Paleoanthropologist: more than 80% of collections in some South American museums are fake

Many people sincerely believe that anthropologists and palaeontologists have faked everything, but there are much more fakes in literature and art. Meanwhile, this is quite a widespread phenomenon in archaeology. A Russian paleoanthropologist, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Associate Professor Stanislav Drobyshevsky, has shed light on the issue. PHOTO: RTVI ENTERTAINMENT VIDEO SCREENSHOT The specialist gave an example of checking the materials of collections in Central and South America. ...

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Sky of heroes

... crew of Captain Maslov. The museum also collected rich material about ... the way, in the school museum of fire and aerial rammings ... . The history of the museum goes almost hand in hand ... Gastello. In 1965, the museum of the crew of the ... the title of Excellent School Museum, and already in 1991, ... it became a folk museum. Teachers and schoolchildren launched a ... who has been running the museum for almost 15 years, specifies ... “During the existence of the museum, guests from Germany, Poland, Mongolia ...

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Memory is sacred

... then he died.” New unique museum in Khatyn On the other ... In the halls of the museum Behind the monumental houses is ... Jintao and many others. Unique museum In the halls of the ... State instructed to build a museum here and carry out all ... how he sees the future museum, he used exactly this comparison ... the project of the future museum, Director of the Khatyn Memorial ... future and preserve sovereignty.” The museum has six rooms. Each is ... the Pripyat Marshes massacres. The museum has collected unique photo evidence ...

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Belarusian diplomats returned valuable publications from Khreptovich library to Belarus from Germany

The Book Museum of the National Library of ... the activities of the diplomatic mission for the return of historical ...

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From Brest to Grodno with a single click

... Gallery, the Louvre, the British Museum — these famous historical and cultural ... Bereza Historic and Regional Studies Museum invites visitors to get ... Bereza Historic and Regional Studies Museum Animated mannequin You can ... the Glubokoye Historical and Ethnographic Museum, where I found a ... . Exposition at the Squirrel Museum in Bolshaya Berestovitsa In the ... Grodno State Historical and Archaeological Museum-Reserve, the creators of ... book format The National Historical Museum offers visitors the ‘Belarus ...

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Check out the tower!

... tower, the Head of the Museum Natalya Mikhal loves her native ... . We also visited the local museum of nature.” In the footsteps ... 33 metres. Since 2005, a museum with an impressive staircase has ... more than 1000 in the museum. Stuffed animals are mostly open ... period The Nature and Ecology Museum of Polotsk is never empty ... favourites, “We arrived at the museum at the same time. I ... photo, the head of the museum states, “On the fourth floor ... .” From the height of the museum tower, its garden, divided into ...

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Museums of Belarus in the open air

... ongoing events. Zaslavl The city-museum Zaslavl lurks a couple of ... from enemies. Archaeological open-air museum in Belovezhskaya Pushcha One of ... Iron Age. Archaeological open-air museum in Belovezhskaya Pushcha Photo by ... BELTA The territory of the ‘museum’ village occupies 150 hectares. The ... on the weekends, when the museum workers arrange themed events. Together ...

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Creation of a myth

... equally appreciated by art historians, museum workers, journalists, and students. He ...

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Let it never happen again

... ! opened at the National Art Museum. It is dedicated to the ... . Director of the National Art Museum of Belarus Vladimir Prokoptsov is ... expositions of the National Art Museum dedicated to the theme of ... history. We have a whole museum programme associated with this exhibition ... , specialists from the National Art Museum prepared a multimedia presentation on ... researcher of the National Art Museum Nadezhda Usova. There were 3 ... until July 5th. However, the museum staff also prepared thematic lectures ...

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Brest fortress as a symbol of courage

... the Brest Fortress, its Defence Museum presents a personal photo exhibition ...

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The last of the Itinerants

... building of the National Art Museum. By the way, the largest ... of the Russian Itinerants, the museum has prepared a large anniversary ... flowers anyway. The National Art Museum has the largest collection of ... last journey. In 2018, Belarusian museum workers brought nurslings of lilac ...

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Cultural march of history

... functioning. The first public museum in the Northwest Territory of ... of Belarus. Minsk. The ethnographical museum. 1920s. It was created ... of Belarusian statehood. The museum was given the building of ... damage suffered by the Historical Museum during the fascist occupation. ... and increase The Minsk State Museum. Anti-religious department. 1920s. ... historical consciousness. Every year, the museum collection is replenished by an ... First Congress of RSDLP, the Museum of Contemporary Belarusian Statehood, ...

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Archaeological museum in Belovezhskaya Pushcha ready to welcome guests

... visit the open-air archaeological museum in Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park ... project of the open-air museum in the Pushcha. “2022 has ... ’s unity. The open-air museum is among the Park’s ... . Construction of the open-air museum followed a major archaeological research ... are on show at the museum. Since 2019, tourists can visit ... and, as a result, the museum now features five unique expositions ...

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Excursions from robot at Brest Regional Museum of Local Studies

The Brest Regional Museum of Local Studies is launching ... project on January 28 th , museum leading researcher Vitaly Ivanov told ... , who will become a worthy museum employee,” said Mr. Ivanov. The ... museum will have a ‘digital’ day, ... the entire exposition. Moreover, the museum has plans to launch a ... that, using modern technologies, the museum retains its classical component,” underlined ...

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Admire the winter!

On New Year’s Eve, the Winter in the City exhibition, organised jointly with the Belarusian Union of Artists, opened at the Mikhail Savitsky Art Gallery Kolyady in Kreva by Viktor Barabantsev Winter Festival in Traktorny Village by Vasily Sumarev “Winter landscape is a popular theme among Belarusian masters who see beauty and charm in any season and weather. For each author, winter acquires its own mood: for some it is harsh and gloomy, for others it is serene and soft, for some it is sparkling ...

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Either a gramophone, or a meat grinder

... principality? Registration address The Polotsk Museum of Local Studies Photo: www ... Vodneva, Head of the Polotsk Museum of Local Studies. This happened ... the modern history. Nevertheless, the museum presented interesting exhibits. By the ... the first exhibition of the museum.” Approximately a year after the ... guests of the museum. NOTE The local history museum can be visited ... are many items in the museum collection, near which visitors often ... title The Magic of a Museum Showcase about such mysterious exhibits ...

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Volume by volume

... prepared by the National Art Museum. Orthodox, Catholic and Uniate icons ... prepared by the National Art Museum researchers, is printed in three ... educational project: the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus ... General of the National Art Museum, Vladimir Prokoptsov, “Alongside exhibition ... own editions.” The National Art Museum has been liaising with the ... the two-volume ‘National Art Museum’ (a favourite of diplomats and ... end there. The National Art Museum continues its scientific work. “Opening ...

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Unique album dedicated to Belarusian icon painting presented

... -catalogue presented at National Art Museum The book has joined the ... -operation with the National Art Museum and the Belarus Publishing House ... educational project: the National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus ... best art pieces from the museum collection will be presented to ... Director of the National Art Museum, a publication about Belarus’ folk ...

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The art of being healthy

... paintings from the last century Museum partners sew protective masks. Production ... online sales. The National Art Museum proposes to make a real ... new for the National Art Museum. Sleep masks, postcards, mugs, even ... hoodies and waist bags — the museum, together with designer Lesha Limonov ... specialist at the National Art Museum tells us about the embodiment ... can replenish the collection.” The museum, together with the designer, embodies ... in the minds of the museum staff. However, they are implementing ...

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Museum of Belarusian Polesie ever expanding its collection

The Museum of Belarusian Polesie funds are ... of their works to the museum. In addition, residents of the ... certain period of time.” The Museum of Belarusian Polesie was opened ... . From 1978 to 2008, the museum was in Republican subordination but ... the city of Pinsk. The museum is visited by more than ... building and organisation of the museum's activities on additional territories ...

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