Stoltenberg said NATO cannot permanently protect its entire infrastructure

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg admitted ... ,” Stoltenberg explained. The day before, NATO and the EU held a ...

NATO , Stoltenberg , von der Leyen , infrastructure

Military expert: US gradually withdrawing from the conflict, trying to shift the costs to Europe

... . The speaker also added that NATO is unable to provide Ukraine ...

USA , Ukraine , NATO

Patrushev: US and England have special forces for sabotage similar to Nord Stream explosions

... definitely have such units. Other NATO member states also use combat ... dictates the main agenda in NATO. Nikolai Patrushev called the attacks ...

Russia , Patrushev , NATO , US , England , Nord Stream

Russia warned NATO and Ukraine against adventurous steps in Transdniestria

Moscow asks America, NATO and Ukraine not to carry ... . “We warn the United States, NATO member countries and their Ukrainian ...

Russia , Ukraine , NATO , Transnistria

NATO said it has no trust in China

... a press conference in Tallinn, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg commented ...

nato , Stoltenberg , china

Shevtsov: growth of NATO reaction force creating threat of attack on us at any second

Representatives of NATO member states are currently reporting ... . Yuri Shevtsov recalled what actions NATO had taken earlier, “The West ... the location of a large NATO group near the borders of ... , Russia issued an ultimatum to NATO to stop such preparations. This ...

Shevtsov , NATO , Belarus , Russia , threat

Belarusian parliamentarians spoke at OSCE PA meeting in Vienna

... taking place in Ukraine was NATO expansion to the east, which ... . Today more than 30,000 NATO troops armed with offensive weapons ... of peaceful Serbian cities by NATO aircraft. I don’t know ... of the West, primarily the NATO states, do not want to ... your get-together parties at NATO headquarters.”

Belarus , NATO , OSCE PA , Vienna , parliamentarians

Foreign Ministry: accelerated militarisation of NATO's eastern flank poses serious threat to Belarus' national security

... of the eastern flank of NATO poses a serious threat to ...

foreign ministry , NATO

Sweden to join the European air defence system

... its creation was reached by NATO member states in 2022, RIA ... that Sweden should contribute to NATO with ‘new capabilities’, including through ...

sweden , NATO

Stoltenberg: NATO completed survey of its munitions stockpiles

... munitions stockpiles – as noted by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, TASS ... Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba, NATO Secretary General said the alliance ... of the equipment provided by NATO countries to Ukraine. According to ... SVR, since December 2021, the NATO member states have transferred 1 ...

NATO , Stoltenberg

Putin: Russia suspends its participation in New START Treaty

... must understand for ourselves what NATO countries such as France and ...

Putin , Russia , NATO

NATO states and Sweden to create common network of satellite reconnaissance

Representatives of seventeen NATO member states and Sweden signed ... the military departments of the NATO countries, which is ending in ... Brussels, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg announced ...


Opinion: US may use some countries as ‘cannon fodder’ against Russia

... . Petersburg and Kaliningrad from the NATO Baltic States also increases the ... including new territories in the NATO and destabilising the situation at ...

USA , Russia , NATO , conflict

Ex-deputy head of British Defence Ministry offered to send NATO military to Ukraine

... should create a coalition of NATO member countries that would like ... Sky News, he noted, “We need a strategic decision now, and ...

nato , Ukraine , UK

Netherlands, Germany plan to merge their land combat units

... the Ukrainian events, EU and NATO allies – the Netherlands and Germany ...

NATo , EU , army , Germany , the Netherlands

Switzerland plans to strengthen co-operation with NATO

... with the European Union and NATO in security policy, RIA Novosti ... -operation with the EU and NATO in the field of security ...

Switzerland , NATO , EU , co-operation

China says NATO preparing for direct clash with Russia

The words of NATO Military Committee Chair Rob Bauer ... the industrial production of the NATO states must be reoriented to ... spreading to the territory of NATO countries. It is now unlikely ... may cross the so-called NATO red line,” Song Zhongping warned ...

China , Russia , Ukraine , NATO

NATO Deputy Secretary General urged to prepare for long conflict in Ukraine

... to the opening of the NATO military committee in Brussels. Mr ... to the Deputy Secretary General, NATO continues to develop new plans ...

nato , Ukraine

Turkish politician suggested the country might leave NATO in five to six months

Türkiye must withdraw from NATO, this is an urgent and ... According to the Turkish politician, NATO is forcing Ankara ‘to take ... other. Türkiye will leave NATO in five or six months ... Sweden and the Netherlands. Leaving NATO has become urgent and obligatory ... country’s withdrawal from the NATO. The expert explained this by ... the fact that NATO is Ankara’s lever of ...

Türkiye , NATO

Retired US intelligence officer: Ukraine mistaken about US and NATO attitude towards it

... -intelligence officer, the US and NATO are sacrificing Ukraine in order ... now time to start asking NATO, which dragged them into all ...

Ukraine , US , NATO

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