DPRK said Pyongyang is forced to increase readiness for nuclear deterrence because of the United States

A representative of the DPRK Foreign Ministry said that North ... within its sovereign right’. The DPRK Foreign Ministry representative added that ...

dprk , usa , nuclear deterrence

Media: S. Korea may deploy special forces for guard duty on border with DPRK

... ) on the border with the DPRK in connection with the restoration ... claimed that by now the DPRK has actually completed the necessary ...

South Korea , DPRK

Kim Jong Un: N. Korea will not start a war first, but it will not avoid it either

... Jong Un noted that the DPRK will not start a war ... States’. He added that the DPRK Armed Forces are ready for ...

DPRK , south korea , Kim Jong Un , usa , war

DPRK leader called S. Korea the country’s ‘principal enemy’ and adversary

... Jong Un said that the DPRK must outline course for the ... urged to primarily strengthen the DPRK’s defence and nuclear war ... ’s desire for peace – the DPRK’s practical retaliatory actions will ...

DPRK , South Korea

China hopes for DPRK and South Korean restraint in conflict

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Wang Wenbin said that China expects the parties to the conflict – North Korea and South Korea – to exercise restraint on the Korean Peninsula, without taking actions that will lead to aggravation, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com Wang Wenbin expressed hope that the parties will maintain calm and restraint, avoiding further escalation of the conflict. He said that the two countries must create the conditions for a resumption of dialogue, which ‘is ...

China , South Korea , DPRK

Seoul warned of possible consequences for Pyongyang if peace violated

If the DPRK decides to commit provocations and ...

South Korea , DPRK , conflict

G7 urged to deprive N. Korea of weapons of mass destruction and ballistic missiles

... G7 foreign ministers strongly condemned DPRK’s launch of a ballistic ...

G7 , DPRK , UN

S. Korea to restore guard post on border with DPRK

... posts. On November 21st, the DPRK successfully launched the first reconnaissance ... zones. On November 23rd, the DPRK Defence Ministry announced that it ...

South Korea , DPRK

S. Korean intelligence reported that DPRK may conduct nuclear tests in 2024

... Korean intelligence believes that the DPRK is unlikely to be able ... the satellite debris that the DPRK tried to put into orbit ...

south korea , DPRK , nuclear tests

S. Korea President ordered military to monitor DPRK activity and maintain high combat readiness

... , Kim Myung-soo, on the DPRK actions after the partial suspension ... monitor the actions of the DPRK, maintain high combat readiness’. According ... record the activities of the DPRK to restore guard posts in ...

south korea , DPRK

Media: DPRK tested rocket engine designed to launch first reconnaissance satellite

... South Korean intelligence data, the DPRK conducted several tests of the ... Province. Countries assume that the DPRK conducted several tests of the ...


DPRK said Japan is preparing for aggressive war and new invasion into Korea

... Novosti reports with reference the DPRK Central Telegraph Agency Photo: www ...

DPRK , Japan , usa

Japan called DPRK nuclear missile programme a threat to stability of world community

... is collecting information about the DPRK policy of strengthening nuclear forces ... resolution and denuclearisation of the DPRK. Earlier, the media reported that ... the DPRK basic law now enshrines a ...

DPRK , Japan , nuclear weapons

First submarine with tactical nuclear weapons launched in DPRK

... anniversary, and President of the DPRK, Kim Jong Un, attended the ...

DPRK , nuclear weapons , submarine

Kim Jong-Un: North Korean Navy to become part of nuclear deterrence force

... weapons’. The leader of the DPRK didn’t specify what equipment ...

DPRK , Kim Jong-Un , Navy

Russian Admiral: US policy pushing DPRK to create deterrent force with nuclear weapons

... of the US action, the DPRK considers nuclear weapons to be ...

usa , DPRK , nuclear weapons

S. Korean President believes DPRK poses imminent threat against background of nuclear tests

... capacity-building to deter the DPRK, since North Korea poses an ...

south korea , DPRK

Japan says North Koreans are starving because of country’s nuclear missile programme

... that many residents in the DPRK are starving due to the ... to the Japanese official, the DPRK, with its missile launches, violates ...

Japan , DPRK

Russian Defence Minister and North Korean leader shared views on global security issues

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu has met with North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un to share views on global and regional security, RIA Novosti reports photo: www.reuters.com As reported by the Russian military department, the meeting was held in Pyongyang. “The Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, General of the Army Sergei Shoigu, during his visit to Pyongyang, was received by the Chairman of State Affairs of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Kim Jong-un,” the report says. ...

Russia , DPRK

N. Korea says US trying to deploy nuclear weapons on Korean Peninsula

... of nuclear weapons against the DPRK. It is also noted that ... a nuclear attack by the DPRK.

US , South Korea , DPRK

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