What an honour!

... the honour guard military band of the Minsk Military Commandant’s Office ... and how soldiers achieve impeccable military bearing. Yelizaveta Kobetskaya We have ... sync.” The special mission of military personnel is patriotic education of ... , ceremonial music, musical compositions on military–patriotic themes, as well as ... of the Minsk Military Commandant’s Office military band Captain Ilya Kupreev ... at the Institute of Military Bandmasters at the Military University in Moscow ...

honour , guard , military , band , award

Media: Pentagon to use AI in military sphere

... of using AI in the military sphere, TASS reports with reference ... Intelligence Officer, said that the military ‘will not be able to ... – are of great interest to military and intelligence services, since they ...

Artificial intelligence , Pentagon , usa , technology , military

Media: US Army facing funding shortfall amid Ukraine aid

Top US military officials are expressing concerns over ... also reported that the US military will have to divert funds ...

US , Ukraine , financing , military

Expert commented on NATO’s major exercises near Belarus

... manoeuvres involve about 90 thousand military personnel and will last until ... mirror measures or asymmetrically. Our military and political leadership will make ...

Belarus , NATO , russia , military , defence , Dzermant , opinion

The hatchet of war

... Union State borders The largest military drills of NATO countries ... General Christopher Cavoli, 90 thousand military personnel from 32 countries will ... rapidly arming themselves. Poland’s military budget, for example, is ... has repeatedly stated that a military conflict between the alliance and ... The Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Rob Bauer stressed during ... interest, neither economic, political nor military — to fight with NATO ... and the leadership of the military industrial complex. Above all, ...

alliance , NATO , military , drills

Expert shed light on achievements of Belarusian Air Force

In 2022, the Belarusian Air Force was ranked 47th globally, and the country’s Armed Forces occupied the 52 nd position. Last year, according to American experts, Belarus was placed 12th – much due to the increased capabilities of the Belarusian Air Force. Chief of Aviation Leonid Davidovich, the Deputy Commander of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus, commented on the achievements in his talk with SB TV . Photo: video screenshot According to Mr. ...

Belarus , military , Air Force , helicopter

Volfovich: peace and security are most precious categories in modern times

... the Middle East. The special military operation is underway near us ...

volfovich , security , military , Belarus

UK trained 50,000+ Ukrainian soldiers since 2015

... start of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine, that programme ...

Ukraine , uk , military

EU launched first ever field exercises involving 2.8 thousand military

... first-ever joint European Union military exercise that has [ever] happened ... participation of 2.8 thousand military rapid reaction forces from sixteen ...

eu , military

Britain seeks to train 50 thousand Ukrainian soldiers by late 2023

... early 2022, 22,000 Ukrainian military personnel were trained in the ... the start of the special military operation, the programme was suspended ...

UK , Ukraine , military

Media reported US Air Force clearing out jungles in Pacific Ocean for a new base

The Defence One portal reported that Gen. Kenneth Wilsbach, Pacific Air Forces Commander, said the Air Force is finding ways to increase the number of airfields in the Pacific, but needs additional funding for these efforts, TASS reports photo: Kenneth Wilsbach stated, “We’re going to be clearing out the jungle [and] we’re going to be resurfacing some of the surfaces there so that we will have a fairly large and very functional Agile Combat Employment base, an additional base ...

US , military

Poland’s Defence Minister announced new sapper battalion in the northeast of the country

... in Augustow. This is another military unit that we are building ...

Poland , military

Trailer truck driver tried to attack the military involved in strengthening the border with an explosive device

... to attack a group of military personnel taking part in strengthening ...

explosive , defence ministry , military , attack

To keep the skies peaceful

... angles. Extra credit questions Military expert Nikolai Buzin speaks about ... armed formations abroad for military activities on the territory ... the destruction of the international military security architecture, the unleashing ... the development of our own military-industrial complex, capable of ... difficult conditions of the military-political situation in the ... the other policy.” Belarusian military industry: in line with ... is an excellent example of military foresight. Equipment — The equipment ...

Belarusian army , Armed Forces of Belarus , Victory , military

Belarusian missilemen completed training at one of Russian training grounds

... . During the training of Belarusian military personnel, excellent results were noted ...

Belarus , military , Defence Ministry

Act proactively

... also concerned about crimes among military personnel, including crimes committed by ...

Lukashenko , country’s security , military


... to discuss the financing of military-related procurement. “We have been ... Lukashenko met with heads of military and security agencies to discuss ... the strictest discipline in the military units. Especially on the border ... police, the KGB and the military. We all need to keep ...

Lukashenko , military

Steel monsters

... preparing to switch to a military footing Any prolonged war is ... and ammunition. Bloody billions Special military operation has become real pennies ... jumped straight into the top military-industrial corporations of the continent ... it. Now, when the largest military conflict since the World War ... finance the construction of new military factories throughout the country. To ... Transferring the economy to a military footing in the 21st century ... transfer the economy to a military footing. Experts believe that this ...

West , economy , military

Number of those retired from military service in 2022 increased almost 5-fold in Germany

... reports on dismissal from contract military service increased almost 5-fold ... they did not expect a military confrontation while concluding their contracts ... by 2025. In Germany, universal military duty was abolished on July ... , 2011, and there are no military conscripts in the country at ...

germany , military

Defence Ministry: units of 11th Mechanised Brigade continue to be put on alert

The material support units of the 11th Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Western Operational Command continue to be put on alert – as reported by the Belarusian Defence Ministry in its Telegram channel The statement of the Defence Ministry of Belarus reads, “As part of the co-ordination of the regional group of troops (forces) of Belarus and Russia, the material support units of the 11th Separate Mechanised Brigade of the Western Operational Command continue to be made ready to carry out tasks ...

Belarus , Russia , Defence Ministry , military

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