Global Security Initiative

... adhere to the concept of common, comprehensive, joint and sustainable ... system to achieve universal and common security. Fifth, it is ... change, cybersecurity and biological security. China is the originator of the ... of the Ukrainian crisis, China has firmly stood for international ... ’s Republic of China advocates the concept of common, comprehensive, joint ... sustainable security system in Europe. China also offers a constructive blueprint ... non-traditional security threats. China is ready to make joint ...

global security , China

Belarus, China to jointly promote e-commerce

... the People's Republic of China, Xie Xiaoyun – as reported by ... point of growth in Belarus-China trade and economic co-operation ... e-commerce between Belarus and China. An agreement was also reached ...

belarus , China

China accuses US of abusing state power in foreign trade

... control rules to Russia and China – as stated by the Chinese ...

china , usa

Belarusian Universal Commodity Exchange’s turnover exceeds $4bn, branch in China planned

... open a BUCE branch in China. “This will enable us to ...

buce , china , cis

US behaviour does not meet status of UN Security Council member

As Chinese People's Daily reads, Washington is interfering in Russian-Ukrainian conflict, BelTA reports Photo: The publication notes that, from the very beginning, the United States interfered in the events in Ukraine in every possible way and, not long ago, the American media reported on the transfer of intelligence information by Washington to Kiev. American officials later confirmed this. According to The People's Daily, such actions of the US contribute not to a peaceful ...

us , china , Ukraine

Belarus, China discussed interaction in international arena

... the People's Republic of China to the Republic of Belarus ...

belarus , china , foreign ministry

Great Stone Park’s new resident to set up centre for monitoring cross-border transportation

The China-Belarus Industrial Park has hosted ...

Great Stone Park , China , Belarus

China accuses Australia, US and UK of fomenting arms race

... the Solomon Islands and China. Australia fears that China will expand its ... spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China and the Solomon Islands signed ... in the islands, in the common interest of the Solomon Islands ...

China , Australia , US , UK

China called on developing nations to jointly deal with fallout of Western sanctions on Russia

The developing countries of the world must fight together against the consequences of the sanctions that the West has imposed on the Russian Federation. These restrictions cause much damage to the entire global economy, said Wang Jiamei, a journalist for the Chinese newspaper Global Times, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: According to her, the embargo on Russian oil by the collective West could lead to further volatility throughout the world economy. “While the US and its allies ...

China , Russia , USA , sanctions

Xi Jinping urged vigilance against bloc confrontation

... ’s Republic of China underlined. He added that China supports the idea ...

China , France

Ambrazevich: China is serious strategic alternative to Western countries

... introduction of anti-Belarusian sanctions, China is becoming a serious strategic ... Belarus is discussed. We have China, Vietnam, Iran, India, Indonesia. We ... . Ambrazevich believes co-operation with China is very important at the ... foreign institutions in India, Vietnam, China and Russia. “We are definitely ...

china , foreign ministry

Beijing urges Moscow and Kiev to start talks as soon as possible

China hopes the conflict in Ukraine ... reports Photo: “China will continue to play a ... said. According to the official, China's position on the situation ...

china , ukraine , russia

NATO policy leads to humanitarian disasters, China says

... at all – as stated by China's Permanent Representative to the ... breaking promises. By the way, China has also called on the ...

nato , china , un

US engaged in large-scale surveillance and cyber theft, Chinese Foreign Ministry asserts

... . The diplomat urged Washington to come to its senses as soon ... over, stop cyber theft against China and other countries and stop ... time, Zhao Lijian said that China has always been a victim ... not stopped its attacks on China with false information.

china , usa

China announced start of stress test for its economy

China is conducting a comprehensive stress ... close relations between Russia and China. Beijing suggests that a possible ... sanctions policy against China will be carried out in ... that Russia initially faced. In China, they believe that, in this ...

china , economy

Blinken to unveil new policy towards China

... outline the current administration’s China strategy – as follows from the ... the administration’s course towards China’. According to portal ... ‘win the 21st century’ against ‘China’s emergence as a great ... describe the US strategy towards China.

USA , China

Belarusian, Chinese women agree to co-operate

... women parliamentarians of Belarus and China, headed by Natalya Kochanova, the ... National People's Congress of China Ms. Kochanova is convinced this ... a new impetus to Belarus-China interaction, “The women of Belarus ... and China make a significant contribution to ... of Women and the All-China Federation of Women adhere to ...

kochanova , Co-operation , china

Xi Jinping wants China’s GDP to outpace US

... told officials to ensure that China’s economic growth outpaces that ... is critical to show that China’s one-party system is ... call, the relevant authorities in China are discussing measures to accelerate ...

China , USA

Chinese Foreign Ministry said China is not seeking WWIII

... Dutton’s recent remark that ‘China’s growing ambitions today can ... of a security agreement between China and the Solomon Islands. “Individual ... purposes, promoting war and slandering China. The Chinese people and the ...

China , Ukraine , Australia

China’s Ambassador: bilateral trade grows against the backdrop of global economic slowdown

... powerful driving force for Belarus-China co-operation – as stated by ... the People’s Republic of China to the Republic of Belarus ... , the volume of trade between China and Belarus in 2021 increased ... exports of agricultural products to China. “This has become a new ... of this year, trade between China and Belarus also raised, giving ... number of residents of the China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park ... – a landmark joint project of China and Belarus in the joint ...

Belarus , China

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