Metropolitan Veniamin: lofty feeling of patriotism is not so easy to cultivate

... is obvious for genuine Christian patriotism that a real soldier is ... Values of Modern Society topic “Patriotism is a lofty feeling, which ...

metropolitan veniamin , church , values , patriotism , spirituality

Sports festival dedicated to Day of Internal Troops held at Minsk’s military unit 5448

... girls from Minsk’s military patriotic clubs dedicated to Day of ... the pupils of the military-patriotic clubs from sincerely rejoicing for ... that graduates of the military-patriotic clubs enjoy a wide range ...

internal troops , sports , Belarus , patriotism

Andreichenko: being a patriot means devotion for one’s home country and possible contribution to its development

... country, and we must be patriots. Before giving any assessments, we ...

Andreichenko , patriotism , passport

Belarus-Russia student team to work at patriotic centre construction site

... of the Republican Centre for Patriotic Education of Youth on the ... is a powerful source of patriotic energy. We invited our colleagues ... country while laying a reliable patriotic foundation for future generations,” said ... on the construction of the patriotic centre, will arrive in Brest ... the Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of ... creating the Republican Centre for Patriotic Education of Youth is actively ...

Belarus , Russia , BRSM , patriotism , student team

Place in history

... STEPANISHCHEV You can’t play patriotism It’s frosty outside — minus ... ’t play it. After all, patriotism is not a role. And ...

border , actor , On the Other Shore , Andrei Dudko , patriotism

Deputy Head of Belarus’ President Administration: future should be built on traditions laid down by victorious peoples

... interpretation – including of the Great Patriotic War theme – was quite peculiar ... to me that the Great Patriotic War is the key point ...

Lutsky , patriotism , history , Belarus , russia

Church representative: Belarusians are ancient people with Orthodox Christian culture

... , has shared his views on patriotism In his talk with the ... TV channel, Fiodor Povny emphasised, “Patriotism is living for the sake ... the benefit of all. Accordingly, patriotism is also the knowledge of ... , and climate. “If you tie patriotism to the state alone, then ...

Belarus , Povny , patriotism

Purpose-made lessons

... Anisimov, runs the Young Patriot patriotic club, which is growing ... head of the military-patriotic club of Klichev school ... finals of the national military-patriotic game Orlyonok. Last year ... to enrol in the military-patriotic school club. The guy ... to various rallies of patriotic clubs and see the ... like a living textbook of patriotic education. “Artyom Yuryevich, let ... the office where the Young Patriots classes take place, in ... region to exchange experiences in patriotic education.” You can understand ...

belarus , education , school , teacher , patriotism , schoolchildren

Kochanova shared her views on when patriotism becomes dangerous and whether there will be WWIII

... , Natalya Kochanova, was asked whether patriotism could be dangerous According to ... to insane limits. “What is patriotism? It is just love for ... necessary to treat everything reasonably. Patriotism is not just taking a ... for Belarus. That is what patriotism means. It is necessary not ...

kochanova , patriotism

We build our own future

... meeting of the Headquarters of Patriotic Forces was held at the ... . The coup attempt thwarted by patriotic forces in 2020 taught us ... are also appearing, for example, Patriots of Belarus. This completely refutes ... public life based on a patriotic consensus. Fifth, there is a ...

belarus , patriotism , Headquarters of Patriotic Forces , political parties , public associations

Belarus’ patriotic forces address Polish people

... of the headquarters of the patriotic forces in Minsk following the ... signed at the Forum of Patriotic Forces held on August 9th ... well as thousands of other patriots who spared their lives to ...

patriotism , poland , politics

More than just a hobby

... reverent attitude to history simply: ‘Patriotism is in my blood’. He ... Banner, the Order of the Patriotic War of the 1st degree ... the Mogilev regional historical and patriotic search club Vikkru, in whose ...

Rescuer , Kolomiychenko , patriotism , search , remains of heroes , war

Kochanova on patriotism: everything is simple for me – I will always defend my country

It is no need to stay aside from people, it is necessary to talk and hear them. Our strength lies in the truth, and we must always be open to conversation, Natalya Kochanova, the Chairperson of the Council of the Republic, believes. During her meeting with Belarusian students, Ms. Kochanova stressed, “If a person loves his family, relatives, friends, small homeland and its people, then he is a patriot. Moreover, a person should have a core in his soul. He must have principles that he will not ...

kochanova , patriotism

Kochanova: patriotic education programme aimed not only at youth but society as a whole

... that the adopted programme of patriotic education is aimed not only ...

kochanova , brsm , youth , patriotism

Belarus’ Prosecutor General: Poles forget that fascist Germany’s plans never included preservation of Poland as a state

The Belarusian-Russian patriotic forum – We Live and Remember – ... of Belarus during the Great Patriotic War, the country has been ...

shved , history , patriotism

Every fifth young Belarusian participates in patriotic actions

... person in Belarus participated in patriotic events – as informed by Natalia ... a healthy lifestyle, civic and patriotic education. Youth representatives also place ...

patriotism , youth policy

90.9% of Belarusians are proud to be citizens of Belarus

... sociological study focusing on Belarusians’ patriotic values The poll – conducted from ...

citizenship , sociological poll , patriotism

By the roads of memory

... the events of the Great Patriotic War, which was created using ... Soviet people during the Great Patriotic War and was created on ... . Pre-war years — the Great Patriotic War — Victory. All solutions used ... the history of the Great Patriotic War. Our task is to ... platform, Zhlobin residents arranged a patriotic reception with a rally, concert ... terrible events of the Great Patriotic War, which, unfortunately, some contemporaries ... the Victims of the Great Patriotic War and the Genocide of ...

roads , memory , war , patriotism

Laying flowers at Minsk’s Victory Monument opened series of events dedicated to 100th anniversary of pioneer movement

... who died during the Great Patriotic War, of the pioneer heroes ... its key part regarding civic-patriotic and environmental education has remained ...

pioneer , patriotism

Patriotic education centre to open in Belarus

... Ministry plans to open a patriotic education centre for young people ... Work, BelTA reports “A small patriotic youth centre now operates on ... on the organisation of military-patriotic clubs for young people will ... have a teacher of military-patriotic education.

brest fortress , defence ministry , patriotism

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