Let's meet spring in Belarus

Snowdrops have already bloomed in the southern regions, but the gentle breeze hints that it won’t be long to wait for real heat Tie ribbons to twigs According to the ancient Belarusian tradition, one need to thoroughly trample the land, warm it up and wake it up in order for spring to come not only on the calendar, but also on the streets. It is best to do this at numerous folk festivals with round dances and fun games. For example, in Strochitsy, Vyazynka or Dudutki. Photo by BELTA Girls in ...

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In 2022, domestic tourism in Belarus grew by 12% compared to previous year

Last year, domestic tourism in Belarus grew by ... noted by Director of the Tourism Department at the Belarusian ... Sports and Tourism Ministry Irina Voronovich. She noted ... , “Domestic tourism is being actively developed and ... . The most popular types of tourism include cultural, educational, ecological, ... sanatorium and health tourism, as well as agroecotourism; these ... demand for many years. Active tourism is also gaining popularity, ...

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Thailand approves penalty card system for tourists

Thailand’s Immigration Bureau Commissioner, Lieutenant General Pakpoompipat Sajjapan, approved the introduction of a system of yellow (warning) and red (deportation) cards for visitors who do not respect Thai laws – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Phuket News publication Photo: Phuket Immigration Chief Colonel Thanet Sukchai explained that the measures will not be introduced throughout the country, but selectively. “In other provinces, everything will depend ...

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Exports of Belarus’ travel services reached almost $178m in 2022

... Voronovich, the Director of the Tourism Department at the Ministry of ... Sports and Tourism Speaking of inbound tourism, Ms. Voronovich noted ...

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From Brest to Grodno with a single click

The Tretyakov Gallery, the Louvre, the British Museum — these famous historical and cultural sites can be visited without leaving home, using the Internet. Did you know that our museums also have virtual tours? Having studied the websites of more than 150 institutions, we have prepared a selection of the most interesting online exhibitions. Know and remember Surely everyone at least once had a chance to visit the Brest Hero Fortress Memorial Complex. But, if for some reason it was not possible, ...

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Zavalei: mutual recognition of visas between Russia and Belarus will root Union State tourism brand

... Belarus, creates new opportunities for tourism business, and enables foreign tourists ... improve the work of the tourism industries of our states. Firstly ... Russians, enabling the Union State tourism brand to take root in ... the global tourism community as a single player ... in the tourism market. In my opinion, this ... promising solution that will give tourism a new impetus.”

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More than a museum

There are many attractions in Gomel, but the Palace and Park Ensemble is undoubtedly the main one. Even the city itself was designed by its former owners in such a way that three central streets lead exactly here. The fate of the city at one time was determined by two noble families — the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches. They also left this luxurious tourist site to the Gomel residents. And most recently, the team of the State Historical and Cultural Institution Gomel Palace and Park Ensemble ...

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Tourist street with Belarusian goods on show may appear in Chinese Jinjiang

As part of the established business ties, a delegation of the Chinese-Belarusian National Innovation Industrial Park featuring Chinese-Belarusian Management Company of Jiangsu Province and Jasmart JSC paid a business visit to Mogilev Over the years of co-operation with the Jiangsu Province, the Mogilev Region has established warm, friendly and mutually beneficial contacts with it (in 2015, agreements on the establishment of twinning relations was signed). The policy of openness – pursued by the ...

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Hong Kong simplified entry rules for foreigners

From February 6th, tourists are not required to present a certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 when entering Hong Kong, but they still need to have a PCR test made within 48 hours before departure or an antigen test valid for a period of no more than a day, RIA Novosti reports with reference to local authorities Photo: Prior to that, vaccinations were not required only for travellers from mainland China, Macau or Taiwan. According to the new regulation, tourists from any ...

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Thread by thread

Custom-made tapestries of the 17th–18th centuries are under restoration at Mir Castle Few people know that in Mir Castle one can see the largest collection of old tapestries in the country. They were purposefully collected throughout the entire period of the museum’s existence, and today there are 18 works of hand and machine weaving. Once upon a time, lint-free wall carpets served to insulate the stone walls of medieval castles, they hung windows and closed holes. Now the cost of some rare ...

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Croatia likely to face surge in tourism after joining the EU

... ć said an unprecedented increase in tourism is expected in this regard ... positively’ in the country's tourism sector. “82 percent of visitors ... GDP is accounted for by tourism. With this in mind, I ...

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Palace intrigues

... impetus to the development of tourism potential — on average, the complex ...

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Thailand to introduce $9 tourist fee

... noted by Thai Minister of Tourism and Sports Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, TASS ... development of tourist destinations. The Tourism Authority of Thailand is now ... . “It’s no secret that tourism in the Thai economy occupies ... better times.” “Now, when the tourism sector has reached certain indicators ...

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Belarus' exports of tourist services reached $150m in ten months of 2022

... Deputy Minister of Sports and Tourism, the 2022 tourist season was ... . Andreichik informed, adding that hunting tourism, farmsteads and Belarusian health resorts ...

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MP: gastro-, eco- and agro-tourism gaining popularity in Belarus

... Recovery, has informed that domestic tourism is now developing more actively ... growing for gastro-tourism, agro-ecotourism, and industrial tourism. Belarusian folk ceremonies ... , manors, parks, and swamps. The tourism industry has actually revived in ... for modern development of domestic tourism,” Ms. Chernyavskaya explained. Each Belarusian ... approved a national strategy for tourism development until 2035. Reconstruction of ...

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Türkiye to start taxing tourists from next year

From January 1st, 2023, tourists in Türkiye will be charged a 2 percent accommodation tax, with diplomatic personnel of foreign states being exempted from payment, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.a This was explained on the air of the NTV channel, “The accommodation tax will be levied on those who stay in hotels, resort villages, boutique hotels, motels, boarding houses, villages, highland houses and campsites. The rate is 2 percent. Public guest houses, recreation centres and camps are ...

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Where to find Ded Moroz

The winter wizard has already begun opening residences across the country. Now is the time to plan a trip for gifts and festive mood. Let us tell you where to find Ded Moroz in Belarus. Photo by BELTA Palace of the Republic PHOTO BY BELTA The brightest lights are traditionally lit on the country’s main Christmas tree — in Minsk. The iconic concert hall prepares a fabulous performance for each New Year with the best artists, scenery, special effects and musical accompaniment. This year, the ...

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Both snow and laughter

What Belarusian ski centres offer this season From the very first day this winter turned out to be real and snowy. Many Belarusians did not waste time and, having grabbed skates, tubings and skis, set off to break in the ice and snowy slopes. Ski centres of the country take hundreds of people even on weekdays. We also went to the most popular ice hills in Minsk and the metropolitan area to find out what emotions one can get there and how much money it will take. Solnechnaya Dolina In the ski ...

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Industrial tourism on the rise in Belarus

Industrial tourism has occupied a certain niche ... noted by Director of the Tourism Department at the Sports and ... Tourism Ministry Irina Voronovich A representative ... of the department, “Industrial tourism has occupied a certain niche ... Irina Voronovich, last year, the Tourism Department, together with the National ... Tourism Agency and the Minsk Tractor ...

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A real palace in miniature

Relax in the outback: what fascinates tourists is the old noble estate in the agrotown of Krasny Bereg One need to move away from the city in order to take a break from the hustle and bustle, to feel all the delights of rural life. The agrotown of Krasny Bereg in the Zhlobin District invites one to plunge into a real fairy tale of an old estate, the history of which goes back five centuries. The building has survived to our time almost in its original form, despite the wars and hard times. Photo ...

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