Expert: Belarus retains best practices of university education

... -operation in the cultural and educational spheres is based on the ... the field of culture, science, education, sports and tourism signed between ... co-operation the field of education as medicine, energy, microbiology and ... . Leshenyuk added that modern higher education faces serious challenges on a ... large corporations. Various platforms providing educational services are developing, and digitalisation ... the best practices of university education in its classical and traditional ...

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Belarus – China: 17 new agreements signed in the field of education

... acquainted with the educational potential of Belarusian higher educational institutions. A ... heads of China’s leading educational establishments. Actually, the ... Secretary General of China Education Association for International Exchange, ... the largest consulting agencies Talent Education Charitable Foundation, Jin Jile, ... possibility of Belarus' higher educational institutions joining the International Engineering ... and Architecture Consortium of Educational Institutions was discussed. Following ...

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Council of Ministers approved agreement with Cuba on mutual recognition of education documents

... mutual recognition of documents on education, which was signed on November ... year in Minsk by Belarus’ Education Minister Andrei Ivanets and Deputy ... Minister of Higher Education of Cuba Miriam Isabel Alpizar ... other about changes in the education systems of the two states ... , the creation of new educational institutions, as well as the ... and samples of documents on education issued in the territory of ... countries, and lists of accredited educational institutions. Now there are ten ...

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BSU signed six memorandums with universities in Zimbabwe

... Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Development ... at the Institute of Additional Education, teaching in English in the ... magistracy, postgraduate studies, adult education programmes. The African side was ... development and implementation of joint educational programmes, participation in scientific conferences ... operation in the field of education, science and the implementation of ... , take part in research and educational projects, exchange materials, plans, ...

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Belarus suspended agreement with Poland on co-operation in education

... -operation in the Field of Education which had been submitted for ... -operation in the Field of Education on December 14 th , 2016 ...

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Lukashenko: it’s time to end all perturbations and reorganisations in education system

... a serious look at the Education Ministry regarding this issue, ... of certain elements of the Education Ministry’s structure and ... Agency for Quality Assurance in Education was established, “What’s ... Main Department of Vocational Education Department at the Education Ministry. “The personnel ... the quality of education, and inspect private educational institutions at all ... for improving and reorganising the education system are always very seriously ... enter the structure of the Education Ministry as a separate ...

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Belarus’ President scholarships for 2023 granted to 64 graduate students

... -tech and innovative activity in educational institutions and scientific organisations – as ... work have been introduced into educational and practical activities of industrial ... , medical, agricultural and educational organisations. They are presented at ...

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Russian Education Minister: co-operation plan in education aimed at development of bilateral initiatives

... Technopark and the Russian Sirius Educational Centre is scheduled while schoolchildren ... Belarusian-Russian patriotic, cultural and educational project: Train of Memory. ... development of bilateral initiatives,” Russian Education Minister Sergei Kravtsov assessed the ... such areas as educational work, improvement of the education system, holding ... the system of secondary vocational education.” On the Belarusian side, ... Russian Federation, the Education Ministry of Russia, the Education Ministry of Belarus ...

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Russia plans to launch its own version of Wikipedia in early 2023

In Russia, a domestic analogue of Wikipedia is being developed. The portal – called Znaniya (Knowledge) – is to be launched in H1 2023 – as noted by Russian Minister of Digital Development, Communications and Mass Media Maksut Shadayev, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: Znaniya portal screenshot As the head of the department explained, the Znaniya base already contains over a hundred thousand articles, and all materials have passed multi-stage verification. “We will ask that the Russian resource be ...

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Lukashenko: the state task is to provide youngsters with wide opportunities for professional development

... the President Administration and the Education Ministry: to additionally work out ... set out in the updated Education Code and the university admission ... create equal opportunities for education in higher educational institutions for all applicants ... public discussions held by the Education Ministry and in parallel by ... about the readiness of the education system, local authorities, and ... envisaged by the Minister [of Education] from 2023? Are there any ... do they provide for the education system and the country ...

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Lukashenko to discuss university admission campaign rules

... the development of the national education system, gathering a wide ... interested persons who know the education system from the inside. ... Changes to the education related legislation were discussed. ... In addition, the updated Education Code and the rules of ... is the readiness of the education system, local authorities, and ... higher education for these innovations," ... we return to the education system in terms of ... are connected with the education system in one way ...

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BSU establishes co-operation with Jordanian institutions

... are open, while participation in educational practice-oriented refresher courses, ... joint projects dealing with additional education of adults. To promote ... the BSU educational services, the Belarusian delegation ... Belarusian and Soviet Higher Educational Institutions and the Cultural ... presenting the Belarusian institution’s educational and scientific activities. In ... for the development of educational and cultural ties between ... creation of a collection on education, science and culture of ...

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Consul General: exchanges in education are among most important areas of Belarusian-Chinese co-operation

... a general presentation of the educational institution and possible areas of ... exchanges in the field of education are one of the most ... Belarusian-Chinese co-operation, and educational institutions that train specialists for ... the selection of relevant interested educational institutions of Belarus and the ... organisation of joint educational programmes in the future,” the ...

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Aviation universities of Belarus and Russia signed co-operative agreements

The Belarusian State Aviation Academy and the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation signed agreements on co-operation within the framework of the Union State programmes – as reported by the Belarusian Transport and Communications Ministry in its Telegram channel Photo: The documents were signed by the rectors of Belarusian State Aviation Academy and the Moscow State Technical University of Civil Aviation, Artem Shegidevich and Boris Eliseev, respectively. ...

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Lukashenko: in order to save ourselves and our land, we must remember both our own and others’ lessons of history

During an open lesson themed as Historical Memory – the Road to the Future, the President of Belarus noted that the current trends bode no good for the world Photo: Aleksandr Lukashenko listed the main tendencies, “The first is the unprecedented use of sanctions as an instrument of big politics and economics. The second is the polarisation of society, the radicalisation and conflict nature of the entire global agenda. The world is in a fever of upheaval: from the US to Sri Lanka ...

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Lukashenko: not a single issue in the world was resolved without Soviet Union, and this bipolarity balanced the planet

During an open lesson, President Aleksandr Lukashenko asked schoolchildren what they know about the Soviet era Photo: “Why am I asking?” the President explained. “Because during the years of Perestroika and the collapse of the Soviet Union, tubs of dirt have been poured on this period. Everything was despised: the Great Victory, great achievements in culture and arts, breakthroughs in science and technology. The result is obvious: the Soviet Union was collapsed, the memory of it is ...

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Lukashenko told what idea still excites the minds of Polish elites

The President has conducted an open lesson themed as Historical Memory – the Road to the Future for Belarusian schoolchildren and students. Separately, the Head of State dwelled on the clash between the Grand Duchy of Lithuania and the Tsardom of Russia, explaining, which state provoked the conflict. Photo: “Our yesterday’s allies in the Battle of Grunwald betrayed us,” Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced. “Speaking modern language, they screwed us over. During the Livonian War, the ...

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Lukashenko shows Belarusian laptop No. 1

The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, is conducting today an open online lesson themed as Historical Memory – the Road to the Futu re Photo: Addressing schoolchildren and students, the Head of State demonstrated a laptop made in Belarus, “I specifically asked that this product be brought to our meeting today: the first computer that our smart people gave me. They were given the task of ‘studying’ around the world, finding the best of what we cannot produce yet (processors ...

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Lukashenko: Belarus’ position is based on centuries-old experience of different generations of Belarusians, on their historical choice

The position of Belarus is based on the centuries-old experience of different generations of Belarusians, on their historical choice – as noted by Aleksandr Lukashenko during an open lesson themed as Historical Memory – the Road to the Future photo: The Belarusian Head of State congratulated all students and teachers, everyone who is on video call, on the beginning of the academic year, “For many of you, this is the year of farewell to school while others just take the first step ...

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Lukashenko giving open lesson on Knowledge Day

... of institutions of specialised secondary education from all regions took part ...

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