EDB predicts improvement in Belarus' GDP dynamics

Eurasian Development Bank analysts note that, in 2022, the country’s GDP decreased by 4.7 percent According to the EDB conclusions, the domestic demand remained restrained last year, since the volume of retail trade and investments in fixed assets decreased in December. “In the coming months, the rate of GDP reduction in Belarus may remain close to the December value and will begin to slow down in the spring. In turn, by summer, GDP may move to growth in the absence of new shocks,” experts added ...

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Steady course along the Silk Road

Top managers of Great Stone on the achievements of the park in 2022 China-Belarus Great Stone Industrial Park summed up the first results of its work for 2022. The shaped plans have been implemented despite unfavourable external factors. The departed Water Tiger was favourable to the ‘pearl of the Silk Road’ in attracting new residents. Thus, the number of project participants reached 100 — 19 companies were registered during the year. The volume of announced investments increased to $1.32 ...

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Economy Ministry: despite sanctions pressure, Belarus’ economy has been developing dynamically in 2022

... the sanctions pressure, the Belarusian economy has been developing dynamically – as ... stated by Deputy Economy Minister Dmitry Yaroshevich, commenting on ... the work of the Belarusian economy in 2022. According to him ... per year.” According to Deputy Economy Minister, food industry and woodworking ... .6 percent. In general, the economy has performed well,” he added ... , “Profitability of sales in the economy amounted to 8.9 percent ... for this year, the Deputy Economy Minister assured that all the ...

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UN Secretary General: world is in state of storm

... the short term, the global economy will face a crisis. Recession ... are still observed in the economy. According to him, the world ...

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Sanctions are not a hindrance to efficiency

In 2022, Belshina OJSC worked more efficiently than in 2021, despite sanctions Photo by Andrei Sazonov In June last year, the Head of State set a number of tasks for the enterprise. “The main work is in the field of import substitution. In addition, like other industrial enterprises, Belshina needs to focus on diversifying sales markets and strengthening business contacts, primarily with Russia, as well as with other countries that are on the path of progress and constructive mutually beneficial ...

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Exceeding the plan

Belorusneft exceeded the annual plan for the production of associated petroleum gas by 3.3 million cubic metres at the end of last year Photo by Ivan Yarivanovich In total, more than 184.3 million cubic metres of the associated petroleum gas were produced in 2022, which is higher than the target by 3.3 million cubic metres. “Belorusneft is among the few companies in the post-Soviet space that have managed to achieve 100 percent processing of this type of raw material. Thus, the produced ...

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Lukashenko: if everything goes well in our economy, we’ll settle all other issues

... actively moving forward in the economy on import substitution. President Putin ... meeting with economic issues. The economy is the foundation. If everything ... goes well in our economy, we will settle all other ...

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Way to success

AMKODOR increased export of products by more than 80 percent in 2022 Photo by BELTA “2022 was a successful year for the AMKODOR holding due to the sustainable development of innovations. The growth strategy adopted in 2021 meets the current situation and development trends in the engineering market. In particular, the growth rate of product exports amounted to 182.4 percent. About 90 percent in sales volumes of the market is occupied by the products of the Construction Machines division,” stated ...

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US economist predicted most serious debt crisis in ten years

In an interview with the Spanish newspaper El Mundo , American economist Nouriel Roubini said that in ten years the world would face the most serious debt crisis Photo: It is known that earlier Nouriel Roubini predicted the global economic crisis of 2008. Now, he believes the world is approaching a tipping point that will change the lives of lenders and borrowers, both public and private. “In a decade, we may be facing the mother of all stagflationary debt crises,” the ...

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Expert comments on how Belarusian economy will develop in 2023

... isolate Belarus and accordingly undermine economy by imposing sanctions. “Belarus has ... the framework of the world economy. We have not been isolated ... achieve success in the Belarusian economy. “We have quite ambitious, but ...

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In 2022, inflation in Turkiye exceeded 64%

The consumer price index in Turkiye in annual terms amounted to 64.27 percent last year – as informed by the country’s Statistical Institute, TASS reports Photo: In December 2022, the monthly price growth slowed down slightly and amounted to 1.18 percent – becoming the minimum monthly inflation rate over the past nine months. Prior to the announcement of official data, several Turkish experts and private statistical organisations predicted inflation at around 66-80 percent in ...

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19FortyFive: Russia defeated West in financial war

Russia managed to defeat the Western countries in a financial war, horrifying the enemy – as noted by columnist Robert Farley in a publication for 19FortyFive , RIA Novosti reports Photo: According to the journalist, the Russian side managed to destroy the financial campaign unleashed by the United States and its allies. “Russia has continued to deliver energy resources to some customers (even in Europe) and has found new customers while price increases more than made up for ...

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Expert: global economy was predicted to roll back to the level of 2008 financial crisis

... international economic system “The global economy was predicted to roll back ... of all, hits the European economies, and as part of the ... importance of nation states and economies, with an increase in the ... the general concept: the European economy is being brought down, Germany ... to this. Even the ‘green economy’ in the West was used ...

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Technology of success

... of those employed in the economy work in the Park’s ... any other sector of the economy. Indeed, to create software, digital ... HTP residents have on the economy of Belarus? — It is difficult ... independent branch of the Belarusian economy, but also has a significant ... of high technologies in the economy and social sphere. In 2021 ...

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Progressive growth line

... , the transformation of the global economy. We are already making plans ...

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A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step

The trend to increase demand for import-substituting industries: the top manager of the Great Stone tells about the progress of the construction of the park International logistics has experienced many shocks in the past two years, but until the beginning of 2022, it worked according to clear rules. So far, Western countries have not introduced a number of restrictions. Due to the many changes, businesses and carriers have had to rebuild. Many succeeded, but today, frankly speaking, the market ...

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2023 budget: social focus

... to 95.3 percent. The economy is on a trajectory of ... employed in the country’s economy remained almost at last year ... average monthly wage in the economy will amount Br1938 (about $800 ...

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Expert explains how Turkey expands its economic capacities in working on Russian market

The Turkish economy is in a difficult position, ... most important indicators in the economy. As of early November, its ... place in the country’s economy, and some of them are ...

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Downside turns into plus

The Belarusian industrial, petrochemical and energy complexes are working with positive dynamics in the face of modern challenges What are the results of the work of the Belarusian industrial, petrochemical and energy complexes in the current world circumstances, and what are our prospects? Deputy Prime Minister Piotr Parkhomchik reported about this in the Oval Hall of the House of Government at a joint meeting of the chambers of the National Assembly. We bring to the attention of readers the ...

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Opinion: Belarus’ economy adapted to new realities and entered its growth trajectory

... to the expert, the Belarusian economy has adapted to new realities ... with the so-called market economy are handling this problem. “Inflation ...

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