Opinion: US and collective West’s goal is to inflict strategic defeat on Russia

... from 2022. Military analyst Igor Chibisov muses about the goal the ...

EU , Europe , Ukraine , US , NATO , Chibisov , Russia , Belarus

Expert: re-equipment of Belarus’ Armed Forces with modern and high-tech models progressing intensively

Military expert Igor Chibisov explained how reliability of the ... informed. As noted by Mr. Chibisov, military-technical co-operation between ... modern aircraft,” he added. Mr. Chibisov continued, “The successes and achievements ...

armed forces , national security , Union State , Belarus , russia , Chibisov , opinion

Opinion: US turning Poland into new outpost, another point of confrontation against Belarus and Russia

... in 2024. Military expert Igor Chibisov commented on this threat to ... bloc,” the expert said. Mr. Chibisov added that Poland’s militarisation ...

poland , defence , russia , usa , Belarus , Chibisov , opinion

Expert: Belarus, Russia synchronising military potential to strengthen regional security

... and Russia. Military expert Igor Chibisov has commented on the issue ...

Belarus , russia , security , Union State , Chibisov , opinion

Expert: NATO plans to turn Eastern Europe into nuclear shield for Western countries

... military tasks. Military expert Igor Chibisov commented on the issue. “The ...

nato , security , Chibisov , opinion

Military expert explained why the West is spreading rumours that Belarus is preparing to attack it

... TV channel , military expert Igor Chibisov commented on the message that ... to the European Union,” Mr. Chibisov explained.

West , Belarus , army , weapons , Chibisov , opinion

Military expert analysed why Poland and Baltic States strengthening their military forces on Belarus’ border

... SB TV , military expert Igor Chibisov explored the topic whether Lithuania ... towards Russia and Belarus,” Igor Chibisov explained. At the same time ...

Chibisov , Poland , Belarus , Baltic States

Military expert: Belarus focuses on well-being of its citizens, not on military conflicts

... TV channel , military expert Igor Chibisov speculated on why Belarus is ... importance for our country,” Mr. Chibisov stressed.

Baltic States , Chibisov , opinion

Military expert: Kiev to pay off its debts to the West with natural resources, industrial facilities and farmland

... noted by military analyst Igor Chibisov. The issue of Ukraine’s ...

Chibisov , Ukraine , West

Opinion: wars unleashed by US enable American military-industrial complex to make huge profits

... Studies (IISS). Military analyst Igor Chibisov explains whether this relates to ...

Expert , Chibisov , US , war , profit

Chibisov: NATO’s large-scale exercises across Europe are direct preparation for military conflict with Russia

... stated by military analyst Igor Chibisov, reports. “The exercises ... expert noted. According to Igor Chibisov, in the NATO Strategic Concept ... military conflict with Russia,” Igor Chibisov concluded.

Opinion , expert , Chibisov , NATO , exercises

Opinion: NATO exercises increase risk of military incidents

... Defender 2024. Military analyst Igor Chibisov explains what NATO’s strategic ...

Chibisov , NATO , exercises

Chibisov: National Security Concept and Military Doctrine are Belarus’ most important documents after Constitution

... ’s Congress. Military analyst Igor Chibisov explains why issues related to ... attempt at aggression,” notes Igor Chibisov.

Chibisov , National Security Concept , Military Doctrine , Belarus

Military expert: struggle for power in Poland will negatively affect its army

... . According to military expert Igor Chibisov, the whole reason is internal ... its combat readiness,” explains Igor Chibisov.

Chibisov , Poland

Opinion: current military-political situation forces Belarus to adjust its military policy

... defence systems. Military analyst Igor Chibisov told us how to ensure ...

Chibisov , Belarus , Union State , CSTO , military doctrine , West

Expert: no one will come up with idea of using nuclear weapons against Russia, and hence Belarus

... nuclear weapons. Military expert Igor Chibisov commented on the main fears ...

russia , nuclear weapons , Belarus , usa , CTBT , chibisov , opinion

Expert: CSTO is military defensive alliance created with view on regional challenges and threats

... -Kyrgyz border. Military expert Igor Chibisov commented on what the CSTO ...

Chibisov , opinion , CSTO , NATO

Expert: TNW deployment in Belarus is deterrent for Western politicians

... be imposed. Military expert Igor Chibisov explained how the West reacted ...

Belarus , nuclear weapons , Chibisov , opinion , poland

Chibisov: US military strategy changed towards strengthening nuclear weapons

... nuclear weapons. Military analyst Igor Chibisov told the portal ...

Chibisov , US , Russia , nuclear weapons

Opinion: Americans only intensifying escalation of Ukraine conflict with military equipment supplies

... be hit, military analyst Igor Chibisov told the portal ...

Chibisov , US , Ukraine , Russia , weapons , conflict

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