MP urged international human rights organisations to save children, and not to engage in LGBT propaganda

... person by destroying religious and family values,” he stressed.

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Petrishenko: Belarus must demonstrate to the world a civilised policy of strengthening family values

... of preserving and strengthening traditional family values – as stated by ... as the transformations of traditional family values and foundations taking place ... thoughtless destruction of the basic family principles of building and functioning ... alternative to the ongoing state family policy.” Igor Petrishenko underlined that ... expanding for combining work and family responsibilities of parents, cultural development ... and family recreation. A separate significant package ...

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Kochanova: the state provides every citizen with social guarantees and opportunities for self-realisation

... about Important Issues: A Happy Family is a Strong State – which ... strengthening the status of the family and popularising traditional values as ... joint actions to implement the family policy of our country.” Natalya ... , “The priority of Belarus’ state family policy was clearly defined by ... Congress: ‘a fully-fledged classical family with two or more children ...

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Kochanova: Belarus pays special attention to traditional family values

... pays special attention to traditional family values – as noted by Natalya ... dealt with this topic [of family values],” Ms. Kochanova said. “We ... of the hotline focusing on family values], I realised that many ...

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Kochanova: childfree trend is alien for Belarusians

The family with children is a traditional ... large-scale event dedicated to family values is planned in the ... .” Ms. Kochanova added that a family – which consists of the mother ... values are, of course, a family with children. This is right ...

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According to sociological monitoring, children and family are most important for Belarusians

... ages photo: “Family is an important social institution ... the preservation and cultivation of family values in the public consciousness ... respondents) confirm the importance of family values for Belarusians, regardless of ... ?’, 72.4 percent indicated the family (of which 70.0 percent ... )." According to the specialist, family relations are a priority for ...

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News photo: Show under Peaceful Sky in Vitebsk

As part of My Family is My Country nationwide campaign, the Show under Peaceful Sky was organised in Vitebsk – gathering schoolchildren and adults

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Labour Ministry: the family is in the heart of Belarusian state’s attention

... the forthcoming Slavic Forum of Families, the state renders all possible ... support to families in Belarus – and this includes ... , the state creates conditions for families to improve their housing conditions ... is being changed to enable family members to combine work and ... and a woman, and the family is in the heart of ...

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Lukashenko promised to maintain state support for large families

... President about state support for families with three and more children ... to the costs of supporting families and children), but we should ... in Belarus, the support for families with children should not be ... will continue to support large families, and this is out of ... necessary to focus on supporting families with three or more children ...

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About 1,400 IVF procedures in Belarus paid for from state budget

... IVF cases were registered. The family as the main element of ... of stability. Thanks to the family, the state is developing and ... is growing. Strong and happy families are the state’s foundation ...

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98% Belarusians view family as most important part of their life

... of the Population, Gender and Family Policy Department at Belarus’ Ministry ... value of the concept of family for Belarusians in her talk ... 98 percent of Belarusians consider family to be the most important ... country’s residents live in families," Ms. Belash explained. According ... -scale policy in relation to families with children. “All-sided support ... results, 1 million 143 thousand families with minor children are registered ... past decades, the number of families with two children has increased ...

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Up to 120,000 large families registered in Belarus

Strong families are the foundation of any ... recent decades, the number of families with two children has grown ... almost 43,000. In large families, around 20 percent of children ... stability and equal support for families during the birth and upbringing ... , regardless of the level of family income,” Mr. Kovalkov said. According ...

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Marriage unites a man and a woman, Paralympic athlete believes

... that marriage guarantees preservation of family values. A motivational coach and ... need to preserve our traditional family values. It is logical that ... -gender marriage. What if this ‘family’ wish to adopt children? This ...

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Belarus is home to many large families

116,000 families with three or more children ... leads. Moreover, the largest Belarusian family which has 13 underage children ... informed, the number of such families is growing in recent years ... , there were 62,500 large families in Belarus. Accordingly, an almost ...

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Family above all

... that Belarusians highly value their families: over 88 percent of ... at a round table discussion – Family Values in Belarus’ Information Space ... Expert Assessment, Belarusians view their families as an integral part of ... of the Population, Gender and Family Policy Department at the Ministry ... and Social Protection, believes these family values are much influenced not ... traditional values of the Belarusian family. Among them are strong marital ... and activities aimed at supporting families at the national and local ...

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