Sweden will not deploy nuclear weapons after joining NATO

Sweden intends to join all NATO structures, but it is not ... country is not yet a NATO member, and ratification is necessary ... are not a member of NATO until the decision is ratified ... to participate fully in all NATO structures, but we will not ...

Sweden , NATO

Shpakovsky told how Belarus will react to strengthening of Poland’s armament

NATO member states are building up ... can observe the strengthening of NATO’s work in the Eastern ... see the build-up of NATO forces and means near our ... which we exist. We now need to ensure the safety of ...

Belarus , Poland , NATO

Latvian Parliament ratified protocols on Sweden and Finland’s membership in NATO

... of Finland and Sweden to NATO, TASS reports Photo: www.pixabay ... of Finland and Sweden to NATO,” he wrote. Earlier it became ... deputies present in the hall. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said ... agreement is ratified by all NATO countries.

Latvia , Finland , Sweden , NATO

Czech general recognised NATO’s unpreparedness for long-term support of Ukraine

... conflict. Mr Šándor stressed that NATO did not allow the idea ... that Ukraine would need such a large amount of ...

NATO , Ukraine , Czech Republic

Foreign Ministers of Finland and Sweden signed protocols to join NATO

... the accession of countries to NATO. The states will join the ... document is signed by all NATO member countries, TASS reports. ... by the ambassadors of 30 NATO member states. At the ceremony ... , NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced ... begun on July 5 th . “NATO’s door is open to ... added that the two new NATO members will help strengthen the ... of Finland and Sweden to NATO ended on July 4 th ... negative consequences of countries joining NATO. However, Stoltenberg stressed that the ...

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Ukrainian Foreign Ministry announced absence of prospects for country’s entry into NATO in foreseeable future

... to Ukraine’s entry into NATO – as stated by Ukraine’s ... regarding Ukraine’s membership in NATO. “I expect that in the ... near future NATO will continue to confirm that ... in the near future for NATO to change its position, like ... be like, will it be NATO, or will it be something ... said. Mr. Kuleba acknowledged that NATO countries do not want to ... in which an analogue of NATO’s Article 5 is applied ... , if it is not directly NATO,” the Head of the Ukrainian ...

Ukraine , NATO

Russian Foreign Ministry: Finland and Sweden joining NATO will worsen the situation in Baltic Sea

... after this accession is finalised, NATO will start talking about the ... , which, as a result of NATO expansion, the military development of ... Finland and Sweden to join NATO are the saddest episode in ...

Russia , NATO , Finland , Sweden

Stoltenberg said NATO ready for any consequences of Finland and Sweden joining the alliance

... of the Russian leadership that NATO expansion does not cause concern ... in Moscow – as noted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg during ... a press conference following NATO summit in Madrid, TASS reports ... Photo: The NATO Secretary General noted that Finland ... this conflict. Moreover, we took note of the statements from Moscow ... organisation is confident in the need to prevent a direct military ... to protect every inch of NATO territory, including Finland and Sweden ...

NATO , Sweden , Finland , Russia

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry considers it a mistake to invite Sweden and Finland to NATO

NATO expansion is a strategic mistake ... position of our country regarding NATO expansion remains the same, “It ... out not through building up NATO’s military potential, but through ...

Belarus , Foreign Ministry , NATO

Gigin: we witness second occupation of Europe by US

NATO plans to increase the number ... the decisions taken at the NATO summit show. The political expert ... increase in the number of NATO rapid deployment forces in Europe ... of Sweden and Finland joining NATO. “Why are they surprised (and ... to Finland and Sweden joining NATO? This will create certain problems ... is not set to join NATO, especially Swedish society, and every ... , Finland and Sweden, by joining NATO, create the ground for a ...

Gigin , USA , NATO , Europe

NATO might seriously think about whether they should continue to tease Belarus, expert believes

... serious, so it is no need for long for modernisation. With ... extremely serious measure. I think NATO is seriously thinking about whether ... approach is practiced among our NATO neighbours. There are six US ...

alesin , opinion , nato

Stoltenberg: NATO has been preparing for confrontation against Russia since 2014

... in 2014 – as stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, TASS ... more money in defence." NATO Secretary General added that the ...

nato , Stoltenberg , russia

Global Times: NATO ready to sacrifice Baltic States

... to military expert Song Zhongping, NATO will sacrifice these states, since ... Baltic States provoke a conflict, NATO would not send military forces ... the US becoming indifferent to NATO, and NATO would likely see the ...


US intends to deploy additional forces in Europe for a long time

The NATO summit kicks off today, where ... earlier that the EU and NATO are gathering a modern coalition ... leave this issue without attention. NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg noted ...

USA , Europe , NATO , Russia

Turkey clears way for Finland and Sweden to join NATO

... of Sweden and Finland to NATO, but the details have not ... Photo: The NATO press service informed that the ... of Sweden and Finland into NATO. There were lengthy negotiations on ...

NATO , Turkey , Finland , Sweden

NATO expansion will cost the US $8bn, media report

... of Sweden and Finland to NATO will have negative consequences for ... of Sweden and Finland to NATO meets the national interests of ... that admitting both nations to NATO could generate up-front expenses ... of Sweden and Finland to NATO is the combat-ready armed ...

NATO , US , Finland , Sweden

Stoltenberg surprised by Turkey’s position on Finland and Sweden’s NATO membership

... from Turkey – as noted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg in ... He said that NATO had no reason to believe ... same time, according to the NATO Secretary General, the situation with ...

NATO , Turkey , Sweden , Finland

NATO Secretary General believes Ukraine’s territorial concessions are possible

... lowest price – as stated by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg at ... Secretary General noted that the NATO military is not involved in ...

STOLTENBERG , ukraine , nato

Russian Foreign Ministry: military supplies to Kiev lead to development of black arms market

... West and the US, and NATO as a whole, are showing ... Balkans under the wing of NATO, and also with such an ...

Russia , Ukraine , NATO

US, NATO ready for open armed clash with Russia and China

The United States and NATO are ready to move from ... that the United States and NATO are ready to move from ...

usa , nato , russia , china , opinion

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