Iranian Ambassador to Belarus: joint cultural events between Minsk and Tehran will strengthen friendship between nations

... Islamic Republic of Iran, various cultural events will be held in ... opening of the Amazing Iran cultural and art exhibition in Minsk ... an amazing historical, civilisational and cultural heritage. What you see at ... from the ocean of beauty, culture and tourist attractions of Iran ... have about 25-30 different cultural events. Their implementation will contribute ... Belarus and Iran about the cultural and tourist opportunities of our ...

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Thread by thread

Custom-made tapestries of the 17th–18th centuries are under restoration at Mir Castle Few people know that in Mir Castle one can see the largest collection of old tapestries in the country. They were purposefully collected throughout the entire period of the museum’s existence, and today there are 18 works of hand and machine weaving. Once upon a time, lint-free wall carpets served to insulate the stone walls of medieval castles, they hung windows and closed holes. Now the cost of some rare ...

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Palace intrigues

... . This is a social and cultural place. Balls, wedding ceremonies and ... State List of Historical and Cultural Heritage, and a year later ... and Park Complex, a state cultural institution, was created, which included ...

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Media and cultural workers honoured with state awards and gratitude of President

... envisaging awards to media and cultural workers, the Belarusian leader’s ... Matveev, the Head of the Cultural News Department of the Main ... ’s socio-political and socio-cultural life. Three employees of the ...

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Belarusian fortified churches

The Orthodox and Polish Roman Catholic churches that look more like ancient fortifications are common in Belarus. The architectural heritage of the Middle Ages today impresses tourists, and once saved lives in a string of endless wars. St. Michael’s Church According to legend, it was in the vicinity of this temple at the end of the 14th century that Prince Vitovt was hiding from his cousin Jagiello, who wanted to kill him. One can readily believe in a beautiful story when one looks at the ...

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Bulba Dance music video premiered

Toe-tapping Bulba Dance (Potato Dance) song by young star Angelina Volkova captured the hearts of music lovers, and its premiere has recently been presented by the ONT TV channel The video was authored by poet Anna Seluk, whose text is accompanied by the music of Yevgeny Oleinik. Schoolchildren, dancers, athletes, ONT TV presenters, chefs, and children's dance groups took part in the shooting. Producer and director Yelena Lobach – who previously worked over the ONT’s largest projects such as the ...

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Culture Minister: 164 objects under protection in Belarus

... – Preservation of CIS Intangible Cultural Heritage in Context of Global ... management bodies, research organisations, cultural and educational institutions from eight ... Committee’s headquarters, and Culture Minister Anatoly Markevich stated that ... The topic of preserving intangible cultural heritage has been chosen not ... In Belarus, the issue of cultural heritage preservation has never been ... State List of Historical and Cultural Values are protected in ... the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the 17th ...

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‘Human factor’

Exhibition of Svetlana Zhigimont opened at the Palace of Arts We have been waiting for this exhibition for a long time. Caring readers called the editorial office with the question ‘Well, when?’, a concept was shaped little by little, new works dried on easels in the artist’s studio... And finally, all of them were placed on the walls in one of the halls of the Palace of Arts: the Human Factor exhibition by Svetlana Zhigimont is officially open and waiting for visitors. We responsibly declare: ...

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Precious footage

... the Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts on November 8th ...

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Ashes that reached the heart

... . “We are people of Christian culture, which is based on ‘you ... your neighbour’… so in our culture the task of an artist ...

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Belarus participating in 37th meeting of CIS Council for Cultural Co-operation in Nur-Sultan

... of the CIS Council for Cultural Co-operation held at Nur ... Kazakhstan – as reported by the Culture Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo ... is represented by First Deputy Culture Minister Valery Gromada and Head ... of the Culture Ministry’s Cinematography Department Yekaterina ... -operation in the field of culture for 2021-2025 and an ... Year of Folk Art and Cultural Heritage in the CIS in ...

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Polesie calls

... ’ Chief Director, Gomel Palace of Culture ‘Belitsky’ Director Aleksandr Bondarenko told ... , said First Deputy Minister of Culture Valery Gromada, “The guests were ... , followed by honoured worker of culture of the Republic of Belarus ... at preserving and popularising ethno-cultural traditions, studying and supporting the ... rich historical and cultural heritage of the region as ... to a brand of Belarusian culture. This is how the ‘ ... . 1 and the House of Culture. In Lyaskovichi, 21 single-apartment ...

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May there always be a song

Bard Music and Fishing Festival: music, fishing, bathhouses and a beauty contest One of the key points of the summer season, the Bard Music and Fishing music and sports festival, having returned after a two-year break due to the pandemic, gathered a record number of guests on the banks of the Chigirinskoye Water Reservoir. Fans and new participants who missed the unique atmosphere of a fun bard gathering came from all over Belarus, from Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Germany... More than one and a ...

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Festival of National Cultures in Grodno approaching

... th Republican Festival of National Cultures will be held in Grodno ... to present their own national culture," Mr. Rumak said. The ... featuring representatives of the national cultural associations dressed in their national ... become a constellation of national cultures and a great holiday for ... said. The Festival of National Cultures was for the first time ...

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With respect to historical roots

... immerse themselves in their native culture. Photo by Daria Titova ... to further popularise their native culture abroad. The internship for ... with a meeting with Belarusian Culture Minister Anatoly Markevich, which ... of our country,” the Culture Minister emphasised. During the ... popularising the Belarusian national culture. Socio-cultural and sports club ‘Vostok ... dances. I represent Belarusian culture not only in Argentina, ... also in neighbouring countries. Belarusian culture influenced my character. I ...

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Children dedicate artistic works to 30th anniversary of Belarus-China relations

... the two states’ history and culture. Over 500 works by 6 ... -year-olds – representing educational and cultural institutions of Vitebsk and the ... fine arts clearly demonstrates the cultural peculiarities of Belarus and China ...

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News photo: Calling of Spring in Belarus

Branch of Vyazynka Yanka Kupala State Museum hosted Calling of Spring holiday devoted to the awakening of nature. Merry songs and round dances urged spring to come.

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The last of the Itinerants

The best landscape painter of his era, famous artist Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya has forever inscribed his name in the history of Belarusian art Vitold Byalynitsky-Birulya loved and poetised nature until the end of his life. Even when he was over 80, he continued to paint it almost every day. People, animals or birds appeared in his paintings very rarely. The artist himself explained it by the fact that his task, first of all, was to show the plain and at the same time familiar beauty of the ...

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Cultural march of history

... material heritage of the national culture reflected in historical artefacts. Most ... return artefacts of the national culture to Belarus. The restitution of ... objects were intensified. State institutions, cultural organisations and private collectors were ... the preservation of historical and cultural heritage and an institution for ... State List of Historical and Cultural Values of the 1st or ... of the Theatre and Musical Culture History of the Republic of ...

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Openwork secrets

... vytynanka at the University of Culture and Art. Then she created ...

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