earlier, in an interview with the Portuguese edition of RTP, Bauer said that the alliance was ready for a direct confrontation with Russia. The military leader said that the industrial ...

China , Russia , Ukraine , NATO

Chinese professor: more countries spurning Western world order

... with reference to The South China Morning Post PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS ...

china , west

Great Stone Industrial Park on 2022 results

... number of residents in the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park ...

Belarus , China , Great Stone Park , residents

Beijing intends to protect Chinese companies in case of US sanctions against them

... United States constantly unreasonably accuses China of something. At the briefing ...

China , US , companies , sanctions

Opinion: new development centres being formed in the world, and Belarus already part of them

... country’s co-operation with China. Even more than two decades ... , Aleksandr Lukashenko clearly spoke about China’s prospects, and he has ...

belarus , russia , india , china , co-operation

China resumed visa issuing to Japanese

... for Japanese citizens travelling to China.

Japan , china , visas

German Finance Minister said West must maintain its presence in Chinese market

... leave their market niche in China for others. The head of ... need to make sure that China remains connected to their advanced ... that Germany is one of China’s leading partners. According to ... supplying cars and components to China.

Germany , West , China , technology

Beijing plans to launch 200+ spacecraft into orbit in 2023

The China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation ( ... continue. It is mentioned that China will continue to liaise with ...

China , outer space

Xiaoyung: Belarus, China share similar approaches to World Anti-Fascist War memory

... to fight in Northeast China and helped China defeat the Japanese invader ... the People's Republic of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyung “ ... is an old saying in China: ‘A strong memory of ... best adviser for the future’. China and Belarus attach great importance ... 18th when Japan invaded Northeast China, and on July 7 ... full-scale aggressive war against China, air defence sirens are turned ... in the war against Japan. China has legislated December 13th (the ... various events are held in China dedicated to the victory in ...

Belarus , china

Andreichenko: Belarus should pay special attention to developing relations with China

... relations with Belarus’ strategic partner: China. As noted by the Chairman ... the People's Republic of China, taking into account the agreements ...

Andreichenko , china , house of representatives

In 2022, Russia doubled pipeline gas supplies to China

... of Russian pipeline gas to China increased by 2.63 times ... natural gas from Russia to China increased by 43.9 percent ... exports of Russian oil to China increased by 8.2 percent ... of this raw material to China.

Russia , China , gas , oil

Expert said US provoked serious regional conflict in Europe

... advantage of the fact that China is very much tied to ... idle and watch this performance. China understands that it is tied ... believe the rapprochement of Russia, China and a number of other ...

USA , China , Russia , EU

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