Armoured personnel carriers, robots, missile weapons: equipment of the Belarusian Armed Forces

... have learned much from the military operation of the Russian Federation ... regulates the supply of weapons, military equipment and other materiel to ... army with modern weapons and military equipment, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “The ... Security Committee. In addition, the military sees what is happening. Intelligence ...

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Minsk’s military servicemen awarded with Presidential ‘Pervyi’ merch

... honouring the servicemen of Minsk Military Commandant's Office who had ... Photo by Minsk Military Commandant's Office The military commandant of the ... Minsk Military Commandant's Office ...

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National security: top priorities

... such a hybrid war is military aggression. Fortunately, we have not ...

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The security of the country will be ensured

... of ensuring the country’s military security in the future were ... term, the threats to our military security will remain high,” said ... State. The President ordered the military and border guards to prevent ... the modern experience of conducting military operations. We already see the ... specifics of a military operation in Ukraine. We have ... information about a continued military build-up near the western ...

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Negotiation is a key for resolving any conflict

... an operational meeting with the military. The Belarusian Head of State ... Putin had authorised a special military operation in Donbass. On February ... pointed to NATO’s intensive military buildup along the borders of ... remained in Belarus after the military drills would help, if necessary ... side, “The task of the military is to make sure every ... related to the NATO’s military build-up at the western ... , but with a technologically advanced military machine, the most powerful state ...

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‘The West, together with Ukraine, must admit that they screwed up’

... , made the task for the military much more difficult. A strong ... between the Belarusian and Russian military personnel, which enabled them to ... of Belarus, where the Russian military personnel is located, they say ... absence of the need for military bases does not mean that ... needs several types of promising military hardware, “We will buy this ...

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Military hardware returning to permanent disposition

Another military train with tank equipment of Russia’s Western Military District is on its way back to permanent disposition after completion of the planned exercises. Tanks and armoured tracked vehicles will pass around 1,000km by rail.


External aggression will be resisted

... means of communication and automation, military optics, and other products ... of the Belarusian military industry have already been ... , more than 30 thousand military personnel are concentrated in Poland ... the increased role of collective military and political unions in ... systems arrived in Belarus. Military equipment involved in the Allied ... air defence of small-sized military, including mobile, and administrative- ... designed for air defence of military and government facilities from ...

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Union drills

... devoted to cooperation in the military sphere. It should be pointed ... the Allied Resolve 2022 joint military exercises. Russian Defence Minister Sergei ... important for us that our military people not only see this ... more goal of holding joint military exercises. “I do not conceal ... help is important here. Your military specialists will help us identify ... of the Allied Resolve 2022 military exercises, was brilliant. “We have ...

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Belarusian and Russian military started combat co-ordination stage of joint exercise

Military units and detachments of the ... of Belarus and the Eastern Military District of the Russian Armed ... defence of important state and military facilities, the protection of the ... emphasised that the number of military personnel and equipment involved in ...

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We can protect ourselves

... Commander-in-Chief with the military leadership of our country in ... route includes a number of military facilities in the Luninets District ... ’. However, the meeting on strengthening military security discussed the issue of ... the southern borders in Belarus, military units and even an entire ... in case of, God forbid, military actions, we need to be ... people and not only for military personnel. God forbid war, it ...

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The brotherhood of war

... is even worse than NATO military personnel. And all this is ... of the risks for the military security of Belarus is the ... that the authorities, formations and military units of both Belarus and ...

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Belarusian military to take part in Indestructible Brotherhood – 2021

... peacekeeping campaign and management of military units and subdivisions of the ...

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Belarus’ Emergencies Ministry completed Interaction – 2021 exercise in Tajikistan

... of civilians. In Tajikistan, Belarusian military worked out issues of the ...

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Belarus and Turkey shared views on military liaisons

The Chief of the International Military Co-operation Department, Assistant to ... the Defence Minister for Foreign Military Policy, Major General Oleg Voinov ... Belarus, Mustafa Ozcan, and the Military Attaché at the Turkish Embassy ... bilateral co-operation in the military sphere.

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Best rocket division to be named in Belarus

Competitions for the title of the best rocket (rocket artillery) division of missile troops and artillery of the Armed Forces have been launched under the leadership of Major General Gennady Kozlovsky, the Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery – Chief of the Armed Forces Directorate for Rocket Troops and Artillery of the General Staff, as reported by the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo: The best rocket and rocket artillery divisions of the Armed Forces will take part ...

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Armoured BTR-82A vehicles already in Minsk

... Joint Training Centre and the Military Academy of Belarus. “Rearmament is ...

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Russian military contingent left Belarus after Zapad-2021

Russian participants of the strategic Zapad-2021 exercise have returned to their locations in the Russian Federation – as reported by the Defence Ministry’s Telegram channel Photo: The ministry informs that the last military echelon with Russian servicemen and equipment has crossed the state border of Belarus.

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Baptised by fire

... and girls have become the Military Academy cadets – after passing strict ... applicants per study place. Basic military training began in August and ... to handle weapons, studied the military regulations and drill training. A ... . Her great-grandfather was a military pilot, so the girl has ... , they will graduate from the Military Academy as real officers and ...

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Maroon beret trials completed

Servicemen of a Special Operations Brigade of Internal Troops have confirmed their right to wear maroon berets – which are true symbols of strength, courage and honour Having passed an 8.5km march over rough terrain, implemented various standards, overcome an obstacle course, coped with the assigned fire tasks (shooting from a Kalashnikov assault rifle, a Makarov handgun and a machine gun), stood up against experienced maroon beret officers in 12-minute sparring sessions, 32 servicemen of the ...

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