Historian: Belarus defended its independence and sovereignty in 2020

... 2020, Belarusians really defended their independence and sovereignty. Sovereignty is the ... and who is an enemy. Independence means preservation of the country ... right now, and that sovereign independent Belarus would exist on the ... ‘fighters’ for ‘the country’s independence’ using money of the appropriate ...

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Intellectual independence

... form a completely independent technology policy Is technological independence possible? It is ... about a broader concept — intellectual independence. Perhaps, it is precisely this ... the country to be intellectually independent, to form its own technological ... mistake to assume that intellectual independence concerns only a select few ... doomed to be intellectual and independent. As well as to form ...

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Crucial conditions for maintaining sovereignty and independence

... conditions for maintaining sovereignty and independence as the main idea of ... -sufficient, sometimes very strong, truly independent states under external control. Like ... for maintaining the sovereignty and independence of Belarus • National unity • Historical ... is the foundation • Social justice • Independent foreign policy • National defence capability ... On sovereignty and independence • I want to ensure ... will preserve this sovereignty and independence and provide them with everything ...

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Lukashenko: our independence is unshakable, I don’t talk to those who think otherwise

... allegedly began to deny the independence of Belarus and Ukraine Speaking ... telling you: the sovereignty and independence of our state are unshakeable ...

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Scotland announces new independence referendum

... to resolve the issue of independence in a democratic way. “In ... prime minister. The issue of independence cannot be suppressed, it must ... , this will not mean automatic independence for the region and will ...

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