Kennedy office: US has been provoking Russia into hostile moves since 1990s

... candidate for the post of US President, Robert F. Kennedy Jr ... invasion while recognising that the US played a large role in ... and make peace when the US stops deliberately developing a conflict ...

US , Ukraine , Russia , Kennedy , conflict

Lukashenko: it’s important for Americans to bring Europe to its knees

... Europe, fence it off from us. They need to boil this ... introduce the Euro against the US Dollar. The Euro began to ... have not only here with us in the East. You see ... think that Brexit – when the UK left the EU – is just ... should give security guarantees to us’ and Belarus, and you [CSTO ...

Lukashenko , CSTO , US

Russian State Duma named two main goals of US in Ukrainian conflict

... problems in the US domestic politics. “For the US, the main task ... second point is that the US is trying to create a ...

US , Ukraine , Russia

US says it doesn’t see conflict or cold war with China as inevitable

... National Security Advisor to the US President Jake Sullivan, TASS reports ... explained. The Assistant to the US President recalled that on May ... -to-face meeting between the US and Chinese leaders. “We are ... a cold war between the US and China,” Sullivan said.

US , China , confrontation

Reuters: US seeking TNT in Japan for Ukraine artillery shells

The US authorities are seeking to secure ...

Japan , US , Ukraine , TNT

Pentagon announced the amount of military aid transferred to Kiev since the beginning of special military operation

According to the Pentagon, the total volume of United States military assistance to Ukraine during the time of Joe Biden as President of the country exceeded $38bn, and since the beginning of the Russian special military operation – $37bn, RIA Novosti reports photo: In particular, American military department said in a statement, to which the news agency refers, that “Cumulatively, the United States has pledged more than $38.3bn in security assistance to Ukraine since Biden ...

US , Ukraine , Biden

Ukraine received new $1.25bn grant from US for social commitments

Kiev has received a new grant from the United States in the amount of $1.25bn – as informed by the Ukrainian Finance Ministry, RIA Novosti reports photo: It is noted that grant funds have already been received by the state budget of Ukraine through the trust fund of many donors of the World Bank. “In 2023, Ukraine has already received $6bn in direct budget support grants from the United States,” the Ukrainian ministry said in a statement. According to the Finance Ministry, the ...

Ukraine , US

Expert announced West’s desire to destroy international law

... the bombing of Yugoslavia, current US President Joe Biden was a ...

Avdonin , US , EU

Expert: Russia and China, labelled by Americans as enemies, prevent US from ruling the whole world

The US and the EU continue to ... multipolar world order. Why the US – a country with 14.1 ... have labelled as enemies. The US is fomenting a cold war ...

US , EU , Russia , China

Expert: US national debt destroys this country’s leadership in the market, threatening the rest of the world

The US may run out of money ... the world “How is the US debt formed? When the Government ... to cheap Chinese goods, the US population is getting richer. These ... Belarus). The growth of the US national debt has also been ... non-payments on time on US debt, despite the legend of ... the reliability of US Treasure Bonds, have happened in ... more than once: the first US President Washington devalued bonds to ...

us , national debt

Americanist says most Americans don’t want Biden re-elected

... States of America believe that US President Joe Biden should be ... speak at rallies. That is, [US Vice President] Kamala Harris and ... . The expert believes that former US President Donald Trump has more ...

US , Biden , Trump , election

WEF: Europe, US to face high inflation in 2023

... will affect Europe and the US this year, according to the ... noticeable in Europe and the US, where the vast majority of ...

US , Europe , inflation

Savinykh: Ukraine paying for West’s assistance with lives of its military

Ukraine has to pay for Western military assistance with the lives of its soldiers – as noted by Andrei Savinykh, the Chairman of the Standing Commission on International Affairs of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus, in his talk with STV TV channel STV Channel Video screenshot Andrei Savinykh drew attention to the fact that the Ukrainian military are dying in huge numbers. “They say that Ukraine pays with its enterprises. Unfortunately, the ...

Ukraine , US , Europe

Kuleba expressed confidence that US election results won’t affect Washington-Kiev relations

... .com Speaking about the upcoming US election, Kuleba noted, “I don ... kind of radical crisis in US-Ukrainian relations depending on the ... also stressed that the current US President Joe Biden has done ...

US , Ukraine

Bainev: replacing US Dollar with Chinese Yuan will bring big problems to US economy

... alternative financial instruments that replace US and EU banknotes. Valery Bainev ... bring big problems to the US economy in the future. ... risks of stagflation in the US are already high, and ... constant inflow of funds into US Treasury bills, the role ... trade. This will force the US into great economic hardship – with ... with money emission: the US Dollar system again entered a ... stupor. Therefore, confidence in the US currency is collapsing. Morever, the ... for themselves: the huge US public debt can only be ...

Bainev , US , economy , Dollar

WP: US lost support of some influential countries in its confrontation with Russia

US intelligence notes that some influential ... .com The article notes that ‘US President Joe Biden’s global ... the growing confrontation between the US, Russia and China and in ...

US , Russia , China , Brazil , Pakistan , India , Egypt , Ukraine

Russian MFA: US, Europe using information technology for propaganda

... Maria Zakharova said that the US authorities and political elites in ...

Russia , US , Europe

Opinion: Europeans already understand their lives have become worse not because of Putin

Residents of European countries have long understood that the cause of their suffering is the policy of their own authorities – as noted by Deputy Director of the Institute for Strategic Studies and Forecasts of the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN University), a member of the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation Nikita Danyuk in his talk with photo: Commenting on the protests against the pension reform in France, the expert stressed that hoping for the ...

Europe , US , Russia

IMF predicts increase in US public debt

... IMF calculations, next year, the US public debt will grow to ... of the past year, the US public debt reached 121.7 ...

US , IMF , GDP , economy

Australia to allocate $2.7bn to purchase US missiles and produce ammunition

The Australian government plans to allocate $2.7bn to purchase American high-precision missiles and launchers, as well as to expand its own production of ammunition and components, TASS reports Photo: According to Defence Minister Richard Marles, this decision was made to quickly equip the Australian army with the latest weapons systems, including sea-based strike systems and long-range missile launchers. “We also intend to ensure the formation of our own stocks of weapons and ...

Australia , US

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