DPRK expert: US seeking to create nuclear alliance with Japan, S. Korea

Kim Sol Hwa, from DPRK Foreign Ministry’s Institute for ... South Korea on deterring the DPRK. In her opinion, Japan can ...

Japan , usa , south korea , DPRK

N. Korea ready to launch military satellite to deter United States

... more aggressively and legitimately the DPRK will use its sovereignty and ... Agency informed. According to the DPRK leader, the country's security ...

DPRK , usa , satellite

DPRK says US-South Korea military drills could lead to nuclear war

... and its followers against the DPRK is driving the situation on ...

DPRK , US , Japan , South Korea , drills

North Korea tests underwater nuclear drone

... by the leader of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un. “This secret ...

DPRK , nuclear weapons , tests

N. Korea simulated nuclear counterattack against the US, S. Korea

... exercises for aggression," the DPRK said. A North Korean ballistic ...

DPRK , south korea , Kim Jong Un , missile , drills

S. Korean military: N. Korea could conduct nuclear test

... not rule out that the DPRK may conduct a nuclear test ... key question is whether [the DPRK] has such technologies.” Earlier, the ... media spread reports that the DPRK confirmed the launch of two ...

DPRK , south korea , nuclear weapon

North Korea warns US over spreading rumours about its arms sales to Russia

... the Foreign Ministry of the DPRK, said that if the United ... self-made rumour against the DPRK,” the diplomat said. The diplomat ...

DPRK , US , Russia , weapons , Ukraine

Pentagon Chief says US ready to use conventional and nuclear weapons to protect South Korea

... nuclear weapons to deter the DPRK and to protect South Korea ...

US , South Korea , DPRK , weapons

Washington believes it’s China that can convince DPRK to abandon missile launches

... its influence to convince the DPRK to abandon missile launches, as ...

USA , China , DPRK

North Korea officially declares itself a nuclear power

... People’s Assembly of the DPRK at its September 7th session ... that the leader of the DPRK has the sole right to ... People’s Assembly of the DPRK (SPC) in Pyongyang, also said ...

DPRK , nuclear weapons

North Korea accused US of biological terrorism in Ukraine

The DPRK accused the United States of ...

DPRK , USA , Ukraine , biolab

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