Farmers’ hunger strike in Polish Sejm lasting for a week, and two persons already sent to hospital for health reasons

... meeting with this group of protesters. They are not representatives of ... Polish farmers,” he stated. Mass protests of farmers began in Poland ...

poland , farmers , protests , Tusk

Rally held in Paris against sending aid to Ukraine and for France’s withdrawal from NATO

... him, in this way the protesters are symbolically dealing with the ...

France , Ukraine , Russia , NATO , protests

Thousands of people rallied in Greece against military plans of US, NATO and EU

Thousands protested against the military plans of ... column consisting of several thousand protesters arrived at the ministry. According ... the Internet portal, thousands of protesters joyfully greeted the column near ...

Greece , NATO , EU , US , protests , Gaza Strip

Ukrainian farmers advise Poland to grow marijuana instead of grain

... began to hold large-scale protests and block checkpoints located on ... agricultural products from Ukraine. The protests were supported by the leadership ...

Ukraine , poland , protests , grain

Polish farmer protests supported by majority of citizens surveyed

Farmer protests, including blocking roads and holding ...

Poland , protests , farmers , poll

Expert predicted developments in Poland amid protests by farmers

... from Ukraine, Polish farmers resumed protests. During the demonstrations, they blocked ... other reasons for the Polish protesters' discontent, “Who are the farmers ...

Dzermant , Poland , protests , farmers

Police forced Greta Thunberg to stop blocking Swedish parliament

On March 12th, Swedish police forcibly expelled Greta Thunberg and other climate activists who had been blocking the entrance to parliament for two days, Reuters reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM On March 11th, Thunberg and dozens of other environmental campaigners blocked the main entrances to Sweden's parliament in a sit-in protest against the effects of climate change and, in their words, political inaction. The activists left in the afternoon but returned to the protest on March 12th in the ...

Sweden , Thunberg , protests

Czech farmers scattered manure on Prague streets during new protests

On March 7th, Czech farmers scattered manure in front of government offices and blocked the streets of Prague with tractors, demanding more support, less bureaucracy, and an end to cheap food imports to the European Union, Reuters reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Czech farmers have been holding their third protest since mid-February. Farmers entered Prague on March 7th, in the morning, lining up hundreds of tractors along the river road leading to government offices and interfering with traffic, ...

Czech Republic , farmers , protests

Media: first clashes between farmers and police in Warsaw

T he first clashes between protesting farmers and the police were ... Donald Tusk is located. The protesters burned a coffin with the ... . The guards pushed back the protesters, but there were no arrests ... to protest in Warsaw. The protesters are seeking an embargo on ...

Poland , protests , farmers

Poll: over 50% of Poles blame EU and country’s former government for agrarian crisis

... Polish farmers, provoking their mass protests, TASS reports photo: www.pixabay ... Russia is behind the farmers’ protests. The survey was conducted online ... , Polish farmers began large-scale protests and blockades of border checkpoints ... emissions by 2050. The farmers’ protests were supported by the Polish ...

Poland , Ukraine , protests , farmers , EU , government

Polish farmers blocked truck traffic on border with Germany

Protesting Polish farmers do not allow ... killed by European politics’. Recently, protests among agrarians have been growing ...

poland , germany , farmers , protests

Italians go on strike in protest against supply of weapons to Israel, Ukraine

... It is informed that the protesters demand ‘an immediate cease-fire ...

italy , Ukraine , protests , palestine , israel

Police detained 60 people during farmers’ protests in Spain

... detained 60 people during the protests of farmers, TASS reports with ... is noted that, during the protests, farmers most often blocked traffic ... police. During one of the protests, law enforcement agencies detained 60 ...

Spain , farmers , protests , police

Expert on methods used by the West to destabilise global situation

The West uses the same manuals and scenarios when rocking the situation in different countries of the world – as stated by the Chairman of the Board of the Second National TV Channel, Marat Markov, in his talk with Alfa Radio Mr. Markov listed several points as an example, “These are consolidation through messengers, blinding of security officers with pointers, rousing doctors to action, accusing the authorities of violence, an attempt to seize state institutions, abuse of state symbols. When ...

west , protests , markov , opinion , russia , belarus , Hong Kong

S. Korean doctors joining protests, with patient treatment at risk

... medicine,” the publication reads. The protests began earlier this week, and ... Minister Park Min-soo urged protesters to prioritise their patients over ...

south korea , doctors , protests

4,000 Slovak farmers to join protests against EU's agrarian policy

... Slovakia intend to join European protests against the EU's agricultural ... are joining the pan-European protests of farmers scheduled for February ... registered [to participate in the protests]. Protests will be held in 37 ... colleagues, who will also hold protests against the EU's agrarian ... policy on February 22nd. The protests in Slovakia will begin on ...

slovakia , farmers , protests

Czech farmers join protests, driving their tractors into Prague’s centre

... Ministry building, thus joining the protests against the EU’s Green ... to join this week’s protests, blocking one lane of a ... . “Several hundred whistling and jeering protesters outside the Agriculture Ministry yelled ... , Germany, Spain and Italy are protesting against low prices for cheap ...

EU , the Czech republic , farmers , protests

Media: Polish farmers block roads, border with Ukraine in nationwide protest

... farmers were facing but hoped protests could be organised in a ...

Poland , Ukraine , farmers , protests

Protests gather steam

... Latvia. France is rocked by protests across almost the entire country ... to take active action. Farmer protests in the European Union are ... either make concessions to the protesters, or use force to remove ... fact that the next day, protesters will be joined by workers ...

Europe , protests , farmers , strike

The Texas syndrome

Separatist movements are gaining strength in the United States and Europe One of the signs of the emerging multipolar world is deglobalisation and creation of new centres of power, the very ‘poles’ around which independent states are concentrated. However, this process holds another, more particular but no less interesting one — the strengthening of centrifugal forces inside large and not very large countries. This trend has many guises — from decentralisation to open separatism. And while there ...

world , Texas , protests , USA , Europe , separatists

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