‘We do everything bearing future prospects in mind’

... with the prospects for the development of the aviation industry in ... he was informed about the development of the infrastructure of the ...

Lukashenko , aviation , industry , development

Russian scientists develop food additives from cockroaches and worms

Biologists at Russia’s Tomsk State University plan to develop supplements with a controlled composition of nutrients based on crickets, marble cockroaches and earthworms, RIA Novosti reports Project manager Anastasia Simakova, who heads the Department of Invertebrate Zoology at the Tomsk State University’s Biological Institute, explained, “The purpose of our research is to develop biologically active food additives based on invertebrate biomass – a rich and at the same time eco-friendly source ...

science , russia , development

Rogozhnik: dynamics of development to be Industry Ministry’s main goal for 2023

... a new stage in the development That is, our industrial enterprises ...

Rogozhnik , Belarus , industry , development , dynamics

President's instruction translated into reality: first Belarusian laptop joined the market

... the enterprises that are demonstrating development,” Nadezhda Lazarevich, the Deputy Chairperson ... . He stressed that the domestic development had been created on the ... MAK4 hardware basis has been developed on Intel Core processors of ... large team of designers, engineers, developers, circuit engineers, programmers, production workers ...

President , belarus , laptop , development , Horizont

Belarusian version of Alice voice assistant may appear by late 2023

... Alice or Siri being currently developed by the speech synthesis laboratory ... a prototype now, but the development will be demonstrated later. “We ...

Voice assistance , science , development

Dialogue in the name of the development

... the world economy that previously developed weakly or even covertly.” According ... and so on should be developed. Artificial intelligence creates great opportunities ... light of modern challenges, the development of transport, infrastructure and digitalisation ... modern neoliberal model of economic development has not only contributed to ... and so on should be developed. Artificial intelligence creates great opportunities ... co-operation. Dialogue, not confrontation, development instead of regression. • At the ...

Verona Eurasian Economic Forum , geopolitics , Dialogue , development

Krutoi: results of 10th Forum of Regions of Belarus and Russia to strengthen bilateral co-operation

... discuss the prospects for the development of Belarusian-Russian relations and ...

Union State , Belarus , Russia , co-operation , development

Motivation for us Recession for the West

... into degradation A classical cyclical development has developed in Western capitalism. The ... caused various problems for the developing countries, pursued a dual policy ... , provoking other countries to accelerate development. Sanctions for good It must ... system that leads to its development. Moreover, this will have a ... . But it will come. Therefore, developed countries have undoubtedly unsettled the ... accelerated, deeper and more dynamic development of Russia, China, Belarus and ...

Belarus , development , recession , West , sanctions

Heart under smart protection

... scientific and technical programme called ‘Development and mastering the production of ... . Belarusian scientists predict that their development will not only be functionally ... ideas are still at the development stage. It means we are ...

medicine , cardiology , development

We will sow and we will reap

... help farmers, domestic breeders have developed 20 new high-yielding varieties ... have entered the fields. The developments of our scientists are aimed ... millet should be more widely developed on our land. In recent ...

agriculture , breeding , development , food security

Test tube disaster

New details of the development of biological weapons in Ukraine ... Germans decided to continue their development.” According to the expert, Germany ... are really engaged in the development of biological weapons, then the ... no way to justify the development of biological weapons on the ... company is known for its developments in predicting outbreaks of infectious ...

biological weapons , development , Ukraine

Next level grain

... enters the world market The development of agriculture has been a ...

BNBC , agriculture , technology , development , amino acids , exports , economics

In sports, results matter!

... and the prospects for the development of winter sports were discussed ... to ensure dynamics in the development of sports, “Where is positive ... already been enabled for the development of skating sport in Belarus ... the training process at well-developed facilities in Minsk. The Head ...

Lukashenko , meeting , sport , results , prospects , development

Intelligent living environment

... Deputy Director for Science and Development. First in Europe and ... country has everything for the development of the digitalisation sphere. — ... according to the index of development of information and communication technologies ... , the 2021-2025 Digital Development of Belarus state programme was ... the task of the Digital Development of Belarus programme for 2021 ... this is also the active development of electronic services for our ... . Our organisation is currently developing about 11 standards for smart ...

smart city , digitalization , science , development

Express tests to diagnose COVID-19 developed in Belarus

... of Sciences unitary enterprise has developed and set up production of ...

national academy of sciences , coronavirus , development

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