Expert: EU sanctions didn’t hurt Russia, but worsened economic situation in EU

... the economic situation in the EU, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS ... , it became clear that the EU sanctions failed to significantly affect ... the economic situation in the EU, and the moment when the ...

EU , Russia , sanctions

Belarus’ CEC accredited EU observers

The Central Election Commission of Belarus has accredited observers from the countries of the European Union, BelTA reports with reference to CEC secretary Yelena Baldovskaya "To date, 23 representatives of the European Union have been accredited – representing Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Sweden and a number of other countries," Yelena Baldovskaya informed.

elections , Belarus , eu , observers

MP: European Union is the US hostage

... of Russia, Belarus and the EU is a terrible dream for ...

eu , usa , europe , gaidukevich , opinion , russia , Belarus

Czech farmers join protests, driving their tractors into Prague’s centre

... joining the protests against the EU’s Green Deal, Reuters reports ... prices for cheap imports and EU restrictions.

EU , the Czech republic , farmers , protests

EU allocated almost half as much aid to Ukraine as promised

... According to the institute, the EU promised to allocate a total ... assistance to Kyiv from the EU ‘seems guaranteed’ in the near ...

EU , Ukraine

Hungarian FM: no hope for peace if communication channels with Russia are closed

... member states, the weaker the EU will be,” Szijjarto added.

Hungary , EU , Russia

French politician urged to dissolve NATO and EU after Scholz’s statement

... to dissolve NATO and the EU because their members are constantly ... to get rid of the EU and NATO.”

Scholz , Nato , EU

Medical tourists from Lithuania, Latvia choose Belarus thanks to its balanced visa policy

Geography of medical tourists is changing – as noted by Aleksandr Trus, the Head of Medical Initiative’s PR Department, as he spoke at Health, Wellness and Medical Tourism in Belarus: Current State and Prospects for Domestic and Foreign Markets press conference, reports “The CIS countries prevail, and the citizens of Russia take the lead. Nevertheless, the flow of tourists from China has greatly increased, and people from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Georgia more often come to ...

visa-free regime , medicine , tourism , Belarus , eu

Media: Frontex stated it’s impossible to stop migration

Illegal immigration to the EU from West Africa increased more ... ahead of a trip of EU President Charles Michel and Spanish ... number of arrivals to the EU is likely in 2024, adding ... that, when asked about the EU-wide parliamentary elections in June ...

migrants , eu , border

Deputy invites Baltic States to Belarus-Russia Union State: everyone joining EU loses sovereignty

... unions. Everyone who joins the EU loses their sovereignty. That’s ...

Gaidukevich , Belarus , Russia , EU , Baltic States

Austria urges clear rules to protect EU borders from illegal migration

It is necessary to develop clear rules to protect the external borders of the European Union from illegal migrants – as noted by Federal Chancellor of Austria Karl Nehammer, TASS reports photo: During the presentation of his plan for Austria’s future development, Nehammer noted, “We need clear rules to protect Europe’s external borders from illegal migration, and asylum procedures should also be possible in third countries. <...> We stand for a clear distinction between ...

Austria , EU , illegal migration

EU panics over potential meeting between Tucker Carlson and Vladimir Putin

... stated. Filippo notes that some EU MEPs are campaigning to ban ...


EU supported use of Russian assets profits to support Ukraine

EU summit participants approved a proposal ... and progressive integration into the EU, with a view to possible ... future EU membership, a Ukraine Facility for ... of loans guaranteed from the EU budget, and €17bn will be ... be generated under the relevant EU legal acts, concerning the use ... 30th, the ambassadors of the EU countries tentatively agreed on a ... , to transfer them to the EU budget.

EU , Russia , Ukraine , assets

EU hopes to transfer €21bn of weapons to Ukraine in 2024

... meeting of the EU defence ministers in Brussels, EU foreign policy chief ... no data yet for some EU members. According to Borrell, since ... military operation in Ukraine, the EU and all member countries have ... last year until now, the EU has supplied 330,000 shells.

EU , Ukraine

Hungary to maintain ban on agricultural imports from Ukraine

... conflict ‘began to enter the EU markets, causing their disruption’. In ...

Hungary , Ukraine , EU , imports

Foreign Ministry: Russia will regard confiscation of its assets by EU as trade war

... diplomat is convinced that the EU understands well that the Russian ... a lucrative idea for the EU to mend its budget problems ... stressed. On January 29th, the EU ambassadors provisionally agreed on a ...

russia , EU , Zakharova , assets , sanctions

Fight for the scraps…

... of the ‘locomotives of the EU’. In simpler countries the problems ... to good food in the EU is on the rise, and ... between the US and the EU. America’s military and political ...

EU , economy , food , prices , poverty

Opinion: US brought EU to impoverishment, a drop in living standards and collapse of European economies

... was imagined to be. The EU once seemed like a collection ... crisis began. American authorities deprived EU members of sales markets and ...

Belyaev , US , EU

Polish General: NATO, EU cannot stand up to Russia

... ’ because it understands that the EU and NATO ‘cannot do anything ...

NATO , EU , Ukraine , russia

Expert explains why the West is militarising

... the internal problems of the EU and NATO at the expense ...

Avdonin , West , militarisation , Europe , EU , UK , US , Belarus , Russia , CIS , SCO , BRICS

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