Lebedev: CIS Youth Capital project to help unite Commonwealth efforts in work with youth

... countries in the field of youth work, exchange experience in developing ... young people and improving international youth co-operation – as stated ... the status of the CIS Youth Capital. The CIS Secretary ... countries in the field of youth work, sharing experience in ... young people and improving international youth co-operation is the ... the high status of the Youth Capital of the CIS. ... venue for large-scale international youth events, and it has ... and a meeting of the Youth Affairs Council, which – he ...

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Belarusian delegation participated in World Youth Festival 2024 march in Sochi

The World Youth Festival 2024 continues. From March ... attention. The girl represents the Youth Council of Minsk’s Sovetsky ... . Aleksandra believes that the World Youth Festival provides an opportunity for ... Institute of Culture. “The World Youth Festival march is not only ...

Youth , World Youth Festival , Sochi

News photo: Thousands of young people marching in the World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi

Youth , Sochi , World Youth Festival

Belarusian and Cuban youth to step up co-operation

The youth of Belarus and Cuba intend ... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), the Chairperson of ... is currently hosting the World Youth Festival. As part of its ... (UJC). Aleksandra Goncharova noted that youth diplomacy knows no borders – the ... future between Belarusian and Cuban youth are evidenced by the signed ... year, taking into account multilateral youth exchange programmes with specific actions ...

Youth , Cuba , Belarus , BRSM

Belarusian delegation headed to World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi

... of the year, the World Youth Festival, will be held from ... and much more. Photo: Republican Youth CentRE Deputy Minister of Education ... all regions. “At the World Youth Festival, we are represented by ... the experience of the Belarusian youth. The main principle of forming ... serves as an example of youth diplomacy, because young people from ... only at the level of youth and public associations, but also ...

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Belarus’ youth reflect on the importance of voting and traits of good deputy

... February 25th. Members of the Youth Parliament on their criteria for ... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, a member of the ... Youth Parliament under the Liozno District ... that the main advantage of youth participation in elections is the ... events in their country. “As youth, we must vote for a ... Vilkevich, a member of the Youth Parliament under the Shchuchin District ...

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Kochanova: future of sovereign Belarus depends on who comes to power

... , their parents and teachers “The youth is our future, and Aleksandr ...

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Lukashenko on birth of New Year's Eve Ball tradition

Addressing the participants of the New Year's Eve Ball held at the Palace of Independence on December 27 th , Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko spoke of how this beautiful New Year's Eve tradition originated Photo: The Belarusian leader recalled that the New Year's ball has been held since 2018, and the idea was born in 2017: it was then voiced by a fugitive who had been addressed by Austrians with a request to hold the Viennese Ball in Belarus. “I said I would think ...

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Lukashenko shared morality tale with young people at New Year's Eve Ball

The Republican New Year's Eve Ball – which is already a good Belarusian tradition – has been held at the Palace of Independence, and President Aleksandr Lukashenko has also taken part, addressing young people with warm words and heartful wishes At the beginning of the ball, the Head of State noted that there was little time left until the New Year’s night. Results are traditionally being summed up these days, and people are trying to complete all the planned tasks. The President is no exception. ...

Lukashenko , youth

Lukashenko addressed youth at New Year's Eve Ball: you are symbol of Belarus’ future

... doors to guests of the youth ball held on the eve ... is an atmosphere of the youth. It is important – and I ... great, and everything you – the youth – have now has actually come ... the best representatives of our youth. You have worked hard this ...

Lukashenko , New Year’s Eve Ball , Belarus , youth

New Year’s Eve Ball began at Palace of Independence

... studies, scientific and creative competitions, youth projects, social and sports life ...

New Year’s Eve Ball , President , youth , belarus

Shen Yueyue: Belarus-China relations is model of new type of international relations

... table session focusing on the youth policy of Belarus and China ... interaction in the field of youth policy is also of great ... for co-operation. "The youth is the hope and the ... . So, we have created a youth development programme, which is based ... take a clear focus on youth development. We have created more ...

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Youth parliaments of Belarus, Donetsk signed co-operation agreement

The Youth Parliament at the National Assembly ... co-operation agreement with the Youth Parliament of the Donetsk People ... side) in Donetsk Photo by Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly ... “The agreement aims to develop youth inter-parliamentary ties through joint ... and legitimate interests of the youth of the Republic of Belarus ... in person and remotely,” the Youth Parliament at the National Assembly ...

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Kochanova in favour of creation of Youth Scientific Society of Belarus and China

... practices in the field of youth policy is the key to ... a round table session on youth policy of Belarus and China ... held via videoconferencing “The youth policy is among the key ... that an organic system of youth development and education contributes to ... strategy of the Belarusian state youth policy until 2030 envisages that ... the possibility of creating the Youth Scientific Society of Belarus and ...

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Lukyanov: youth ready to take the burden of responsibility for our country’s future

... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM), was one of ... journalists, the leader of the youth movement shared his opinion on ... action and the role of youth in the implementation of state ... Belarus. Speaking about the Republican Youth Union, I can say with ... only in this way the youth will ensure the continuity of ...

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Lukyanov: collective immunity should be developed to protect young people from Western propaganda

... plant nationalist sentiments among the youth of Russia and Belarus. The ... Committee of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union (BRSM) Aleksandr Lukyanov explained ... on the minds of the youth of Belarus and Russia consists ...

Belarus , Russia , West , youth

Expert explained why European youth is jealous of Belarusian peers

... Secretary of the Belarusian Republican Youth Union, commented, “Many young people ... illusory ideas on the Belarusian youth about a cloudless existence in ...

Lukyanov , opinion , Youth , employment , education , Belarus

Poll: almost 50% of young Belarusians believe career growth is equally important for men and women

... third representative of the Belarusian youth (31.5 percent) disagrees with ...

poll , sociology , career , Youth , Belarus

Poll: health, family and love are main values for Belarusian youth

... the intellectual capabilities of talented youth is the best way to ...

poll , belarus , youth , opinion

About 5,000 university alumni invited to Republican Ball in Minsk

... Educational Work and Youth Policy, Head of the Youth Affairs Department at ... ;Today, on the eve of Youth and Students’ Day, a nationwide ... speaking, they represent the best youth of our higher educational institutions ...

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