Europe wants to participate in US-Russia talks

The European Union cannot be a neutral spectator in the framework of negotiations on US and NATO security guarantees with Russia – as stated by Josep Borrell, the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, whose words are quoted by The Financial Times, RIA Novosti reports Photo: In late 2021, Russia presented draft agreements with the United States and NATO on security guarantees. The Russian Federation demands legally binding guarantees ...

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Gaidukevich: the EU is in crisis

... something in Belarus “They [the EU member states] cannot deal with ... have been included [in the EU] in the last ten years ... , all the dissatisfaction of the EU citizens spills out during the ... . Gaidukevich, adding that in the EU countries they are doing everything ...

Gaidukevich , EU

No freedom of speech or democracy in EU

The Chairman of the Republican Znanie Belarusian Society, Vadim Gigin, shared his views with Alfa Radio , stating that there is no freedom of speech or democracy in the European Union now “There are honest people in Poland who ask questions not only about refugees, but also about why the Polish state sponsors the presence of Belarusian fugitives on its territory, how it further sees its relations with Belarus and Russia, why the Poles state that that they are ready to stop the transit and what ...

Gigin , EU

EU attempts to displace Belarus’ leadership with help of sanctions

... billion of them in the EU. It would have been foolish ... . It looks more like the EU is waging a hybrid war ... diplomat, it is actually the EU that is responsible for the ... same time, he believes the EU sanctions against Belarus are uncivilised ... all our projects with the EU to strengthen and protect borders ...

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Anti-Belarusian sanctions do not benefit the EU

This opinion was shared by German Bundestag deputy Waldemar Gerdt, from the Alternative for Germany party, in his talk to Belarus 1 TV channel, BelTA reports Photo: "If we look at this pragmatically, even from our own political doctrine, what we are doing now with Belarus is not beneficial for us in any case. We are one civilisation, and we share a single genetic code. However, if we continue to behave like this, then our brothers, our neighbours will work with China. We ...

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EU as purgatory for peoples

... tool in that struggle. The EU is intentionally weak in this ... said. The expert considers the EU countries are not completely free ...

Gigin , EU

Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s statement on new package of sanctions

... mantras about tightening pressure, the EU remains deaf to the appeals ...

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It’s beneficial for US to break EU up, Ukrainian journalist states

... observe inadequate actions of the EU in the future, “For example ...

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Political scientist comments on US plans to destabilise Europe

... keeps its reserves in the EU; technologies and so on are ...

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Belarus’ Foreign Ministry: Europe made not a single transfer of money to help refugees

Not a single payment has been made by the European Union to help refugees – as stated by the press secretary of Belarus’ Foreign Ministry, Anatoly Glaz, BelTA reports Photo by Aleksandr Kulevsky "By and large, the European Commission has done nothing except statements of intent. While visiting the transport and logistics centre, technical experts did not communicate with refugees staying there,” Mr. Glaz noted. According to the press secretary, there are no obstacles for refugees who want ...

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EU plans mass arrests of people connected with refugees smuggling

... -date information, the 59-page EU internal document dated November 13 ... under the auspices of individual EU member states, while other operations ...


Lukashenko: I don't give a damn about what people think about me in UK, USA or EU

... Union. It wasn’t the EU that elected me. You haven ...

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European (non)unity

... COVID-19 pandemic when the EU countries were fighting a new ... bureaucracy. Only now is the EU beginning to develop some common ... out of supranational jurisdiction. The EU is losing unity also due ... Britain’s exit from the EU, it became quite obvious ... project their interests inside the EU, including through the Eastern European ... military and political terms, the EU is still under the umbrella ... values and ideology, the EU still believes in its own ... universal values promoted by the EU cannot be acceptable even in ...


UN condemned Poland's use of water cannons against refugees

The UN condemned the use of water cannons against refugees on the Polish border, RIA Novosti reports. As the organisation stressed, there should be no such use of force against people.

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MEP: we make refugees die in the forest by erecting thorny walls

... this in relation to the EU external borders – as stated by ...

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Borrell: crisis on Belarusian-Polish border may turn into humanitarian catastrophe

This opinion was shared by the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, during his interview with France 24 which shots have been broadcast by Russia 24 TV channel Photo by Aleksei Vyazmitinov He believes the current approaches to solving the problem do not work. “Not only in Poland, but also in many other European countries, there are more walls now than in times of the Berlin Wall. However, the refugee issue will not be solved in this ...

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Frost is no obstacle for sanctions

... forced the countries of the EU ‘periphery’ to increase purchases of ... solve the problems of the EU ‘periphery’. At the same time ...

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Not a collapse of EU but a warning sign, believes political scientist

... contradictions between Poland and the EU. According to him, it’s ... and the European Union on EU membership. This violates the principles ... of the EU functioning. Not so long ago ... the UK to leave the EU. At present, the problem of ... to break out of the EU. This is not a collapse ... the European Union. However, the EU is represented not only by ...

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Migration crisis becoming global

... — and will penetrate into the EU. Right now, a serious challenge ... for the EU is to prevent a sharp ... important to understand that the EU will not solve the problem ...

EU , migration

Revising visa-free travel

EU countries mull curbing visa-free ... bloc, according to an internal EU document. Among the abuses cited ...

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