Opinion: wars unleashed by US enable American military-industrial complex to make huge profits

... .g., has returned to Cold War levels. The main violin in ...

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Kim Jong Un: N. Korea will not start a war first, but it will not avoid it either

... not going to start a war first, but they will not ... DPRK will not start a war, but it is not going ... , but ‘will not avoid a war’ if a situation emerges. According ... to Kim Jong Un, the war will lead ‘to a severe ... , including nuclear ones, if a war breaks out on the peninsula.

DPRK , south korea , Kim Jong Un , usa , war

Prosecutor General’s Office discovered 400+ previously unknown burial sites of genocide victims

... genocide of the Great Patriotic War in Uruchie of the Minsk ... the Belarusian people during the war years is much greater. Only ... people during the Great Patriotic War, “Over 400 mass graves have ...

Shved , Prosecutor General’s Office , genocide , war

Elon Musk warns of ‘civil war in Europe’

... on social networks that civil war in Europe is inevitable, TASS ... comment about Europe approaching civil war under a video of a ... that Europe could face civil war if it does not make ...

Elon Musk , Europe , war , migration

More than just a hobby

... those who died during the war For 23-year-old Stanislav ... heroes hastily buried by the war. Because he is convinced that ... , the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree, Lenin ... and was wounded. After the war, he served in Mogilev in ... District, told how, after the war, three of his friends were ...

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The bloody march of Americanism

... States committed hundreds of war crimes after World War II, but was ... direct instruction to commit a war crime. What happened in Son ... cruelties unseen since the World War II, and the whole world ... similar methods during the World War II, and the Americans learned ... of the episodes of the war, two rockets hit a passenger ... to commit the most terrible war crimes. As long as America ...

USA , war , crimes

Orban: West might be close to discussing sending troops to Ukraine

... in the grip of a war fever. At the same time ... close to turning a local war – after all, it was about ... and Donetsk – into a world war. The likelihood of this is ...

Hungary , West , Ukraine , war , Orban

Opinion: Warsaw is preparing for war

... such measures – is preparing for war In his talk with Alfa ... is obviously preparing for a war. According to the 2022 data ...

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About 300 Soviet monuments to be demolished in Estonia

... symbols on the list constitute war graves, and ‘we can proceed ... the specific site. With some war graves, just a few fallen ...

estonia , war , monuments , history

Czech General Staff urges to prepare for possible war with Russia

... Army. Řehka said that the war in Europe has become a ...

Czech Republic , Russia , NATO , war

Real genocide

... the Great Patriotic War and the post-war period. For each ... How else to explain harbouring war criminals? National armed unit of ... Nuremberg trials says: the war unleashed by Nazi Germany was ... of punitive operations during the war years, carried out public ... concentration camps and prisoner of war camps. It is known that ... the United States after the war.” The leadership of the ... top during the Great Patriotic War were inferior creatures in ... distort the history of the war, confuse terminology, ignore the ...

genocide , history , war

Real genocide

... Orsha Region and committed numerous war crimes against the civilian population ... about Otto Bradfisch, a Nazi war criminal, SS Obersturmbannführer, leader ... ages, communists and prisoners of war in Bialystok, Minsk, Bobruisk, Baranovichi ... the last months of the war, Dr. Bradfisch was the ... era. So, for several post-war decades, former Nazi officials worked ... , international concern for the Cold War outweighed interest in justly condemning ... the crimes of World War II. Processes outside of Germany ...

genocide , war

By the roads of memory

... events of the Great Patriotic War, which was created using modern ... people during the Great Patriotic War and was created on the ... to another. Pre-war years — the Great Patriotic War — Victory. All ... history of the Great Patriotic War. Our task is to convey ... our land no longer knows war. And thanks to our President ... events of the Great Patriotic War, which, unfortunately, some contemporaries ... Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of the ... results of the Second World War. Based on materials of sb ...

roads , memory , war , patriotism

Bloody lobby

... for the Western lords of war. Hiding behind the intentions of ... military budget. In the post-war years, the US military ... indecent’ $12 billion. The Cold War had not yet gained momentum ... then a miracle happened: the war in Korea. Its beginning ... to justify it is a war or a tense international ... people of Ukraine in this war. I am deeply impressed ... It’s a rhetorical question. War as a form of enrichment ... Director of the American anti-war organisation called Just Foreign ... in Europe into a global war! We can do a ...

lobby , war , conflict , peace

Let it never happen again

... people during the Great Patriotic War. A compact exposition and a ... a rough time during the war and their works act as ... camp, the children of the war Poplavsky and Sharangovich, Ran, who ... theme of the Great Patriotic War is of great importance, “It ... returned to Belarus after the war! Imagine what wealth we have ... of cultural property during the war years within the framework of ...

Art , Museum , Savitsky , war

Real genocide

... appointed Ilya Mushkin (before the war — the head of one of ... ghettos in Minsk during the war years according to archival data ... people during the Second World War.’ We must remember these names ...

genocide , Ghetto , war

Great Victory is an integral part of our national idea

... know that the Second World War was won by Soviet soldiers ... , none of you wants a war. Yet European capitals have done ... entire Western world is at war against Russia in Ukraine. We ...

Lukashenko , victory Day , history , May 9th , veterans , war

Real genocide

... people during the Great Patriotic War is ongoing. But behind the ... never let me forget the war that deprived me of my ... fascist invaders committed during the war years on Belarusian land.’ Pavel ...

genocide , war

Real genocide

... people during the Great Patriotic War is ongoing. New facts and ... Belarus during the Great Patriotic War. Objectively speaking Trostenets became the ... Belarus during the Great Patriotic War. It ranks fourth after such ... of victims. Soviet prisoners of war, Jews of Belarus and Western ... died during the Second World War in the Trostenets Nazi death ... about the horrors of the war and its victims, so that ...

genocide , war

NATO. 73 years and not a day without a war

... after the Second World War Since World War II, more than 250 ... ‘dinosaur’ ideology of the Cold War.” President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko ... for example, the Second World War. FACTS AND FIGURES Since September ... 38th parallel. 1959 Laotian Civil War The American bombing of Laos ... been written about American war crimes during this war. ‘Human rights defenders ... highly toxic chemicals. During the war years, three million people died ... separate states. 2001 War in Afghanistan The war in Afghanistan has become ...

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