Belarus’ PM outlines EAEU tasks: industrial co-operation and food security

... Prime Minister of Belarus, Roman Golovchenko, has outlined the EAEU short ... are not manufactured domestically,” Mr. Golovchenko said. According to the Prime ... this work,” he noted. Mr. Golovchenko also called for implementation of ... taken the right course,” Mr. Golovchenko added, also noting that the ...

golovchenko , industrial co-operation , EAEU

Golovchenko and Uzbekistan’s Prime Minister visited Hi-Tech Park

... of Belarus and Uzbekistan, Roman Golovchenko and Abdulla Aripov, have visited ...

golovchenko , hi-tech park , uzbekistan

Golovchenko: we have no right to betray memory of millions of killed Soviet people

... stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during a plenary session of ... in their native land,” Mr. Golovchenko said, adding, “In continuation of ... recognised in Belarus," Mr. Golovchenko said. “Nazism is a tool ... of historical truth," Mr. Golovchenko added. The Prime Minister believes ... common historical destiny," Mr. Golovchenko stressed.

golovchenko , memory , history

Golovchenko: Belarus, Russia shifting to new integration stage

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during a reception on the ... ultimately benefit our peoples,” Mr. Golovchenko said, confirming that Russia is ... strong and independent state.” Mr. Golovchenko emphasised that, in conditions of ...

golovchenko , Union State

Golovchenko: EAEU is reliable shield against external threats

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko at a plenary session of ... labour and financial resources,” Mr. Golovchenko said via a video link ...

golovchenko , EAEU

Golovchenko: in H1 2022, Belarus saw record FDI net inflows over 9 years

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his talk with Belarus ... .belta.by According to Mr. Golovchenko, these slightly exceeded $1.8bn ...

Golovchenko , economy , FDI

Golovchenko: CIS is among Belarus’ most important integration platforms

... Government, Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko made a statement Photo: www ... of chairmanship in 2022,” Mr. Golovchenko said. The Prime Minister added ... ,” he informed. According to Mr. Golovchenko, the economic situation is deteriorating ...

cis , integration , Golovchenko

Golovchenko met with Azerbaijan’s Prime Minister

... Head of Belarus’ Government, Roman Golovchenko, has met today with Prime ... made direct contacts impossible’. Mr. Golovchenko, in turn, thanked Azerbaijan’s ... the near future," Mr. Golovchenko said, adding that foundation of ...

golovchenko , azerbaijan

Belarusian delegation visited UAE following President’s order

... delegation of Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko and NOC President Viktor Lukashenko ... with the UAE President, Roman Golovchenko, on behalf of the Belarusian ...

uae , golovchenko

Golovchenko: it is necessary to increase trade with Azerbaijan

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during a working meeting on ... . On May 18 th , Roman Golovchenko will leave for a two ...

Belarus , Azerbaijan , Golovchenko

Golovchenko: Belarus, Russia jointly deal with import substitution issues

... by Belarusian Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko, BelTA reports "Both Belarus ... our products than before,” Mr. Golovchenko said. The second category covers ... similar technical characteristics," Mr. Golovchenko explained.

golovchenko , belarus , russia

Golovchenko: we are rediscovering tragic pages of our history

... stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during the nationwide subbotnik “We ... rediscovering the tragic pages.” Roman Golovchenko noted that now the threat ... country’s independence,” underlined Mr. Golovchenko. Today, the Belarusian Head of ... down the entire village. Roman Golovchenko laid out an alley of ...

Golovchenko , subbotnik

PM: Belarus will have enough food for domestic needs and exports

... stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko in his talk with Belarus ... crossing restrictions are lifted, Mr. Golovchenko noted, “True, our food is ... ourselves and Russians," Mr. Golovchenko stressed.

golovchenko , food , exports , Belarus

Golovchenko: time for dictate of regional currencies is coming

... , this process is irreversible,” Roman Golovchenko said. According to Belarus’ Prime ...


Golovchenko took part in BELAZ Competence Centre opening in St. Petersburg

Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko has taken part in the ... is just space," Mr. Golovchenko described the new facility in ...

golovchenko , belaz

Golovchenko: no food shortages in Belarus and Russia

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his speech at the ... of great practical importance.” Roman Golovchenko noted that St. Petersburg is ...

Golovchenko , Belarus , Russia

Golovchenko: Belarus and Russia need to act jointly and swiftly

... stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko as he met with Russian ... scheduled for the later,” Mr. Golovchenko said. Belarus’ Prime Minister noted ... administrative restrictions,” he explained. Mr. Golovchenko considers it important to participate ... act jointly and swiftly,” Mr. Golovchenko noted.

golovchenko , mishustin , belarus , russia

Golovchenko: Belarusian exports to be reoriented from Ukrainian market

... stated by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko as he met with the ... reorient Ukrainian exports," Mr. Golovchenko said. According to the Prime ... the Ukrainian market," Mr. Golovchenko added.

golovchenko , exports

Golovchenko: Belarus is doing everything possible to hold Russia-Ukraine talks

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said this at a meeting ... platform for negotiations," Mr. Golovchenko stressed. The Prime Minister added ... conflict," he said. Mr. Golovchenko drew attention to the fact ...


Golovchenko: new era of EAEU development coming

... by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko during his visit to Eurasian ... all EAEU member states,” Mr. Golovchenko said. According to the Belarusian ... dependence on foreign imports,” Mr. Golovchenko stressed. The Prime Minister added ... develop harmoniously,” he said. Mr. Golovchenko noted also that the year ...

golovchenko , kazakhstan , EAEU

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