Posted: 27.05.2024 10:53:00

Belarus’ PM: CIS economic growth rates higher than global

The economic growth rates of the CIS members are higher than the global ones – as stated by Belarus’ Prime Minister, Roman Golovchenko, at a meeting of the CIS Council of Heads of Government held in Ashgabat on May 24th

“In the difficult external conditions of 2023, economic growth in the CIS countries averaged 3.8 percent, whereas we were in a negative zone of minus 0.5 percent on average in 2022. As for Belarus, its GDP grew by 3.9 percent last year. I would like to emphasise that our joint growth rates are higher than the global ones,” Mr. Golovchenko said, adding that the economic growth of all CIS members is maintained in 2024. “According to statistics for Q1 2024, the CIS GDP grew by 3.9 percent. In Belarus, the growth amounted to 5.1 percent in four months.”

The PM focused on increasing the share of settlements in national currencies in the CIS, “This figure now exceeds 85 percent. It is important that investments in fixed assets have increased by more than 10 percent. Cargo transportation exceeded the level of 2022 by almost 6 percent. Unemployment is decreasing in the CIS countries.”

According to Mr. Golovchenko, this indicates an increase in economic activity in all CIS countries. “Economic ties are strengthening. It is important to implement new projects on this dynamic and increase the demand for our integration structure,” he stated.