Youth initiatives in Belarus will be able to receive budget funding in line with new Presidential law

... Belarus On Basics of State Youth Policy – as reported by the ... approaches to providing support to youth public organisations by allocating budgetary ... competitive basis for implementation of youth initiatives emanating from such organisations ... in the field of state youth policy have also been expanded ...

Lukashenko , youth , law

The most important lesson

On September 1st, the Knowledge Day, the President of Belarus met with schoolchildren and students. The Head of State decided to hold the Historical Memory — the Road to the Future open lesson at the Palace of Independence. About three hundred young people were invited there. Five leading regional universities took part in video communication with the Palace of Independence, and live broadcast was conducted to all educational institutions. Aleksandr Lukashenko conducted the lesson as an ...

Lukashenko , open lesson , youth , dialogue

Belarus taking part in Youth Summit of the Non-Aligned Movement in Baku

The Youth Summit of the Non-Aligned ... by Yaroslav Alekseev from the Youth Centre of the Republican Institute ... strengthening co-operation between the youth of the participating states and ... event on intercultural exchange. The Youth Summit of the Non-Aligned ...

azerbaijan , youth

Lukyanov: young people able to protect historical memory

... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), at the opening ... the forum of the CIS youth organisations – Vector for the Future ... designed for the CIS youth audience.” The youth should understand the responsibility ... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union is sure, “Young people ...

Youth , BRSM , CIS

Youth enjoys more opportunities in Belarus than in the West

... by the Chairman of the Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly ... is no fresh breath of youth there. The same is true ... liaisons with European youth structures. There is a youth parliament in the ...

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Ivanets: Belarus preserved traditional system of patriotic education thanks to President

Belarus’ Education Minister, Andrei Ivanets, noted that this system makes it possible to educate not only responsible citizens, but also to form a personality who is intellectually, spiritually and morally developed “Thanks to our President’s support, a traditional system of military-patriotic education of young people has been preserved in Belarus,” Mr. Ivanets said during an opening ceremony of the Orlyonok [Eaglet] military-patriotic game final. “Boys and girls have passed a multi-stage ...

patriotic eductaion , youth , ivanets

‘Only forward!’

... the pioneer organisation and our youth organisation. The biggest drawback ... relationships with the youth organisation, the BRSM Youth Union, while BRSM ... pioneer organisation and the BRSM Youth Union, “We’d better ... start with the youth, with the BRSM Youth Union. The BRSM ... be ubiquitous and cover all youth groups, including young people ... active participation of the BRSM Youth Union. The Head of ... State believes that this youth organisation should play a ... in the life of modern youth. He noted that the ...

Lukashenko , pioneers , anniversary , youth

Khatyn Memorial Complex objects get status of all-Belarusian youth construction site

The status of All-Belarusian youth construction site has been ... part in the All-Belarusian youth construction. The campaign will ... Representatives of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union addressed the Head of ... Memorial Complex as all-Belarusian youth construction site. Young people ... Secretary of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union’s Central Committee, Aleksandr ... halls. The tradition of youth construction projects in Belarus was ... the status of all-Belarusian youth construction site was assigned to ...

president , khatyn , memorial , youth

President’s reserve fund allocates Br1.7m to support gifted youth

... to support and reward talented youth – as reported by the Belarusian ... Special Fund to Support Talented Youth from the central budget using ...

Lukashenko , decree , youth

Br710,000 allocated from President's reserve fund to support talented youth

... a decree on encouraging talented youth – as reported by the Belarusian ... of Belarus to support talented youth in accordance with the objectives ... 424 representatives of the talented youth. Among those supported by the ...

lukashenko , youth

Belarusian youth urges world community to never let genocide revive

... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) has addressed the ...

brsm , youth , genocide

Gomel volunteers prepare humanitarian aid for families from Ukraine

... movement of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRYU) have joined the ... experience hard times now. “The youth of the Gomel branch of ... the Republican Youth Union have collected humanitarian aid ...

volunteers , refugees , ukraine , youth

In March, Vitebsk to pick up the baton of Belarus’ youth capital

... received the status of the youth capital. Tatiana Yanchenko, a leading ... Department of Ideological Work and Youth Affairs of the Vitebsk City ... of the opening of the youth capital. “It is planned that ... , deputy head of the Republican Youth Centre, added, young people are ...

Vitebsk , youth

Belarus, Egypt discuss liaisons in youth policy

... , met with the Minister of Youth and Sports of Egypt, Ashraf ... Egypt in the field of youth policy. In this regard, the ... appreciated the 4 th World Youth Forum that was held successfully ...

belarus , egypt , sport , youth

Minsk youth urges to participate in the referendum

... Population, a member of the Youth Parliament at Minsk’s Regional ...

Constitution , youth , minsk

Patriotic Winter Route launched in Belarus

The Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) has launched a ...

brsm , youth , patriotism

BRSM launches series of open dialogues

The Belarusian Republican Youth Union has launched a series ... for the first large-scale youth discussion – which is very symbolic ... and traditional family values. Our youth is proactive. It is important ...

brsm , Constitution , youth

Public discussion enables everyone to shape Belarus’ future

... , believes the Chairman of the Youth Council (Parliament) at the National ... . “It is important that the youth participates in the nationwide discussion ... social network accounts of the Youth Parliament at the National Assembly ...

Constitution , Referendum , youth

Opinion poll results presented

... and Values of Modern Belarusian Youth sociological study The social research ...

poll , strategic research , youth

70 percent of young Belarusians use social networks and messengers as main source of information

... at a plenary session on youth policy Photo by Vitaly Pivovarchik ... of the tasks for the youth media. “The search and work ... with talented, creative youth who are actively practicing, sadly ... are the editorial offices of youth media that could become a ...

information , youth , media

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