Act proactively

... also concerned about crimes among military personnel, including crimes committed by ...

Lukashenko , country’s security , military


... to discuss the financing of military-related procurement. “We have been ... Lukashenko met with heads of military and security agencies to discuss ... the strictest discipline in the military units. Especially on the border ... police, the KGB and the military. We all need to keep ...

Lukashenko , military

Steel monsters

... preparing to switch to a military footing Any prolonged war is ... and ammunition. Bloody billions Special military operation has become real pennies ... jumped straight into the top military-industrial corporations of the continent ... it. Now, when the largest military conflict since the World War ... finance the construction of new military factories throughout the country. To ... Transferring the economy to a military footing in the 21st century ... transfer the economy to a military footing. Experts believe that this ...

West , economy , military

Number of those retired from military service in 2022 increased almost 5-fold in Germany

... reports on dismissal from contract military service increased almost 5-fold ... they did not expect a military confrontation while concluding their contracts ... by 2025. In Germany, universal military duty was abolished on July ... , 2011, and there are no military conscripts in the country at ...

germany , military

Defence Ministry: units of 11th Mechanised Brigade continue to be put on alert

The material support units of the 11th Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Western Operational Command continue to be put on alert – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel The statement of the Defence Ministry of Belarus reads, “As part of the co-ordination of the regional group of troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia, the material support units of the 11th Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Western Operational Command continue to be made ready to carry out tasks ...

Belarus , Russia , Defence Ministry , military

Russian Government approved agreement with Belarus on establishment of joint military training centres

... training of Russian and Belarusian military, and their main tasks will ... in the use of weapons, military and special equipment, and master ...

russia , belarus , military

Important experience

... in the Brest Region. The military-political situation in our region ... not help visiting the Russian military. “Comrade Commander-in-Chief of ... gained during the coordination of military units and formations is of ... practical. Therefore, doctors and the military were instructed to make a ... the domestic developments of the military-industrial complex. “And in a ... were organised both with the military personnel of the Russian Federation ... and with the military personnel of the Republic of ...

Lukashenko , military

News photo: 19th Separate Guards Mechanised Brigade’s tank battalion undergoing inspection

... the Defence Ministry, the battalion military have embarked on performing tasks ...

defence ministry , military

Exercises held at Minsk Military Commandant's Office

The Minsk Military Commandant's Office is carrying ... set of measures to transfer military personnel from peacetime to wartime ... to test the knowledge of military personnel and assess their actions ... when bringing a military unit to the highest degree ...

defence ministry , excercises , military

In the interests of national security

... , operational information about the emerging military-political situation, to provide them ... permanent and rotating basis, improving military infrastructure, and so on. Indeed ... which actually translate the world military-political situation into an ultimatum ... to the troops, and improving military infrastructure. For example, Poland plans ... support the activities of NATO military contingents (Drawsko, Ozhysh, Zagan, ... preparations are underway for conducting military operations in the eastern direction ...

Khrenin , Ministry of Defence , military , security

Defenders of the Union State could repel any aggression

... , primarily with regard to the military who are in Belarus as ... people are hospitable, and the military are doing everything to achieve ...

Lukashenko , Shoigu , co-operation , military

About 700,000 sq.m of rental housing for the military to be built in Belarus in coming two years

... focusing on the provision of military personnel and persons equated to ... issues of providing housing for military personnel and persons equated to ... the prestige and duration of military service, and staff recruitment was ... improving the living conditions of military personnel is settled mainly through ... apartments – were built for the military by right of ownership. “At ... metres of rental housing for military personnel were built,” he said ... of residential towns for the military. These will be apartments in ...

sivak , military , accomodation

Lukashenko congratulates servicemen on 80th anniversary of North‑Western Operational Command’s formation

... North‑Western Operational Command’s military have approached the landmark date ... heroic past. “The command’s military units take part in all ... to ensure the state’s military security at a high professional ... level. “I wish the military servicemen, civilian personnel and veterans ...

Lukashenko , congratulation , military

The world must be protected

... in response to the growing military threats. Aleksandr Lukashenko and Vladimir ... new edition of the joint Military Doctrine. It takes into ... account the sharply aggravated military-political situation. In fact, ... has put forward an offensive military infrastructure to our borders. Ukraine ... order to fully ensure their military security, are forced to ... their allies. During the special military operation that began on February ... 8th separate special-purpose regiment (military unit A0553) of the special ...

military , regional force grouping

Serve for the good of the Fatherland

... ceremony to honour graduates of military schools and high-ranking ... the mission entrusted to the military, “People believe that we, ... Ukraine.” Addressing the graduates of military universities, Aleksandr Lukashenko expressed ... studied the development of the military-political situation, therefore they ... not for defence. The military understand this. Strategic plans ... American hegemony bolstered by the military buildup, neo-Nazi ideology ... Forces, other troops and military formations enjoy great support and ...

Lukashenko , awards , military , honors

Kherson Region asks for Russia’s military base on its territory

... ask Russia to deploy its military base on the territory of ... Deputy Head of the Civil-Military Administration of the Kherson Region ... cities. “There should be a military base of the Russian Federation ... and its residents.” The Russian military took control of the Kherson ... Region in mid-March. Civil-military administrations have been formed in ...

russia , military , kherson

Armoured personnel carriers, robots, missile weapons: equipment of the Belarusian Armed Forces

... have learned much from the military operation of the Russian Federation ... regulates the supply of weapons, military equipment and other materiel to ... army with modern weapons and military equipment, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “The ... Security Committee. In addition, the military sees what is happening. Intelligence ...

Lukashenko , national defense , military , Armored personnel carriers , robots , missile weapons , equipment , troops

Minsk’s military servicemen awarded with Presidential ‘Pervyi’ merch

... honouring the servicemen of Minsk Military Commandant's Office who had ... Photo by Minsk Military Commandant's Office The military commandant of the ... Minsk Military Commandant's Office ...

military , awards

National security: top priorities

... such a hybrid war is military aggression. Fortunately, we have not ...

Lukashenko , National security , military

The security of the country will be ensured

... of ensuring the country’s military security in the future were ... term, the threats to our military security will remain high,” said ... State. The President ordered the military and border guards to prevent ... the modern experience of conducting military operations. We already see the ... specifics of a military operation in Ukraine. We have ... information about a continued military build-up near the western ...

Lukashenko , military , security

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