Morawiecki did not rule out WWIII because of Ukrainian conflict

The Russian-Ukrainian conflict could escalate into a third world war – as noted by Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki in his talk with Spanish El Mundo, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com Mr. Morawiecki noted that the crisis will end when the Russian Federation ‘decides to withdraw from the territory of Ukraine either voluntarily or forcibly’. Answering a clarifying question about whether ‘forcibly’ means WWIII, the Polish Prime Minister said that ‘all scenarios are taken into ...

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Polish PM admitted sanctions have little effect on Russia

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki agreed with the statement that the sanctions imposed against Russia are not having the desired effect, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com In an interview with Interia, he explained, “What catches the eye: Russia this year and next will develop faster than Germany. And this despite the sanctions. Firstly, unfortunately, Russia has learned to bypass them. Secondly, the prices of raw materials have skyrocketed. The Russian budget make more money ...

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Kadyrov suggested possible denazification of Poland

... a special operation to denazify Poland, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... believes that – by helping Ukraine – Poland has exhausted its own resources ... its military operation’. “After all, Poland is next to Ukraine on ... – primarily, on the territory of Poland. Accordingly, Poles have timely thoughts ... political situation has developed in Poland. "This region has earned ...

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Opinion: US trying to move its forces closer to Union State

... Eastern European base out of Poland with a transfer of some ... reason, the port infrastructure in Poland and the Baltic States is ... analogue of Ukraine out of Poland. Since 2004, when the first ... is now being applied in Poland. Let Poles see what is ...

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Polish security forces threw away another dead refugee

... barriers on the border with Poland, the Belarusian border patrol found ... crisis on the border with Poland, this is the 12th death ...

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State Border Committee: EU to deport 6,500 refugees to Poland

... the return of refugees to Poland in 2022, the State Border ... have already been returned to Poland. “Given the policy of ill ...

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Opinion: there’s great risk of Poland's direct involvement into Russian-Ukrainian conflict

... as possible in the war. Poland is on the verge. What ...

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Polish security forces do not stop trying to force out refugees through animal gates

... deaths on the border with Poland since the beginning of the ...

State Border Committee , Belarus , Poland , refugees

Body of a refugee found on border territory with Poland

... far from the border with Poland, in the Pruzhany District “An ...

Investigative Committee , border , poland , refugee

Belarus’ NOC President congratulated Andrzej Krasnicki on his birthday

... Olympic committees of Belarus and Poland remain partners and will continue ...

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Opinion: there’re beneficiaries of Ukraine conflict, and Poland is their tool

What is the role of Poland in the Ukrainian conflict and ... enemies towards each other. But Poland is their tool, which gladly ... does not end the way Poland expects, all these tanks, budget ... should also not forget that ‘Poland does not hide its ambitions ...

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Retired Polish General proposed to form army of Ukrainian refugees

... Ukrainian citizens who arrived in Poland – as reported by RIA Novosti ... military affairs not only in Poland, but also in Germany and ... from citizens who arrived from Poland. “Why not create such Ukrainian ... troops in Poland and send them to the ...

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Zelenskyy Office Head: Poland will supply 60 PT-91 Twardy tanks to Ukraine

... Army / Spc. Hubert Delany Earlier, Poland’s Deputy Minister of National ... within a few weeks. "Poland will send 60 PT-91 ...

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Belarus suspended agreement with Poland on co-operation in education

... Government of the Republic of Poland on Co-operation in the ... Government of the Republic of Poland on Co-operation in the ...

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Morawiecki admitted Western countries tired of situation in Ukraine

Western countries are tired of providing military assistance to Ukraine – as stated by Polish PM Mateusz Morawiecki, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www.reuters.com The politician was asked by the Polish television whether world leaders notice and appreciate the role of Warsaw in supporting Ukraine. Mateusz Morawiecki responded positively but admitted that ‘there is also something like tiredness’. The Polish PM said that just a few months ago, the discussions on this issue were ‘at different levels ...

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Poland announced increase in number of troops in the east of the country

Poland is trying to increase the ... , Minister of National Defence of Poland Mariusz Blaszczak, RIA Novosti reports ... service) are starting training in Poland. “We have prepared 25,000 ...

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European laws force refugees to use the services of smugglers

The governments of neighbouring EU countries have passed laws allowing the military to throw refugees at the border without trials and procedures – as reported by the State Border Committee of Belarus in its Telegram channel According to the Belarusian border department, the new laws are contrary to international law. “European security forces ‘officially’ expel people by denying them the right to apply for protection in the EU. The inability to exercise their legal rights and the fear of being ...

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Opinion: Belarus creates no strike groups and poses no threat to its neighbours

... implementation of insidious plans of Poland and other Western countries towards ... policy behind the scenes – as Poland is doing with regard to ... implementation of these plans of Poland and other Western countries.”

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State Border Committee: cause of death of a refugee on the Polish border become known

On January 7th, a refugee’s body was found in the Polish border area, that was a doctor from Yemen. As Belarus’ State Border Committee reports in its Telegram channel , the foreigner died because of the Polish military’s inaction. Photo: www.belta.by According to the Polish side, on January 7th, a corpse was found in the Polish border area. Later it became known that was a doctor from Yemen. The refugees’ relatives stayed with him on the Polish territory and informed that the man was unwell. ...

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Last week, Polish security forces tried to force refugees out through animal gates three times

... State Border Committee said that Poland is grossly violating international law ... that the border guards of Poland in their reports hide the ...

State Border Committee , Poland , border , refugees

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