Posted: 27.03.2024 15:00:00

Historian: Belarus defended its independence and sovereignty in 2020

People’s protests are increasingly sweeping Europe. In 2020, there were also attempts to inspire Belarus for such actions, to break the system of state power, but the republic managed to stand ground. Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science at the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus, explained what could happen to Belarus if people succumbed to provocations.

In his talk with Alfa Radio, the MP noted that the existing doctrine of the European Union and the Euro-Atlantic bloc is actually a neo-Bolshevism topsy-turvy, “They need a social experiment, and people are just white laboratory mice for them. Their ultimate goal is to simply destroy the welfare of some countries, and I am deeply convinced of this. We were at the centre of such events and witnessed everything from the inside. They can endlessly tell Belarusians fairy tales on TV, but we saw what was happening in Minsk and other cities countrywide. At the same time, it is necessary to remember that, in 2020, Belarusians really defended their independence and sovereignty. Sovereignty is the right to determine the nation’s geopolitical doctrine and its path, distinguishing who is a friend and who is an enemy. Independence means preservation of the country, its borders and everything else. If we did not have these – I do not actually wish to act as a prophet or a fortune teller – then it would be very bad. I doubt very much that we would talk right now, and that sovereign independent Belarus would exist on the world map and preserve its territorial integrity.”

Mr. Marzalyuk noted that the fire of war could have come much earlier to the land of Eastern Europe. In that case, Belarus would have been forced to take part in armed conflicts, and be dragged into places where it absolutely did not want to go. “Therefore, it is very important to understand one more fundamental point: if you work in politics for other people's money, then you never have the right to call yourself a national politician. This might sound rude, but very accurate. Therefore, all these pseudo-national leaders who feed from the appropriate containers at the embassies of foreign countries, when everything – down to underwear – is bought for certain ‘fighters’ for ‘the country’s independence’ using money of the appropriate funds, when it is all supervised with the help of someone else's intelligence, then these people are no other than traitors and collaborators. All followers of this trend are united by a single Judas seal. Speaking of Belarus, they actually know that the majority of our people will never support them, so their only cherished dream since the early 20th century is to come as part of foreign troops, no matter whose. All these pseudo-imitation military structures have always been policemen and collaborators: in 1941, they were engaged into compiling ‘black books’, and they continued doing so in 2020.”

In 2020, Belarusians did not support such people, and most citizens of the country turned out to be smart enough to understand that their national home should not be destroyed.

“It is complete idiocy to believe that it is necessary to destroy the already built house to live better. We can somehow ‘upgrade’ it. Actually, this does not mean that we are perfect, but any innovations – especially when being taken from someone else's practice – should be integrated into our model. At the same time, there are important aspects for Belarusians: these are their hearts, quality, economy, and attitude to life. This is all what can be called the Belarusian way of life, when the absolute majority shares a single fundamental idea that it’s impossible to be happy in a country where most people are unhappy. When the Head of State and authorities understand this, then the country is developing normally, and no pseudo-coup is possible,” the historian stressed.