Belarusian science impresses

Belarus’ science enjoys a very high level ... the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ permanent exhibition of achievements “The ... National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is a well ... represents an advanced level of science and technology as applied areas ... of the National Academy of Sciences’ Presidium, Vladimir Gusakov, and other ... research in nuclear physics, materials science and other areas.

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Belarus plans to create nanosatellites of supreme quality

... the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences’ United Institute of Informatics Problems ...

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New tradition

... Union State Award in Science and Technology for the ... State decided to present the science and technology award. Two ... space exploration, medicine, biotechnology, materials science, environmental management, agriculture, etc. The ... as space, biotechnology, rocket science and nuclear power plant, the ... awards for outstanding results in science and innovative products in ... down-to-earth. Fundamental science has always been important, ... extremely in need of applied science.” Aleksandr Lukashenko also touched ...

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South China Sea level is 150mm up since early 20th century

... under the Chinese Academy of Sciences have revealed that the water ...

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The foundation of the state

... with the National Academy of Sciences. Deputy Director for Scientific Work ... within the National Academy of Sciences). This is none other than ... fact that in our country science receives tremendous support. And this ... logical. Aleksandr Lukashenko explained why, “Science is the foundation of our ... is intended to solve today, “Science should serve for the benefit ... why we need first-class science.” The President noted that competitors ... our success,“It’s naturally. Science is also a competitive field ...

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Days of Belarusian Science at EXPO 2020 Dubai scheduled for February 2nd-3rd

... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, the NAS delegation to Dubai ... of the National Academy of Sciences and hold negotiations with potential ... 2020: Current Trends in Belarus’ Science and Innovation; Mechanical Engineering and ... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences in the field of monitoring ...

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Gusakov: AI scientific base to be formed

... of the National Academy of Sciences, BelTA reports Photo: www.belta ... at the National Academy of Sciences. The basic infrastructure of information ...

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Scientists of Belarus and Egypt intensify liaisons

... -operation in the field of science, interaction between the national academies ... of sciences within the framework of implementation ... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in implementing important ...

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Belarusian oncology is leader among CIS and Eastern European states

... the 2020 State Prize in Science and Technology, said that the ... in the field of medical science Photo: “Thanks ... attention is being paid to science in Belarus, “It is well ... attention is being paid to science in our country, including medical ... . Oncological science is no exception. Domestic oncology ...

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Science focuses on country's economy, Gusakov states

... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, Vladimir Gusakov, was among the ... contribution to the development of science in general and the ... National Academy of Sciences of Belarus in particular, ... difference between fundamental science and applied science at present since science as a ... implemented by the Academy of Sciences – including IT Country and ... International Association of Academies of Sciences – which brings together sixteen ... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences summed up, a single ...

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Lukashenko: scientific successes among factors of national security

... of the National Academy of Sciences, the President outlined the task ... today Photo: “Science should serve in the interests ... determine the prospects for domestic science development.

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Lukashenko named backgrounds for appearance of new Alferovs, Borisevichs, Vysotskys in Belarus

... at the National Academy of Sciences, the Belarusian Head of State ... effectiveness of co-operation between science and particular enterprises, universities and ... of children’s interest in science from the school bench. I ... tell me today how adult science is involved in this process ...

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Lukashenko speaks of role of knowledge and technology

... of the National Academy of Sciences today, the President of Belarus ... the history of our Belarusian science for almost a third of ...

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Belarus-Russia co-operation in space industry restored

Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences is completing its work over ... of Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, explains. “The main goal is ...

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Medical physicist from Belarus named CIS best young scientist

... her contribution to development of science and education in the CIS ...

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Intelligent living environment

... Kruglikov, Giprosvyaz Deputy Director for Science and Development. First in Europe ...

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Novitsky met with Belarusian scientists

... visiting the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus and getting ... a high potential of Belarusian science which must be used ... the power of our joint science in the most breakthrough ... Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences and the Head of the ... Belarus and the Academy of Sciences. “We set the task ... of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The event ... of the National Academy of Sciences, getting acquainted with its ... permanent Achievements of Domestic Science for Production exhibition, and also ...

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British boy, 12, has higher IQ than Albert Einstein

A schoolboy from the UK found his IQ higher than Albert Einstein after taking the Mensa test, which he received as a gift for Christmas – as reported by MIR24 photo: 12-year-old Barnaby Swinburne scored 162 on the IQ test – the highest possible score for under-18s. Einstein is thought to clock in at 160. Thus, Barnaby surpassed one of the greatest physicists of all time. The schoolboy has been accepted into the High IQ society after receiving the top score. “I knew he was ...


Laurels for Dr. Moreau

... . However, with the development of science and knowledge about how DNA ... , many seriously believe that modern science is not capable of such ... created (at least officially). In science, chimeras are animals or plants ...

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Biosafety in focus

As stated by Belarus’ Deputy Prime Minister, Aleksandr Subbotin, biosafety relates not only to diseases and viruses. This problem is of wider scales. Photo by Aleksei Matyush While speaking at a scientific and practical conference on Belarus’ biosafety, Mr. Subbotin noted, “A draft concept of biological safety has been prepared by idea-driven professionals. As a result, we have a fairly coherent doctrine. It needs to be slightly polished and then it will be possible to outline more detailed ...

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