Heartwarming folk craft of felting

... , having revived, preserves the unique traditions of its region. In the ... and the revival of the traditions of fullers. Master of the ... of the revival of the traditions of fullers in our district ... cultural institution, we continue the traditions of our ancestors, passing on ... various levels to demonstrate the traditions of our country, which we ... features of our culture and traditions. From kindergarten, the guys already ...

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From ceramic tiles to ‘heraldic’ whistles

How pottery masters continue the traditions of pottery in Kopys 8 ... preserving the technologies for making traditional ceramic ware. The Director of ... preserving the technologies for making traditional ceramic ware in the Orsha ... this folk art continue the traditions of potters from the past ...

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Happiness is multiplied by sharing

... . And he passes on this tradition, instils a love for this ... — this is a long standing tradition — the harvest from the President ...

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Keepers of traditions

Folk crafts are an important part of historical memory The Gantsevichi District, located among the Polesie swamps and forests, has always been famous for its original craftsmen. How do they pass on experience and knowledge to young people? Folk master Ulyana Vinnik Photo by Gennady Poplavsky Woven towels are on trend In December, the regional House of Crafts will celebrate the 25th anniversary of its establishment. All this time, the institution provides good opportunities for the development of ...

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Paradise on Belarusian land

... according to the best Belarusian traditions. However, the agro-town does ... crafts of Motol residents. Meat traditions originated in the distant 1930s ...

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Lukashenko instructed to support craftsmen

... reviving and preserving folk artistic traditions. These productions are unique from ... is convinced that experience and traditions should be passed on to ...

Lukashenko , traditions

Our strength lies in our traditions

... necessary to touch ancient Belarusian traditions, believes Aleksandr Lukashenko, “See ... in the preservation of their traditions and love for them. ... live, honour and love these traditions. This is where the ... Alexandria.” Cultural dialogue Alexandria has traditionally become a platform for cultural ... and nesting dolls: the traditional crafts of the Slavs seem ... they differ from the Belarusian tradition, although there are many similarities ... a decorative wheel, which traditionally crowned the fair pole at ...

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News photo: Trinity celebrated in Belarus

An ancient rite is celebrated in Belarusian villages on the Feast of the Holy Trinity: Kust Procession. It honours Mother Nature – so that it contributes to the fertility of lands and people, to their health and well-being. A lady – who is doing well with her children, family and household – is annually dressed up as Kusta which symbolises a young flowering tree of life. Kusta is then led around the village houses, and their hosts give it all sorts of goodies and money. A sprig of maple – ...

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News photo: master class on decorating Easter eggs held in Minsk

On the eve of Easter, the National Library has hosted a master class on decorating Easter eggs with straw – led by the People's Master of Belarus, a member of the Board of the Union of Folk Art Masters, Alla Avsyannikova

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Historian dwells on who is responsible for destruction of European values

... Western. Actually, Europe has been traditionally based on three pillars: Christianity ... in Europe: this includes non-traditional gender identity, homosexual marriages, and ... Poles – they are fighting for traditional values and defending their religion ... said. The historian added that traditional values in Belarus and Russia ...

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Calling of Spring ancient custom revived in Grodno Region

... spring to come by singing traditional spring songs in the park ...

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Spin in the dance

... . Petersburg to Nesvizh. Today, the tradition of winter evenings takes on ...

ball , theater , dances , traditions , Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus , Nesvizh Castle

Land of unique people

... carolling Old New Year is traditionally celebrated at the festive table ... residents not only kept the tradition, but also transformed it into ... Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The tradition will be maintained. “The people ...

Kopyl , cheese , traditions , ceremonies , biathlon , UNESCO

It is a good tradition to make wishes come true

The Christmas Tradition charity event was held at ... to visit them. The Christmas Tradition charity event this time turned ... will win back if the tradition continues next year!” After the ... and very sincere. “The Christmas Tradition is one of the touching ...

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Unusual New Year

... : the most interesting New Year traditions around the world Ireland The ... be happily told about family traditions and various legends. After midnight ... has several interesting New Year traditions. According to one of them ... is also a more romantic tradition, which especially pleases people without ... clock finishes striking is a tradition that has existed in the ... locals have one interesting incendiary tradition. In the New Year, it ... have practically no friends. Another tradition in Denmark is to jump ...

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Ten facts about Father Frost

... granddaughter. 3. Evil incarnate The tradition of celebrating the New Year ... under the influence of Orthodox traditions, Father Frost has grown kinder ... . 5. The Tsar commanded The tradition of Father Frost coming to ... such a day. But the tradition has taken root, and the ... kindness Unlike the Snow Queen, traditional in Northern Europe, Father Frost ...

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Come for ‘Vyachorki’ in Belarus!

... during Kupala Night (a traditional pagan holiday celebrated in eastern ... Kolyadki and Shchedrets (Belarusian Christmas traditions). An important note: there is ... , serving machanka (a very traditional Belarusian dish of meat stewed ... in broth), vereshchaka (a traditional Belarusian sausage and meat dish ... of Old Believers and Belarusian Traditions named after Shklyarov ‘collects’ ... signal for the beginning of traditional fun, which is held ... loaf! According to a special tradition, the local hostesses bake ...

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