MP on Poland’s fortifications on border with Belarus: it’s new edition of Cold War

... of the National Assembly, Igor Marzalyuk, called this a new edition ... each other by bicycle,” Mr. Marzalyuk explained. The expert emphasised that ...

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Historian on updated National Security Concept: it clearly identifies Belarus’ priorities

... of Historical Sciences, Professor Igor Marzalyuk, commented on the issue. Photo ... preserving peace in Belarus,” Mr. Marzalyuk said. The historian stressed that ...

marzalyuk , opinion , National Security Concept , Belarus

Historian: Belarus defended its independence and sovereignty in 2020

... managed to stand ground. Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... preserve its territorial integrity.” Mr. Marzalyuk noted that the fire of ...

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MP: Belarusian politics is struggle for peace

... peace on their territory. Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... talk with Alfa Radio . Mr. Marzalyuk noted that the President of ... Lukashenko,” the MP said. Mr. Marzalyuk stated that the Belarusian leader ...

marzalyuk , President , opinion

Historian: Belarus is unique state

... , Doctor of Historical Sciences Igor Marzalyuk, in his talk with the ... channel PHOTO: VIDEO SCREENSHOT Mr. Marzalyuk stressed that Belarus is a ...

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Professor: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Belarus were to become part of Germany

... – as noted by Professor Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... honouring their SS veterans, Mr. Marzalyuk recalled a directive of the ... instructions in that regard,” Mr. Marzalyuk added.

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Opinion: Vatican overstepped all boundaries in its anti-communism during WWII

... – as noted by Professor Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... during WWII,” he said. Mr. Marzalyuk reminded, “Back in the 1920s ...

catholicism , marzalyuk , opinion

Professor: Belarusians are tolerant, but will never accept evil and violence against their country

... of historical sciences, Professor Igor Marzalyuk, Belarusians have always been and ... ," the historian stressed. Mr. Marzalyuk also commented on National Unity ... the RSFSR and Poland,” Mr. Marzalyuk explained.

national unity day , marzalyuk , opinion

Marzalyuk: law on Poles’ special status will limit Ukraine's sovereignty

... was expressed by Professor Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ...

Marzalyuk , Ukraine , Poland

Belarusians should appeal to genuine national heroes, expert believes

... talk with Alfa Radio , Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... truth open to public. Mr. Marzalyuk commented, “We need to understand ... put things in perspective,” Mr. Marzalyuk added.

marzalyuk , opinion , year of historical memory

No uniform and single model of democracy exists

... idea was shared by Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing ... be building our country.” Mr. Marzalyuk noted that the new draft ... of evolution. According to Mr. Marzalyuk, Belarusians can independently determine their ... future ourselves,” he stressed. Mr. Marzalyuk emphasised that the current Constitution ...

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