Poland receives EU invoice for unpaid fines

... sent an invoice demanding that Poland pays off the fines imposed ... the European Commission, said that Poland does not follow the EU ... noted, the European Commission sent Poland a demand to pay off ... on a monthly basis if Poland fails to comply with the ...

poland , european commission

Armed Polish servicemen entered Belarus’ territory twice

... of the state border from Poland to Belarus – as reported in ... metres, and then returned to Poland. Then, a couple of hours ... the spread of fakes, indicate Poland’s desire to artificially escalate ...

Belarus , Poland , border

Investigative Committee initiates collection of additional information about Polish security forces’ victims

... ówka of the Republic of Poland and he is aware of ...

Investigative Committee , poland

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry comments on criminal case with Polish citizen’s involvement

... of the Consulate General of Poland in Brest." The Polish ... our country and hide in Poland – but was detained by our ... of the Consulate General of Poland in Brest. Moreover, they did ...

foreign ministry , poland

Poland’s Consulate General organised escape for a Pole suspected of a fatal accident in Belarus

... Belarus with the help of Poland’s Consulate General Photo: www ... of the Consulate General of Poland in Brest. According to the ... of the Consulate General of Poland in Brest helped the foreigner ... country for the Republic of Poland. However, he was detained on ...

car accident , poland

Poland signed agreement to build Belarus border wall

The Polish Border Guard has signed three contracts with contractors envisaging construction of a fence on the border with Belarus – as stated by Poland’s Deputy Interior Minister, Maciej Wasik, TASS reports According to Mr. Wasik, the fence will be 186km long and its construction will be carried out simultaneously along four sections. As supposed, almost 1.5bn Zlotys (more than $370m) will be allocated by Poland to implement the project.

belarus , poland , border

Refugee crisis will turn into big problems for Polish ruling class

... book, entitled The Crime of Poland and Lithuania against Refugees: Facts ...

Gigin , opinions , Poland , Lithuania , refuges

Gaidukevich: Emil Czeczko’s words are the tip of the iceberg

... were imposed against us, not Poland. A blatant violation of all ...

gaidukevich , opinion , poland

It is in Poland's interests to be friends with Belarus

... – said that it is in Poland’s interests to be friends ... develop economic liaisons with it “Poland is very dependent on the ... of Dollars were invested in Poland, the task was to make ... fiercely oppose Belarus and Russia. Poland’s leadership in the European ... people killed this dream of Poland in 2020. There will never ... is an internal struggle in Poland now since not everyone agrees ... national interests. “It is in Poland's interests to be friends ...

poland , gaidukevich , opinion , Belarus

Polish politician to be brought to justice for insulting soldiers

... trying to illegally get to Poland from Belarus, Wladyslaw Frasyniuk called ...


Polish authoritarianism starts resembling classical dictatorship

... party fiercely dislikes. Definitely, modern Poland has crossed a certain line ... in the book [Crimes of Poland and Lithuania Against Refugees: Facts ... in the affirmative, “There [in Poland], a semi-fascist society with ...

Gigin , poland

Data on Poland's actions against refugees will be sent to international organisations

... or with the consent of Poland’s political leadership. In addition ... officials, with calls to commit Poland’s aggression against Belarus," ...

poland , refugees , shved

Polish elites’ behaviour ends badly for them

... . The governments of Hungary and Poland have united in resisting the ... domestic legislation. “Does this mean Poland is again double-dealing?” he ... asked. “Poland is playing a double game ... forget that, among other things, Poland is actively pursuing an anti ... . It is a double game: Poland acts as a besieged fortress ... Europe understands perfectly well that Poland behaves unworthily, “The EU cannot ... Union is well aware that Poland has crossed all the lines ...

dzermant , opinion , poland

We witness Europe’s sunset, believes Secretary General of Belarus Red Cross

... is not [the whole of] Poland that acts in this way ...

poland , border , shevtsov , opinion

‘I could not keep silence’

... the inhuman attitude of official Poland towards refugees at the border ... on the border territories of Poland. In connection with disagreement with ... the policy of Poland regarding the migration crisis and ... about what is happening in Poland. — Now the Polish side says ...

Belarus , Poland , soldier , border

Drunk Polish servicemen guard European border

This information has been posted by the Telegram channel of Belarus’ State Border Committee Photo: www.reuters.com The Belarusian side has repeatedly registered the facts when drunk Polish guards served on the border. An incident of the kind took place on the Brest border section the day before. “A Polish border patrol team got the attention of Belarusian border guards due to their not quite adequate behaviour. The armed servicemen on the other side of the border were moving along a barbed ...

poland , border

Belarus to share materials with international structures on Poland's actions against refugees

Belarus will hand over materials of the criminal case on Polish security forces’ crimes against refugees to international structures – as an official representative of the Prosecutor General's Office, Dmitry Brylev, told ONT TV channel, BelTA reports "Representatives of the Polish authorities have repeatedly illegally deported refugees and continue doing this now. They also used torture and other acts of cruelty. This state’s security officers applied clearly disproportionate ...

refugees , poland , prosecutor general

Polish regime has done everything to make us believe Czeczko

... Belarus due his disagreement with Poland's policy regarding the migration ... it seems to us that Poland really hides very serious crimes ... the mass media working in Poland to verify this information.

poland , refugees

Czeczko told about killing of refugees at the border

... Emil Czeczko, who fled from Poland to Belarus and asked for ...

Poland , soldier

Czeczko said Polish servicemen killed migrants

Soldier Emil Czeczko, who fled from Poland to Belarus and asked for political asylum, told Belarus 1 TV channel that Polish border guards drank alcohol before killing migrants “The Polish border guards took more and more people every day to ‘patrol the territory’, as they called it. They just took a soldier, made him drink alcohol and told him to kill someone,” he said.

Poland , border , soldier

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