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Places everyone should visit in the Year of Historical Memory While some of our neighbours are cynically cracking down on monuments designed to preserve the historical memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War, every monument, obelisk or memorial complex is under protection in our country. The memorial sites associated with the period of the Second World War are truly sacred in Belarus, where every third person died in the bloody years. There are many monuments — silent witnesses of those ...

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How it works

... most curious spots for industrial tourism in Belarus Today, people want ... called the Mecca of industrial tourism in Belarus. Last year alone ... spectators like hot cakes. Industrial tourism brings not only direct financial ...

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There is no place like home

... Belarusian travellers really enjoyed domestic tourism, doubling the statistical indicators of ... brighter: professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry seem to ... needed at all is agro-tourism, here Belarus, perhaps, has ... Sports and Tourism Minister, “Every year the tourism potential of our ... are developing agro-tourism, industrial, cultural, ecological tourism and much more ... in the promotion of domestic tourism in our country. Its ... for further mass and active tourism, travel, excursions. In general ...

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Experience ancient Belarus

This year, the country is celebrating two important anniversaries on a grand scale — the 1160th anniversary of the Principality of Polotsk and the 1030th anniversary of Orthodoxy in the Belarusian lands. What secrets do the oldest cities keep and where to look for unique evidence of common Slavic history? Find out the cold-blooded plans of the prince Everyone knows the names of the first Russian saints — princes Boris and Gleb. However, few know who caused the bloody family drama at the dawn of ...

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Loud and proud

The Festival of National Cultures, which takes place every two years in Grodno, is always something more than just folk event. After all, its main goal is to remind that multiculturalism is an integral part of the history of our country. For many centuries, Russians, Ukrainians and Poles lived next to Belarusians, there were also Jewish and Tatar communities, Turkish coffee shops worked on our land many years ago... Consolidation not in words, but in deeds is the most important vector of our ...

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‘An alliance with Belarus is important for Lithuania’

Lithuanian bloggers celebrated Victory Day in Belarus and got acquainted with the work of the largest enterprises To find opportunities for restoring good-neighbourly ties in difficult times, as well as to find points of economic interaction for the future — Lithuanian bloggers came to Belarus with such a message. The guests celebrated May 9th, attended a festive concert, many memorials, and later visited the flagships of the Belarusian industry and the Belarusian nuclear power plant (BelNPP). ...

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Belarus — the iconic places of Partisan Republic

Almost immediately afte­r the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the country has committed itself to fight against the enem­y. More than 370,000 people were enrolled in the forest army by mid-1944 — they were fighting back invaders day and night. To honour the memory of Ded Talash and Batka Minay ‘Partisans, partisans, Belarusian sons!’ — this lines of Yanka Kupala were well-known among every Soviet schoolboy. Like the fact that these ‘sons’ had their own legendary Ded (old man) and Batka ( ...

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Hike in Belarus

... beauty and pride of Belarusian tourism. The region is famous for ...

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3,150 homesteads ready to welcome guests in Belarus

Last year, domestic tourism figures doubled – and this can ...

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About 600 tourists can go to stratosphere in a balloon

About 600 people decided to buy the opportunity to admire the views of the Earth from a height of 30km for $125,000 – as stated by Jane Poynter, the founder and co-CEO of the US company Space Perspective, in an interview with the UPI agency, TASS reports Photo: Two years ago, the Florida-based venture announced that it would take tourists to the upper atmosphere in a pressurised capsule called the Spaceship Neptune, which is lofted by a balloon. In June 2021, the ...

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Grodno Region welcomes visa-free tourists

The Grodno Region is ready to host large-scale events and welcome visa-free tourists – as noted by Vladimir Karanik, the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee “Grodno’s Easter Tradition festival-fair will start its work tomorrow for the seventh time already – welcoming everyone to get acquainted with craftsmen’s works, take part in master classes, and buy necessary products. Events of the kind aim to promote Belarusian traditions. On April 17 th and 24 th , representatives of two ...

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Birdwatching in Belarus

Spring is the best time to go birdwatching. Belarus has an advantageous position in the centre of Europe. Its virgin forests, natural rivers and numerous marshes are a paradise for birds from all over the world. And the best time for photo and audio hunting is from mid-April to June. Find out who is the prince of the Polesie Ancient Turov on the Pripyat River is famous for archaeological excavations, Orthodox shrines and flood meadows. In the spring, almost one and a half hundred hectares ...

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Belarus, Cuba discuss co-operation in tourism

... , has met with Cuba’s Tourism Minister Juan Carlos Garcia Granda ... Belarus and Cuba in the tourism sector, also focusing on the ...

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Romantic Belarus

The warmer it is outside, the more we think about travel. It is still far from complete holidays, so short trips along sophisticated routes will save us from daily grind. Hang out in Paris Do you want to arrange a French weekend for your sweetheart? Easy enough. Just remember the address: Vitebsk Region, Postavy District... Paris village! According to legend, one of the first places that Napoleon saw on the Belarusian lands was an inconspicuous village on a hillock. It was the sultry summer of ...

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Italian tourism industry faces losses due to situation in Ukraine

... negative impact on Italy’s tourism industry, while preventing it from ... According to Italian tourism association Assoturismo Confesercenti, in Q1 ... organisation’s report reads. Foreign tourism figures have dropped most of ... trend is registered in domestic tourism. As reported, in March, 37 ...

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The zest of cornflower country

... on the development of domestic tourism. These are features and novelties ... and develop a modern competitive tourism complex, increase the contribution of ... Voronovich, director of the Tourism Department of the Ministry of ... Sports and Tourism. Aleksey Vyazmitinov It is ... events taking place in the tourism sector. High technologies have ... the website of the National Tourism Agency, there is information concerning ... relax. Regarding the development of tourism infrastructure, the director of the ...

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Ancient Belarusian fortresses

A small but spirited country is used to fight back. In memory of this, many unique fortifications of various eras have remained on our land See the enemy from afar in Kamenets ‘…And then God put a good thought in the heart of Prince Vladimir. He thought about whether to build a city somewhere outside Berestye.’ So says the Galician–Volhynian Chronicle concerning the events of the end of the 13th century. No sooner said than done. On the banks of the Lesnaya River, the city of Kamenets emerged. ...

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Belarus — country of sports

The words ‘Belarusians’ and ‘sport’ had almost become synonymous. The country’s parks are always full of sports enthusiasts, while modern swimming pools and ice arenas are being built even in small district centres. Therefore, it is not surprising that Belarusian professional athletes regularly get to world podiums to accept well-deserved awards. Minsk-Arena Photo: To paddle to Brest The nature of the region encourages to go rowing: there are more than twenty thousand rivers in our ‘ ...

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Knot of common fate

In the Osipovichi District people know how to preserve the traditions of their ancestors Ancient burial mounds, the legend of Rogneda, the miraculous spring in Proshcha, the history of the noble family Daragan, whose representatives laid a railway line in Osipovichi in 1872 at their own expense. Despite its young age — Osipovichi was given the status of a city in 1935 — it has something to charm tourists. But the main attraction here is the people. Remembering their roots, loving their land, ...

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Belarus, China liaise in agricultural exports, education and tourism

... added that liaisons in the tourism sector are strengthening as well ... attention to in terms of tourism. Our country has created and ...

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