Poland issued record number of gun permits in 2023

The number of Polish citizens with permission to carry firearms has increased significantly, RIA Novosti reports with reference to the Rzeczpospolita newspaper PHOTO: www.r euters.com As the publication notes, in late 2023, Polish citizens had 843,800 firearms in their hands – 83,600 up against 2022, and 185,400 more compared to 2021. “The number of firearm has doubled since 2016, and last year was a record year in terms of new permits: 40,900 were issued,” the article reads. Moreover, ...

Poland , firearms

Tusk: Poland will close border with Ukraine if Warsaw's demands are not heard

... Minister Donald Tusk said that Poland will have to close the ... Donald Tusk noted that ‘if Poland's postulates are not understood ...

ukraine , poland , kiev , Warsaw , Tusk

Polish General: NATO troops deployment to Ukraine equivalent to start of World War

Sending military personnel from any of the NATO member countries to Ukraine would be equivalent to a full-scale military conflict and the beginning of World War III – as stated by the ex-Commander of the Polish Ground Forces, General Waldemar Skrzypczak, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM Commenting on French leader Emmanuel Macron's statement, in an interview with the RAR news agency, Waldemar Skrzypczak noted, “The entry of [troops] of any NATO member into Ukraine would be equivalent to a ...

Poland , Ukraine , NATO

Poland may introduce additional bans on agricultural imports from Ukraine

... from the EU, TASS reports Poland’s PM Donald Tusk noted ... , the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland) in Prague, “We do not ...

Poland , Ukraine , Agricultural production

Polish President: issue of WWII reparations from Germany not closed

The issue of Poland receiving reparations from Germany for ... . “There is no family in Poland in which someone would not ...

poland , duda , germany

Poland extended benefits for refugees from Ukraine until late June 2024

... President of the Republic of Poland, Andrzej Duda, signed the law ... stay of Ukrainian citizens in Poland, as well as the action ...

poland , Ukraine

Polish farmers blocked truck traffic on border with Germany

... agrarians have been growing in Poland and some other European countries ...

poland , germany , farmers , protests

General Staff commented on terrorist attack planned by Polish and US special services to seize Belarus’ lands

... United States of America and Poland planned to conduct a terrorist ... against the civilian population of Poland, for which Russia and Belarus ... President addressed the people of Poland, “He addresses the people, not ... president or the government of Poland. This is a powerful message ... by the intelligence services of Poland and America – is precisely the ...

General Staff , Belarus , Poland , US , terrorism

Polish opposition leaders demand immediate ban on Ukrainian imports

... Law and Justice Party (PiS), Poland's leading opposition party, demands ... and former Defence Minister of Poland, Mariusz Blaszczak, stated, “We demand ...

poland , Ukraine , border , Agricultural products

Politico: Poland, Baltic States likely to oppose any attempts to settle in Ukraine

Poland and the Baltic States will ...

Ukraine , russia , poland , Baltic States

Ukraine demands action against Polish farmers for grain spillage

... at the border crossing between Poland and Ukraine and spilling the ...

Ukraine , Poland , Grain

Media: Polish farmers block roads, border with Ukraine in nationwide protest

... be hungry, naked and sober’. “Poland’s Agriculture Minister said he ...

Poland , Ukraine , farmers , protests

$7m+ allocated to keep Polish extremist channel for over 10 years

... -Belarusian relations degraded due to Poland's fault, the more and ... more aggressively Poland violated all the norms and ...

extremism , Poland

MP explained why the West has not yet confiscated Russian assets

... possibilities of our nuclear power plant, forcing Lithuanians to overpay dozens ...

russia , europe , gaidukevich , opinion , lithuania , poland

Opinion: farming being destructed in Europe to monopolise agriculture

... reacts to similar speeches in Poland and other countries: it is ... exerted on mainly farmers of Poland and the Baltic States. Nevertheless ...

agriculture , europe , poland , germany , Dzermant , opinion

Tusk: Ukraine, Poland plan to produce weapons together

... Tusk noted that Ukraine and Poland ‘intend to quickly complete these ... working together. According to him, Poland and Ukraine ‘will create common ... increasing defence capabilities of Ukraine, Poland, and the whole of Europe ...

Ukraine , poland

Opinion: Poland is now reaping the fruits of what it so zealously tried to sow in Belarus

... of state systems in Europe. Poland has become another victim of ... always bad for any country. Poland is now reaping the fruits ... ensuring that all issues in Poland are resolved using common sense ...

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Expert on Intermarium revival: US wanted to turn Poland into platform for supplying Kiev regime

... of Poles, trying to turn Poland into a convenient platform for ... that. Mr. Gigin explained, “Economically, Poland and Ukraine are competitors – in ... . Scandals are breaking out in Poland, the right-wing followers are ... terms of investment and technology, Poland cannot offer anything directly to ... observed in our modern times. Poland can be successful only if ... not to the strengthening of Poland, but to its weakening – and ...

poland , Ukraine , gigin , opinion

Poland’s National Defence Minister urged NATO to prepare for any scenario regarding Russia

The North Atlantic Alliance should not exclude any possible scenario regarding Russia – as noted by Polish Minister of National Defence Wladyslaw Kosiniak-Kamysz, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com The Polish minister noted that NATO must be prepared for any scenario. Kosiniak-Kamysz also said that the situation on the battlefield in Ukraine is very serious. According to him, it is necessary to continue the process of expansion and transformation of the Polish army. The head of the ...

Poland , NATO , Russia

Opinion: Ukraine’s closest neighbours using conflict to their advantage

... primarily in their own interests. Poland is an excellent example. This ... due to the fact that Poland demands to deprive of these ...

Belyaev , Ukraine , Poland , Europe

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