Orban: Trump should return to White House for peace in Ukraine to be established

... of former US President Donald Trump to the post of Head ... am sure that if Mr. Trump were President (of the United ...

Hungary , usa , Trump , Ukraine

Americanist says most Americans don’t want Biden re-elected

... that former US President Donald Trump has more chances to win ... than Joe Biden. “Trump is his main competitor. The ...

US , Biden , Trump , election

Trump admitted he was the first to start supplying weapons to Ukraine

... , Texas, former US President Donald Trump said it was during his ... photo: Donald Trump said he provided Kiev with ... hours,” he assured. Earlier, Donald Trump has already stated that he ...

US , Ukraine , Trump

Trump urged to end Ukrainian conflict due to global war threat

... Social, former US leader Donald Trump noted that it is necessary ... Photo: Mr. Trump stressed that while this proxy ... ," he posted. Earlier, Donald Trump noted that the current US ... held in November 2024. Donald Trump said he intends to join ...

trump , Biden , usa , Ukraine

Trump blamed Biden for US economic problems

American ex-president Donald Trump wrote on his social network ... reports Photo: Trump drew attention to what is ...

US , Trump , Biden

Trump said crisis in Ukraine would not have happened if he was president

Former American leader Donald Trump said that he would not ... the United States. Moreover, Donald Trump added that oil prices could ...

trump , USA , russia , Ukraine

Trump blames Biden administration for starting conflict in Ukraine

... of the United States Donald Trump, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... Trump expressed the opinion that if ... still president,” he said. Donald Trump stressed that, as head of ... the American authorities, according to Trump, are doing everything possible to ... foment the conflict. Earlier Trump called for immediate negotiations to ...

Trump , USA , Russia , Ukraine

Trump warned Germans about risk of ‘losing their country’

... by former US President Donald Trump, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... as old-fashioned as coal. Trump added that residents of Germany ... of the United States emphasised. Trump also recalled how he had ... at such a gesture, but Trump immediately explained, “If you receive ...

Germany , USA , Trump

Trump: US is third world country

... by former US leader Donald Trump at the Conservative Political Action ... in the world," Mr. Trump said. The former US leader ...

usa , Trump

Trump urged Zelenskyy to give up on NATO and recognise Crimea as Russian

Former US leader Donald Trump believes Ukraine should recognise Crimea ... According to Donald Trump, a deal between the two ...

Trump , usa , russia , Ukraine

Trump: there are only two genders in the world

Former US President Donald Trump said that there are only ... statement with stormy applause. Donald Trump also confidently declared that the ...

trump , gender , USA

CNN: Trump’s ex-adviser admits to having planned coups abroad

... national security adviser under Donald Trump, admitted to having planned several ... Capitol by supporters of Donald Trump in January last year, underlined ... lot of work.” “He [Donald Trump] was stumbling around from one ... th , 2021, supporters of Donald Trump broke into the Congress building ...

USA , Trump

Trump said he would not have allowed Ukrainian crisis

... of the United States Donald Trump said that he would not ... Truth Social media platform. Mr. Trump assured that if he had ...

USA , Trump

Trump says Biden is pushing US to world war

... – to a world war, Donald Trump believes Photo: ... what they are doing,” Donald Trump said in an interview with ...

trump , biden , usa , world war

Trump says Biden will lead the country to hell

Former US president Donald Trump said that his follower Joe ... is going to hell,” Mr. Trump said during a supporter rally ... air, walks around confused,” Mr. Trump said, probably alluding to the ...

Trump , USA , Biden

Trump says US is at its ‘most dangerous moment in history’

Former US President Donald Trump believes the American government has ... been in such danger,” Mr. Trump said at an annual Heritage ... see our leaders," Mr. Trump noted. The politician once again ... have to be used. Mr. Trump also added that now the ...

usa , trump , america , weapons

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