Gaidukevich: Belarus remains open for dialogue with all EU states, but we’ll never tolerate pressure

Belarus remains open for dialogue with ... of tribunal over Russia and Belarus for allegedly some kind of ... as soon as possible – as Belarus and our President are talking ... , write regular papers addressed to Belarus, receiving a lot of money ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , European parliament , Ukraine , resolution

State Property Committee assessed damage caused to Belarus during Great Patriotic War

... to clarify the losses of Belarus during the war. “If any ...

State Property Committee , Belarus , damage , Great Patriotic War

Interior ministries of Belarus and Iraq agreed to intensify co-operation across various areas

... Interior Ministry’s delegation to Belarus, a meeting was held with ... Welcoming the guests, Belarus’ First Deputy Interior Minister, Chief ... .” Moreover, it was noted that Belarus boasts significant experience in training ...

Belarus , Iraq , Interior Ministry , co-operation

Indian Ambassador to Belarus: despite all difficulties, India-Belarus relations continue to develop

... India to the Republic of Belarus, at a reception on the ... us. The crisis situation in Belarus’ neighbouring countries has had a ... the relations between India and Belarus continue to develop.” At the ... anniversary of diplomatic relations between Belarus and India, “Our countries ... Cultural Co-operation. India and Belarus continued their liaisons within international ... India provided strong support to Belarus in 2021-2022. The position ... of Belarus towards India also remains consistent ...

Belarus , India , Ambassador , co-operation

Belavia one of most punctual airlines according to Koltsovo International Airport

Belavia is among the top three airlines in terms of punctuality according to Koltsovo International Airport (Yekaterinburg) – as reported by Belavia Airlines in its Telegram channel Photo: The Belarusian air carrier said, “Koltsovo International Airport has compiled a punctuality rating of airlines that operate flights to Yekaterinburg. Last year, Belavia entered the top three.” When compiling the rating, time delays were taken into account (a delay was considered a deviation of ...

Belarus , Belavia , aviation

Opinion: Belarus will not give its national welfare to moneybags

Global capital exerts pressure on Belarus, but the republic is trying ... According to the expert, since Belarus is socially-oriented and has ... pressure imposed by the West. “Belarus will not give its national ...

shpakovsky , opinion , welfare , Belarus

Karpenko: we’re interested in Russian experience of holding elections

... the Central Election Commission of Belarus, told journalists before the start ... President of the Republic of Belarus with the participation of the ... to the Electoral Code of Belarus. On January 30th, the Council ...

Belarus , CEC , election , Karpenko

Flight tactical exercises of armies of Belarus and Russia entered active phase

... of the aviation units of Belarus and Russia. A wide range ... , First Deputy Defence Minister of Belarus. “This is necessary to ensure ...

Belarus , Russia , army , exercises

Belarus becoming popular platform for business tourism

Belarus is becoming a popular platform ... corporate events – as noted in Belarus’ Tourist Business Telegram channel Spring ... activity time is approaching. Belarus traditionally takes part in the ... Union of the Travel Industry. Belarus is becoming a very popular ... Tourism Agency presented Brands of Belarus. Business Tourism video, which should ...

Belarus , business tourism

Russia, Belarus invited to participate in Asian Games

... Olympic Council of Asia invited Belarus and Russia to take part ...

Sports , Asia , Belarus , Russia

From ceramic tiles to ‘heraldic’ whistles

... President of the Republic of Belarus to cultural and art workers ... President of the Republic of Belarus for their active work in ... . Craftswoman Nadezhda Siranidi came to Belarus from Kazakhstan. From childhood, she ... . Guests from abroad or from Belarus invariably try to get a ... the Investigative Committee and the Belarus tractor (also an exact copy ...

Belarus , Kopys , pottery , traditions , Crafts

Parkhomchik: we’re not limited solely to Russian market

... other markets – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy PM Piotr Parkhomchik during ...

Belarus , Russia , exports

Belarus, Sri Lanka discuss mutual trade

... points of economic interaction between Belarus and the Democratic Socialist Republic ... Consul of Sri Lanka in Belarus Dmitry Ruzanov.

Belarus , Sri Lanka , co-operation , mutual trade

Belarusians among top world app developers

... 's health app developed in Belarus, took 6th place in terms ...

belarus , it , developers

Belarus’ Defence Ministry: aviation relocation to operational airfields being trained

... of the armed forces of Belarus and Russia, the Belarusian Defence ...

defence ministry , Belarus

Lithuania hiding facts of refugees’ deaths at the border

... the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel photo ...

EU , Lithuania , Belarus , border refugees

Belarus suspended agreement with Poland on co-operation in education

... Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the ... , and it was ratified by Belarus’ law No. 7-3 On ... Government of the Republic of Belarus and the Government of the ...

house of representatives , Belarus , poland , education , agreement

Military expert: Belarusian people understand well what big war and destroyed cities are

The people of Belarus agree with all initiatives of ... expert compared the situation in Belarus in August 2020 and in ... explosion of the situation in Belarus. To a much stronger extent ... . During the Great Patriotic War, Belarus lost many human lives, so ... actions in Kazakhstan last year, “Belarus and Russia acted harshly and ...

opinion , belarus , russia

Ambassador Baravikou discussed media co-operation with Chairman of Vietnamese Association of Journalists

... Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to Vietnam Uladzimir Baravikou and ...

Vietnam , Belarus , media

Xiaoyung: Belarus, China share similar approaches to World Anti-Fascist War memory

... many Red Army soldiers from Belarus went to fight in Northeast ... 's Republic of China to Belarus, Xie Xiaoyung “There is an ... for the future’. China and Belarus attach great importance to the ... the World Anti-Fascist War. Belarus shares a similar approach in ...

Belarus , china

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