Up to 120,000 large families registered in Belarus

Strong families are the foundation of any ... recent decades, the number of families with two children has grown ... almost 43,000. In large families, around 20 percent of children ... stability and equal support for families during the birth and upbringing ... , regardless of the level of family income,” Mr. Kovalkov said. According ...

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Marriage unites a man and a woman, Paralympic athlete believes

... that marriage guarantees preservation of family values. A motivational coach and ... need to preserve our traditional family values. It is logical that ... -gender marriage. What if this ‘family’ wish to adopt children? This ...

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Belarus is home to many large families

116,000 families with three or more children ... leads. Moreover, the largest Belarusian family which has 13 underage children ... informed, the number of such families is growing in recent years ... , there were 62,500 large families in Belarus. Accordingly, an almost ...

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Family above all

... that Belarusians highly value their families: over 88 percent of ... at a round table discussion – Family Values in Belarus’ Information Space ... Expert Assessment, Belarusians view their families as an integral part of ... of the Population, Gender and Family Policy Department at the Ministry ... and Social Protection, believes these family values are much influenced not ... traditional values of the Belarusian family. Among them are strong marital ... and activities aimed at supporting families at the national and local ...

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