Energy Minister: Belarus keen to develop co-operation with SCO members in energy sector

... develop co-operation with the SCO member states in the energy ... Karankevich, speaking at the fourth SCO Energy Ministers meeting in Astana ... the mutual desire of the SCO countries to expand mutually beneficial ... expanding practical interaction within the SCO,” Belarus’ Energy Minister underlined. These ... energy co-operation among the SCO member states until 2030, approved ... interaction and dialogue with the SCO members and are ready to ... regional co-operation within the SCO.” photos:

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20+ decisions made by SCO foreign ministers in Astana

The participants of the SCO Foreign Ministers Council approved more ... : The SCO Secretary General noted, “As a ... spheres. The report of the SCO Secretary General on the work ... year when Kazakhstan assumed the SCO chairmanship, Astana has organised more ... with the support of the SCO member states, the Astana Summit ... in its development," the SCO Secretary General said. Zhang Ming ... the first time attended the SCO Foreign Ministers Council.

sco , Aleinik , astana

PM: Belarus focusing on work within SCO

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) – as stated by Prime Minister ... TV channel Speaking about the SCO and the BRICS, Belarus’ Prime ... very dynamically: the BRICS, the SCO, and the Non-Aligned Movement ... that we are completing the SCO membership procedures fairly quickly indicates ... on our work within the SCO framework,” the Head of Government ...

Belarus , Golovchenko , SCO

Opinion: Belarus must be a window to East and Global South within SCO and BRICS formats

... the Global South within the SCO and BRICS formats, as well ... close co-operation with the SCO and BRICS on our current ... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) this year, and BRICS is ...

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Volfovich on advantages of joining SCO for Belarus

... services. Belarus’ accession to the SCO will further enhance security, expand ...

Volfovich , Belarus , SCO

Volfovich said co-ordination of procedural issues regarding Belarus’ admission to SCO completed

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) has been completed – as ... in the 19th meeting of SCO Security Council Secretaries in ... be finalised during the SCO Council of Heads of ... ago, I spoke with the SCO Secretary General, who assured ... initiatives put forward by the SCO – a unique organisation. It ... area of responsibility of the SCO member states. Despite uniting ... population that makes up the SCO is 4 billion people – ... According to Alexander Volfovich, the SCO authority is steadily growing nowadays ...

Volfovich , Belarus , SCO

Expert: SCO wants Belarus to join

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) was completed. Oleg Gaidukevich, a ... approving Belarus' accession to the SCO is proceeding very quickly, “This ... to see us in the SCO. They understand that Belarus will ...

gaidukevich , sco , Belarus

FM: all SCO members ratified memorandum on Belarus' obligations in the organisation

... ’s round table discussion – SCO Unifying Potential in Emerging Multipolar ... the international obligations of the SCO were completed. “We have ... Belarus' accession to the SCO is not a conjunctural decision ... gas reserves of the SCO countries are 35 percent ... turnover is accounted for the SCO members. “Since the establishment ... of the SCO in 2001, the organisation has ... stated that Belarus considers the SCO as the main international ... economic dimension of the SCO as an important factor ...

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Kazakh Ambassador: we expect Belarus' full membership in SCO to be formalised at Astana summit on July 4th

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) was established in 2001 on ... exchange, ecology, etc. Today, the SCO is an authoritative multilateral structure ... expanding quite rapidly. In 2022, six new dialogue partners joined the ... Kazakhstan's initiatives within the SCO. The discussion focused on the ... proposed to create a joint SCO Investment Fund, which will contribute ... Kazakhstan has also prepared the SCO Energy Co-operation Strategy and ... “The successful development of the SCO is based on the principles ...

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China to implement global initiatives as part of BRICS and SCO in 2024

... for international interaction as the SCO and BRICS, TASS reports photo ... Economic Co-operation, BRICS and SCO’. It is reported that the ...

China , SCO , BRICS

SCO Secretary General voiced date of Belarus’ possible accession

... -4 th – as stated by SCO Secretary General Zhang Ming, RIA ... on Belarus’ admission to the SCO and granting it the status ... the decision taken by the SCO Council of Heads of State ... organisational conditions for joining the SCO – as stipulated in the ... memorandum. In accordance with the SCO regulation on the procedure for ... secretariat is working with the SCO member states to prepare appropriate ... to be adopted by the SCO Council of Foreign Ministers and ... the SCO Council of Heads of State ...

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Kazakh Ambassador: Kazakhstan welcomes Belarus’ entry into SCO

The SCO summit will be held in ... , Astana will be hosting the SCO summit, and, according to Yerlan ...

Kazakhstan , Belarus , SCO , Ambassador

Lukashenko expects Belarus to become SCO full member in July 2024

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO) in July 2024 – as stated ... over the CSTO and the SCO, while documents on Belarus’ membership ... in the SCO were ratified in February, “We ... to you for this. The SCO next meeting will take place ... full-fledged member of the SCO in Astana. We will ask ...

Lukashenko , Kazakhstan , Belarus , sco , ambassador

Aleinik: Belarus ready to fully join SCO work

... Minsk as head of the SCO election observation mission, ... country's accession to the SCO as a full member. In ... within the framework of the SCO.

Aleinik , Belarus , SCO

Kochanova: Belarus will promote SDGs at SCO, BRICS, EAEU and CIS platforms

... have begun consolidating through the SCO, BRICS, EAEU, and CIS. “Many ...

kochanova , Belarus , SDGs , SCO , BRICS , EAEU , CIS

Expert explains why the West is militarising

... -Soviet space and within the SCO and BRICS. All this arouses ... Union State, CSTO, EAEU, CIS, SCO in order to have, firstly ...

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Aleinik: process of Belarus’ joining SCO will definitely continue

... the Shanghai Co-operation Organisation (SCO), which, naturally, will continue and ... the process of joining the SCO. You know that literally a ... documents, have already notified all SCO member countries about the completion ... ’s full membership in the SCO will be finally completed,” Sergei ...

Belarus , Aleinik , Foreign Ministry , SCO

Iran said SCO and BRICS should follow the path of de-dollarisation and trade in national currencies

... Mehdi Safari said that the SCO and BRICS should follow the ... their national currencies. Both the SCO and BRICS should follow this ...

Iran , SCO , BRICS

Ambassador: India never been against Belarus’ joining SCO and BRICS

... be against Belarus joining the SCO and BRICS – as stated by ... obtain the status of a SCO member state. “Literally several countries ... fully-fledged member of the SCO next summer," the diplomat ...

rzheussky , india , Belarus , SCO , BRICS

Expert believes international institutions need fundamental reforms

... , other organisations, such as the SCO and BRICS, are strengthening. We ...

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