Posted: 16.04.2024 17:10:00

Machinery behind our success

AMKODOR has unveiled five novelties of road construction machinery with 80 percent component localisation

Belarus pays great attention to the issues of import substitution and localisation. Some companies from unfriendly states have stopped supplying their components to our country, thus posing a certain challenge. However, Belarus is successfully coping with it, finding ways to offset the impact of negative external factors. The recent presentation of new AMKODOR road construction machinery confirms this.  

AMKODOR W700C universal loader

Deputy Prime Minister Petr Parkhomchik attended the presentation in Kolodishchi, near Minsk. Having familiarised himself with the technological novelties that rolled off the assembly line in April 2024, Petr Parkhomchik noted that in recent years life itself forced to adjust plans for the development of domestic enterprises, “The confirmation to the fact that our industry workers have successfully coped with the challenge is the new products that we have seen today. We did not fail, as our opponents had expected, but quite the opposite — we found reserves within our country and concentrated our efforts on creating new models. This machinery is on par with world analogues in terms of its technical characteristics. An important point is that we have a very high level of localisation even at the development stage.”  
The new line of road construction equipment covers most of the needs of Belarusian customers. At the same time, domestic machines in this segment defy competition with foreign counterparts in terms of performance and are much more attractive in terms of price, cost of spare parts and maintenance. 
The new products feature an excavator, a vibratory roller, a dump truck semi-trailer and two multipurpose loaders. The new machines are 80 percent localised with own components.
A crawler excavator with a 1.2 m3 bucket capacity deserves special attention. No similar models were produced in Belarus before. It is perfect for both land clearing and reclamation, and general construction work. That is exactly what the machine demonstrated. It went up and down various slopes easily showcasing its capabilities, and delighted the heads of road and construction organisations present at the event.  

AMKODOR XC250LC crawler excavator  

The other novelties unveiled at the presentation were not left unattended, either, and will surely find their owners soon — an asphalt single drum vibratory roller, which is an analogue of the imported one that left the Belarusian market; loaders with 2 and 7 tonnes lifting capacity in a new configuration; a dump truck trailer for transporting agricultural goods with up to 30 tonnes weight capacity. 
Today, the machine building holding AMKODOR is one of the leading manufacturers of the widest model range of high-performance special purpose machinery for all sectors of the economy. In 2023 alone, 11 new models of special purpose and agricultural machines were created. The enterprise has mastered the production of axles, manipulators, harvester heads, control systems and other components for maximum localisation of machines. This year, the company is focusing on road construction and reclamation equipment as the President of Belarus has prioritised this direction, explained Andrei Yarotsky, CEO of JSC AMKODOR — Holding Management Company, “It is necessary to provide Belarusian enterprises with those machines that were actively imported before. Once we have closed the needs of the domestic market, we will focus on the second task — export. The demand in foreign markets is huge. There is a queue for our products. Moreover, it is not only Russia. There is a high demand for such equipment in Asian, Latin American and African countries, too.” 
Aleksandr Malinovsky, Director of R&D Centre – General Designer at AMKODOR, pointed out that the flexible technological base allows the holding to quickly update products, expand the model range and maintain the quality and reliability of machines at a high level. In addition, a well-developed network of service centres offers consumers in any region a comprehensive range of maintenance, repair, supply of spare parts, training of drivers and operators, which is another significant competitive edge making customers choose Belarusian machinery.

AMKODOR RS160 single drum vibratory roller

AMKODOR US303D universal dump truck semi-trailer

By Inna Gorbatenko, Vladislav Sychevich

Photos by Yelizaveta Kobetskaya