Dreams about Belarus

... to become Minister — Minister of Culture and Minister of Education. It ... Patriotic War, the Ministry of Culture of Russia, the collections of ...

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Expert shares about main dishes of Fat Thursday and how to prepare for Ash Wednesday

In Western tradition, Mardi Gras [French for ‘Fat Tuesday’] is the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday and the beginning of the Catholic Lent, the last day of Carnival. This holiday marks the end of the seven ‘fat days’. The Deputy Director of the Grodno Regional Methodical Centre for Folk Art, Natalia Romanovich, explains that in the Grodno Region, there is a tradition of ‘Fat Thursday’, which is celebrated on February 8th this year. What is the main attribute of this day and how should one prepare ...

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Northern capital of Belarus

... , luxurious bridges and a rich cultural life The best selfie is ... LORI Unleash your emotions A cultural city offers the same kind ...

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Legends of antiquity

A snake with human eyes, a mysterious underground passage, the gold of Khan Tokhtamysh: we tried to reveal the secrets of Lida Castle Inquisitive minds are still fascinated by the mystery of the construction of the Egyptian and Mexican pyramids. But there is an example of such a grandiose structure in our country. In the 14th century, the two-metre thick walls of the Lida Castle were built from real boulders without any cranes. They saw bloody battles, love, courage and betrayal. The castle was ...

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Unfinished melody

... Panteleimon Ponomarenko launched the broadest cultural and ideological activities, recruiting artists ...

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White wings of Gavriil Vashchenko

... , during the Days of Belarusian Culture. The still life returned from ... stood for the fact that culture is always national, I was ...

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Concept of national cultural space development in 2024-2026 approved in Belarus

... directions of the national cultural space development in Belarus. ... people, their national and cultural identity, the realisation of ... the country’s cultural life while preserving cultural diversity and ... basic principles of the national cultural space development, establishes mechanisms ... and promote the historical and cultural heritage, national traditions and ... and preserved historical and cultural values in cultural and tourist turnover. ... representation of Belarus’ national culture in the information and ...

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It all starts from the Motherland

... course, a phenomenon in the culture and history of Belarus, its ... pressure of alien ‘values’. High culture and art are also a ...

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Invincible life

... ! — in the history of Belarusian culture, Shchemelev stands on a par ...

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Belarus, India signed programme of co-operation in the field of culture for 2023-2025

India’s Culture Ministry hosted an official signing ... India in the field of culture for 2023-2025, Belarus’ Foreign ... , Andrei Rzheussky, and the Deputy Culture Minister of India, Govind Mohan ... . “The cultural ties between our two countries ... -operation and familiarisation with the cultural traditions of Belarus and India ... -operation programme, the Days of Culture of Belarus in India and ... -Indian co-operation in the cultural sphere and also contribute to ...

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Heavenly pilgrim

To the 135th anniversary of the birth of Yazep Drazdovich Yazep Drazdovich — a traveller in his native land, artist, teacher, discoverer-astronomer, archaeologist, folklorist. Wandering and pilgrimage in our tradition were never condemned, and the wandering artist, who painted bright ‘dyvans’ to decorate huts, and in his free time looked at the stars, was, of course, revered as a person with oddities, but harmless. Yazep Nartsizavich Drazdovich was born in 1888 on the Punki farm in the Vitebsk ...

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Our heritage: keys to the cultural code

... in terms of cultural import substitution, Deputy Culture Minister Sergei Sarakach ... objects of historical and cultural value are being reconstructed ... to objects of historical and cultural heritage. During the current ... to the Code of Culture, the Culture Ministry has transferred the ... work on historical and cultural values of regional significance ... real emotional explosion. The Culture Ministry is now receiving numerous ... from kindergarten. And today, the Culture Ministry, together with Belarusfilm, ...

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Dip the brushes into the sky

In memory of People’s Artist of Belarus Vitaly Tsvirko He was called a poet of painting, a legend and a master. People’s Artist Vitaly Tsvirko left behind a whole galaxy of magnificent students and a grandiose creative legacy over 80 years of his life, most of which, from childhood, he spent without letting go of his brush. He travelled all over Belarus, spending his time in plein airs even in the most inhospitable weather, carrying huge canvases with him and, creating one living, animated ...

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We invite you to Belarusian Dazhynki

... significant support to traditional crafts — cultural heritage should not disappear in ...

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Shores of history

... local residents, suppress the original culture of Belarusians, and replace their ...

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Attention to the book!

... is a celebration of national culture, printed word, and Belarusian spirituality ... in many famous centers of culture and enlightenment across Belarus, including ...

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Belarus, China discuss prospects for cultural co-operation

... July 2023, the prospects for cultural interaction between Belarus and PRC ... were discussed at the Culture Ministry – as reported by the ... Belarusian cultural department’s Telegram channel Photo ... of holding the Days of Culture in 2024, as well as ... embassy in Belarus. The Belarusian Culture Ministry invites young artists from ...

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Belarus, China signed 2023-2025 cultural co-operation programme

... meeting of the Commission on Cultural Co-operation of the Belarusian ... chairmanship of Belarus’ First Deputy Culture Minister, Valery Gromada, and China ... ’s Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism, Lu Yingchuan. The ... -operation in the field of culture and tourism over the past ... well as strengthening liaisons between cultural specialised educational institutions. The priority ... signed by the two states’ culture ministries for 2023-2025,” the ...

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Belarusian culture and national dishes presented at charity festival in Uzbekistan

... the 19th charity festival of cultural traditions and national dishes among ... representatives of the Belarusian Svitanak cultural centre from Tashkent. “The festival ...

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Belarusian Culture Day held in Tallinn

Tallinn hosted Belarusian Culture Day as part of Days ... of Slavic Written Language and Culture organised by the Belarusian society ... artistes from Parnu. "Belarusian Culture Day in Estonia promotes the ... of knowledge about Belarus’ rich cultural heritage and traditions,” the embassy ...

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