Spiritual dialogue of cultures

... event! The Kupala Night Festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends), in the Shklov ... . The whole concept of Alexandria Gathers Friends is based on ... , who has been with Alexandria Gathers Friends from the first ... towel, which was exhibited in Alexandria in 2021, folk artist ... region. Our colleagues take the Alexandria Gathers Friends festival very seriously ... cultural and leisure activities Aleksandr Kuznetsov, “In 2023, Alexandria Gathers Friends was ... every year. For us, Alexandria Gathers Friends is a very ...

Mogilev , Methodological Centre for Folk Art , Spiritual Revival Award , Kupala Night Festival , Alexandria

Lukashenko about Alexandria: my heart belongs to this corner of Belarus, here is my place of strength

... President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, at the Alexandria Gathers Friends festival on ... !” the Head of State said. Aleksandr Lukashenko thanked the festival’s ... and warmth of communication in Alexandria, as well as all the ...

Lukashenko , Alexandria

Alexandria is again gathering friends

Alexandria Gathers Friends festival is being ... , Mogilev and Minsk gathered in Alexandria, the homeland of the President ... . The main thing is that Alexandria continues to gather friends. “Russian ... from Russia are coming to Alexandria to demonstrate their culture as ... the Kupala Night celebrations in Alexandria. In 2022, 70 thousand people ...

Alexandria , kupala night

That is how Oleg Novitsky visited Aleksandr Lukashenko in Alexandria

... the Head of State. Aleksandr Lukashenko met the famous Belarusian ... tells the President. Arriving in Alexandria and not visiting Trofimova Krinitsa ... spring well was one of Aleksandr Lukashenko’s favourite vacation ... but truly life-giving.’ Meanwhile, Aleksandr Lukashenko told the cosmonaut how ... . “Youth. Anti-COVID”, as Aleksandr Lukashenko himself pointed out. The ... the Kupala Night nationwide festival (Alexandria Gathers Friends) the day ... is very wonderful. The ‘Alexandria Gathers Friends’ motto is worth ...

Lukashenko , Novitsky , Pilot-cosmonaut , Alexandria

Our strength lies in our traditions

... also contributed to the atmosphere. Aleksandr Lukashenko also spoke about spirituality ... touch ancient Belarusian traditions, believes Aleksandr Lukashenko, “See the beauty of ... the holiday deserves special attention. Aleksandr Lukashenko drew attention to the ... of the festival in Alexandria.” Cultural dialogue Alexandria has traditionally become a ... from Mstislavl Sergei Kudikov visited Alexandria for the third time, “ ... Belarus. Dynamic, bright and inspiring Alexandria Gathers Friends festival is a ...

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