Northern capital of Belarus

... dawn. Yet, in winter Vitebsk has a different atmosphere. Years ... Chagall When we talk about Vitebsk, we mean the Russian ... . “Paris, you are my Vitebsk!” the great artist did not ... spread across continents, and modern Vitebsk pleasantly surprises fans of his ... the French emperor stayed in Vitebsk for two weeks. “Let’ ... in Minsk and one in Vitebsk — the Yakub Kolas National ... the first performance for the Vitebsk audience. A massive hit ... only stone building in ancient Vitebsk was the Holy Annunciation Church ...

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Well-known route

... Street. Early 20th century. Recently, Vitebsk celebrated the 125th anniversary of ... not enough space for everyone. Vitebsk. Tram on Zadunovskaya Street. ... Early 20th century. Vitebsk met the events of October ... station near the Comintern plant. Vitebsk. Tram on Zamkovaya Street. ... Great Patriotic War, the Vitebsk tram delivered bricks for construction ... and remains favourite transport among Vitebsk residents. A morning trip ... townspeople and numerous guests of Vitebsk! Vitebsk tram has long been a ...

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Watch and admire

In Vitebsk, you can not only watch ... the artist’s holdings near Vitebsk. And the Moscow Leo Tolstoy ... of its existence, the festival Vitebsk seems to have welcomed guests ... for residents and guests of Vitebsk to meet with the amazing ...

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Risen like a Phoenix

... definitely not get bored here. Vitebsk is celebrating its 1050th anniversary ... dolomite powder, linen fabrics, shoes. Vitebsk producers are trading briskly with ... Memorial on Victory Square in Vitebsk Anton Stepanishchev Romance squared In ... . The collection of the famous Vitebsk Carpets enterprise has been replenished ... collection with recognisable views of Vitebsk. The canvases depict fascinating views ... of educators, artists, poets. The Vitebsk Region contributes decisive importance to ...

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Important mission of art

... under the dome of the Vitebsk amphitheatre, both Belarusians and guests ... of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk. belta According to the Belarusian ... “We, Belarusians, do not call Vitebsk the cultural capital for the ... under the dome of the Vitebsk amphitheatre, together we — both ... International Children’s Music Competition Vitebsk, a young performer from Kazakhstan ... of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, Yelena Spiridovich, with a ... of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk makes a significant contribution to ...

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News photo: International Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival of Arts opened in Summer Amphitheatre

Slavianski Bazaar , Vitebsk

Guest from Ecuador appreciates Slavianski Bazaar’s homely, warm atmosphere

... : Juan Rosales is participating in Vitebsk’s On Seven Winds street ...

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Journalists from eight countries covering Slavianski Bazaar events

... of the Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk has started its work today ... , the Director General of the Vitebsk Cultural Centre and the festival ... 35 states have gathered in Vitebsk, and this high interest shows ... only the festival directorate and Vitebsk are filled with this atmosphere ...

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Rock will return to the Slavianski Bazaar

... Arts Festival Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk A month is left before ... Arts Festival Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk from July 12th to July ... Music Competition starts in the Vitebsk Concert Hall, and Sergey Lazarev ... the platform of the KZ Vitebsk will be pumped on the ... ... Ekaterina Labuko, director of the Vitebsk Regional Scientific and Methodological Centre ... will turn the streets of Vitebsk into open-air concert venues ...

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News photo: Show under Peaceful Sky in Vitebsk

As part of My Family is My Country nationwide campaign, the Show under Peaceful Sky was organised in Vitebsk – gathering schoolchildren and adults

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The best investment for tomorrow

... have become an incentive for Vitebsk Carpets to work more ... actively and successfully In 2023, Vitebsk Carpets intends to increase the ... here after graduating from the Vitebsk State Technological University. The best ... Artem Lokhankin, a native of Vitebsk, has been appointed Director General ... of Vitebsk Carpets since February, having worked ... interested in the proposals of Vitebsk residents, noting that they had ... is a graduate of the Vitebsk Technological University, “I like ...

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Aleinik: Holocaust Remembrance Day highlights connection of destinies of different nations who were tested by war

... by Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee Viktor Glushin ...

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Giving joy from the first meeting

... with Chagall, Malevich and Repin Vitebsk has retained the flavour of ... quiet and unpretentious life of Vitebsk inspired the artist. During the ... Street 11, the museum-estate — Vitebsk Region, 16 kilometres from the ... of particular interest to tourists. Vitebsk is no exception. Recently, many ... Fyodor Makhnov, a peasant from Vitebsk, who is considered the tallest ... on the Millennium Square, the Vitebsk Giant composition — Suvorov Street 3 ... Masherov monument stands today. The Vitebsk legend about the princess is ...

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Through art to peace and understanding

... 20th International Children Music Contest 'Vitebsk' to Belarusian Elisey Kasich Photo ... 20th International Children Music Contest 'Vitebsk'. This year the award went ... held in ancient and beautiful Vitebsk, has been making a significant ... Despite the varied weather, Vitebsk buzzed like a beehive all ... Drummers and Majorettes marched through Vitebsk to the resounding drum roll ... the Holy Assumption Cathedral of Vitebsk: it was the Slavic ... International Pop Song Performers Contest 'Vitebsk'. The Grand Prix went ...

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The colour here is cornflower blue

... of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk, which symbolised the fact that ... of tourists will arrive in Vitebsk.” Illumination on the National Library ... of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Photo by Aleksey Stolyarov The ... is being prepared by the Vitebsk Regional Local Lore Museum: among ... Pushkin exhibition will come to Vitebsk from the State museum-reserve ...

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Over 5,000 artistes to perform at Slavianski Bazaar in July

... . A night of electronic music – Vitebsk Dance Night – will be organised ... of Arts – Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk – will be held from July ...

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In March, Vitebsk to pick up the baton of Belarus’ youth capital

In 2022, Vitebsk received the status of the ... and Youth Affairs of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee, told us ... ceremony will be held at Vitebsk State University named after P ...

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