Golovchenko: we are rediscovering tragic pages of our history

... Roman Golovchenko during the nationwide subbotnik “We are now opening anew ...

Golovchenko , subbotnik

Kochanova: on subbotnik, we are beautifying our country

... taken part in the nationwide subbotnik today – to plant juniper and ... gathered to work. “A nationwide subbotnik is traditionally held in April ...

kochanova , subbotnik

Lukashenko explained why subbotniks are important for Belarusians

... working,” the President stressed. A subbotnik, as Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed, embodies ...

Lukashenko , subbotnik

Lukashenko promised to disclose hidden activities of Western diplomats in Belarus

... Aleksandr Lukashenko during the nationwide subbotnik at the Khatyn Memorial Complex ...

Lukashenko , subbotnik

Sergeyenko: Belarus to systematise all memorable places during Year of Historical Memory

... the day of the nationwide subbotnik. First of all, civil servants ... of Belarus.” Igor Sergeyenko called subbotnik days in our country a ...

Sergeyenko , subbotnik

Republican subbotnik in full swing in Belarus

Today, a republican voluntary working day is taking place countrywide, with Belarusians working to landscape and restore settlements, memorial complexes, and places of military glory. The accumulated funds will be allocated to modernisation of the Khatyn Memorial Complex. Deputies of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly have worked fruitfully to contribute to the improvement of the Peoples' Friendship Park near the Church of the Icon of the Mother of God Recovery of the Dead. ...


Belarus’ Embassy staff take part in nationwide subbotnik in Uzbekistan

As part of the nationwide subbotnik, the staff of the Embassy ...

subbotnik , uzbekistan

Shved about subbotnik: wonderful tradition of many decades in our blood

... , with participants of the nationwide subbotnik (a voluntary labour day) beautifying ... Minsk residents have joined the subbotnik, bringing the territory of the ...

Shved , subbotnik , Minsk

Over 300,000 people working at nationwide subbotnik sites in Vitebsk Region

... take part in the nationwide subbotnik (a voluntary labour day) – as ... Executive Committee Some of the subbotnik participants are working at their ... , the main sites for the subbotnik are the Mound of Immortality ...

Subbotnik , Vitebsk Region

Gomel Region leadership and young people working at Partizanskaya Krinichka Memorial

... decided to spend this nationwide subbotnik (a voluntary labour day) in ...

Gomel Region , subbotnik

Nationwide subbotnik held in Belarus

Nationwide subbotnik (voluntary labour day) is taking ... Khatyn Memorial Complex Today’s subbotnik has a special significance for ... Government took part in the subbotnik… Then they mixed concrete, levelled ... .3m Belarusians participated in the subbotnik – to earn more than Br9m ...

subbotnik , khatyn

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