Democracy in the West is in force on paper only, expert says

In Western countries, democracy exists on paper only and acts as a sort of wrapper – as noted by Vadim Gigin, the Chairman of Republican Belarusian Znanie Society, in his talk with the Belarus 1 TV channel According to the expert, even citizens in the West have no belief in the values they are constantly being told about. “There is declarative democracy [in the West], and it acts on paper only. It is a sort of wrapper. If we look at public opinion in Western countries, we can see that citizens ...

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Former US intelligence officer declares Russia's victory over the West

Russia has won a triple victory over the West: political, economic and military – as noted by a former US intelligence officer Scott Ritter, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www According to Mr. Ritter, ‘Russia is winning on all fronts’. He voiced the arguments, stating, “On the military front — on the battlefield. On the political side, it is enough to look at the collapse in the bureaucratic ranks of European states, and the continuing drop in the ratings of the Joe Biden administration in ...

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Gigin: Poland and Baltic States are at the forefront of fascistisation of Europe

Today, the fascistisation of Europe is taking place while Poland ... imposition of fascist methods in Europe began with the rehabilitation of ... is the very fascistisation of Europe. Poland and the Baltic States ...

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WHO: new coronavirus wave registered in Europe

A new wave of coronavirus cases has covered Europe – as informed by the World Health Organisation Photo: As reported by RIA Novosti , the WHO believes that European countries need to take immediate measures to prevent the further spread of infection. So far, no details about the WHO statement are available. Earlier, the organisation informed that a bivalent COVID-19 vaccine will be ready for use in autumn.

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Europe ‘shot itself in the lungs’ with sanctions, Orban says

... lead to the desired result; Europe has suffered more from the ...

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Avdonin said Europe won’t cope without Russian energy

... events, the analyst said that Europe is unable to cope with ...

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Germany says no EU country able to deal with energy crisis alone

... important than ever. “We, as Europe, are a community united by ...

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Lukashenko: Europe doesn’t want to fight, but today it’s completely under US heel

Europe does not want to fight, ... : “Of course, Europe does not want to fight ... it is also clear that Europe does not decide anything today ...

Lukashenko , Europe , USA

Gaidukevich: lockdowns in Europe aim not to fight the pandemic, but to control people

... , but to the weakening of Europe,” he said. The deputy believes ... that introduction of lockdowns in Europe has nothing to do with ...

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Europe facing new wave of coronavirus triggered by highly contagious Omicron sub-variants

... coronavirus was successfully defeated in Europe, but that was not the ...

Europe , coronavirus

Recession risk in Europe rises to 40%

... of an economic downturn in Europe to around 40 percent – as ...

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Gigin: we witness second occupation of Europe by US

... increase their military presence throughout Europe, particularly, in Poland, the Baltic ... NATO rapid deployment forces in Europe to 300,000 people is ... witnessing the second occupation of Europe by the United States, because ... will transfer large groups to Europe. I want to remind you ... , to the same saturation of Europe with weapons,” said Vadim Gigin ... , create new jobs, and increase Europe’s dependence on the United ...

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Strong European leaders now replaced by showmen and political dwarfs, expert asserts

... autumn, the heating season in Europe will start, and the food ...

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Youth enjoys more opportunities in Belarus than in the West

There are much more opportunities in political, public and other spheres for young people in Belarus than in the Western countries – as noted by the Chairman of the Youth Parliament at Belarus’ National Assembly, Yegor Makarevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Makarevich emphasised that young people rarely occupy managerial positions in the West. “The Western senile elite is a vivid indicator that there is no fresh breath of youth there. The same is true for the United States Senate, and the ...

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Lithuanian state is unviable, deputy believes

... other states (especially in Eastern Europe) face after joining the European ...

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US intends to deploy additional forces in Europe for a long time

... deployment of additional forces in Europe for the long term, stated ... the presence of forces in Europe as a response to the ...

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West will soon experience reverse effect of sanctions, expert explains

By the beginning of autumn, the collective West will face a reverse effect of the sanctions imposed against Russia and Belarus – as noted by Belgian political analyst Gilbert Doktorow in his talk with the ONT TV channel Photo: “Everything is yet to come. [The West] will experience the pain of sanctions by the beginning of autumn; fuel oil prices will come to the fore then. So far, we only read in newspapers that fuel oil has become more expensive, and it now costs 1.47 Euros per ...

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Millions of Africans will face food crisis because of West

... provoke serious migration flows. “Western Europe may plunge into a new ...

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Belarus, Russia are example of new world order creation, Belgian expert asserts

The West has pushed Minsk and Moscow to closer co-operation by its action. As a result, Belarus and Russia are becoming an example of creating a new world order, Belgian political analyst Gilbert Doktorow believes Photo: In his talk with the ONT TV channel, the expert noted, “Russia and Belarus are an example of new world order creation. It is necessary to say that there was no country other than China that could resist the sanctions imposed by the West against the East. Russia ...

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Many Europeans want the leader like Belarus has, expert believes

... to differentiate the politics of Europe and the United States from ... out to young people in Europe and the United States so ...

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