About 700 endovascular surgeries performed annually in Minsk

... the world jointly by Belarusian doctors and their Greek colleague.

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Pinevich: hostilities are around, but wages are rising in Belarus’ healthcare system

Belarus continues to raise doctors’ salaries – as informed by Healthcare ... topic of the shortage of doctors, including urging them to leave ... of the number of practicing doctors per 1,000 population, Poland ... Belarus, this figure makes 48 doctors per 1,000 population, and ... taken in Belarus to support doctors: in particular, the President’s ...

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News photo: young doctors graduated from Vitebsk Medical University

Council of the University was solemnly held at Vitebsk State Order of Peoples' Friendship Medical University, and would-be doctors swore the Hippocratic Oath and received diplomas

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Lukashenko awarded commendation to Mogilev doctors

Doctors of the Mogilev Regional Clinical ...

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Doctor spoke about celery’s ability to kill cancer cells

Celery contains a special substance that has powerful antitumor properties – as announced by nutritionist and endocrinologist Victoria Bolbat in her talk with Belarus 1 TV channel Photo: “Celery contains apigenin, which is very popular in Chinese medicine. It is an anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatory and antitumor agent. Some studies suggest that it is this substance that promotes apoptosis of cancer cells, actually, their self-eating,” Ms. Bolbat drew attention. Moreover, ...

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Coffee consumption may help in fight against liver cancer

In his talk with Russia 1 TV channel, Aleksandr Myasnikov, a cardiologist, general practitioner, and TV presenter told why it is actually useful to drink coffee regularly and how this drink affects the occurrence of cancer Photo: “Coffee is a very healthy drink, preventing liver cirrhosis and oncology. This drink is also very important for patients with hepatitis. Moreover, coffee is useful for patients with cardiovascular diseases, reducing the risk of heart attack and ...

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Minsk doctors awarded for fight against COVID-19

... of distinction presented to chief doctors of Minsk hospitals and polyclinics ...

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Lukashenko presents Order for Personal Gallantry to seventh-grader

... also awarded the team of doctors who saved the young hero ... also expressed gratitude to the doctors who saved the boy’s ... control. The country’s best doctors were fighting for the young ... strength not only to the doctors, but also to Roman's ... were also presented to the doctors of the Minsk Emergency Hospital ...

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