The welfare matrix

... measures aimed to support the economy, normalise the situation on the ... . The logic is simple — stable economy and positive dynamics ensure higher ... Living Standards Forecasts at the Economy Research Institute of the Ministry ... of Economy. “In addition, the salary level ... . DIRECT SPEECH Deputy Minister of Economy Andrei Kartun, “The implementation of ... average. Salary growth in the economy is planned to be at ...

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They make it hot

How the businesslike character of Belarusian metallurgists is tempered In order to maintain a strong position in the market, the management and employees of the Belarusian Steel Works (BMZ trademark) needed to show an iron character. Due to sanctions, including personal ones, BMZ — the Management Company of the BMC Holding, is prohibited not only from exporting steel products to the EU, but also from using the transit corridor through these countries. The plant accepted the challenge and began ...

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Bloomberg: Germany losing its status as industrial superpower

... country to ruin. Earlier, German Economy Minister and Vice Chancellor Robert ... also admitted that the German economy is losing competitiveness due to ...

Germany , economy

N. Korea ends economic liaisons with South

The Supreme People's Assembly of the DPRK voted to cancel all agreements with South Korea on the development of economic co-operation amidst the ongoing deterioration of relations between the two states, Reuters reports Photo: The assembly, which makes official decisions of the ruling Workers' Party of Korea, also voted to repeal the laws governing economic ties with Seoul, including a special document on the work of the tourist project on Mount Kumgang. "The tours to the ...

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A sign of strength and health

... Institute of the Ministry of Economy, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate ... through Ukraine, but through the economy, through us.” At a meeting ... the coordinated development of the economy in the interests of man ... material. Recently, the Ministry of Economy summed up the results of ... expectations. In general, the Belarusian economy has demonstrated a high degree ... the prospects for the global economy. Nevertheless, the West’s focus ...

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Media: German exports fell more than expected in December

... was difficult for the German economy, with exports dropping, farmers organising ...

Germany , economy , exports

Expert: Union State programmes gave powerful stimulus to the development of Belarus’ economy

... Union State programmes, the Belarusian economy began to develop more actively ... the development of the Belarusian economy. I won’t give specific ... the active development of the economies of Russia and Belarus is ... Union State construction and the economy of our states in every ...

Yelfimov , Union State , Belarus , Russia , economy

Belarus’ Economy Minister on the development concept of Belarusian economy

The Belarusian economy must develop at a pace ... than the world economy – as noted by Belarus’ Economy Minister in his ... year, the Head of the Economy Ministry noted, “We proceed from ... the concept that our economy should develop at a faster ... pace than the world economy.” According to Yuri Chebotar, the ... Belarusian economy has become as adaptive as ... experience of previous years,” the Economy Minister underlined. Yuri Chebotar noted ...

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India’s Finance Ministry forecasts its national economy to annually grow by 7%

... the coming years, India's economy is expected to grow by ... Finance Ministry in its Indian Economy – A Review report and made ... to become the third-largest economy in the world, with a ... of the domestic demand, the economy has achieved growth rates of ... to become a $7 trillion economy in the next six to ...

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Fight for the scraps…

Lack of access to quality food as food for thought According to Eurostat statistics, in prosperous Germany, almost 16 percent of citizens — 13 million people — are considered poor. We are talking about one of the ‘locomotives of the EU’. In simpler countries the problems are much more serious. Incredibly, the lack of access to good food in the EU is on the rise, and this provides plenty of food for thought. Sources: Eurostat, Euobserver The President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, " ...

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Wealth of the Belarusian land

... use in the country’s economy. Enterprises in the foundry industry ...

natural resources , economy , import substitution , raw materials

Economy Minister on sale of foreign companies’ property: important to get them interested in further work in Belarus

... foreign companies was raised, and Economy Minister Yuri Chebotar informed on ... Belarus 1 TV channel, the Economy Minister said that Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

chebotar , economy , Belarus

Deputy Economy Minister named drivers of GDP growth in 2023

... growth last year, Belarus’ Deputy Economy Minister Andrei Kartun told reporters ... ,” added Andrey Kartun. The Deputy Economy Minister noted that in retail ...

Belarus , economy ministry , GDP , economy

Belarus’ Economy Minister on GDP growth in 2023

... – higher than planned, with Belarus’ Economy Minister Yuri Chebotar speaking about ... said that, according to the Economy Ministry’s forecast, the GDP ...

Belarus , economy , GDP , chebotar

Germany admitted its economy not receiving enough funds due to Ukraine support

The German economy is underperforming as Berlin spends ... stated by German Minister of Economy and Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck ... does not flow into our economy.” Germany is the second (after ...

Germany , economy

In 2023, Belarus’ GDP rose by almost 4%

The gross domestic product (GDP) of Belarus in 2023 increased by 3.9 percent – as reported on the website of the National Statistical Committee The National Statistical Committee of Belarus carried out the first assessment of the country’s GDP for last year. It showed that GDP in current prices totalled Br216.1bn, or 103.9 percent against 2022 in comparable prices. In 2023, the GDP deflator index was 107.3 percent compared to the previous year.

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Pilipuk: mutual interest between Belarus and FAO in the implementation of joint projects

Belarus’ Agriculture and Food Minister Sergei Bartosh held an online meeting with FAO Regional Programme Leader for Europe and Central Asia Raimund Jehle. The head of the department underlined that Belarus makes a significant contribution to ensuring food security in the world and in the Eurasian region, promoting its own positive experience: a self-sufficient and food independent country in the international arena. Participants in the online meeting discussed issues of resuming active co- ...

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The carriages continue their journey

From repairing wheel sets to energy containers: how the oldest enterprise in Gomel restores rolling stock and develops new equipment for the railway The work of the Gomel Carriage Works is focused on the market of the post-Soviet space, which is due historically. Since the times of Tsarist Russia, and later in the USSR, the width of the railway gauge has been the same size, which, in turn, determined the standards for wheel sets, the design and dimensions of the cars. Most orders come from the ...

Belarus , economy , Gomel Carriage Works

Media: potential military conflict over Taiwan could lead to 10% reduction in global GDP

... potential damage to the global economy from possible developments around Taiwan ... .3 percent, while the global economy would lose 5 percent GDP.

Taiwan , economy , GDP

Upward movement

... Scientific Research Institute of the Economy Ministry. The economic department cited ...

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