Opinion: US and collective West’s goal is to inflict strategic defeat on Russia

... – under the dictates of the US – will continue to provide, to ...

EU , Europe , Ukraine , US , NATO , Chibisov , Russia , Belarus

Media: 1,800 US police officers accused of abusing minors in last 17 years

... identified that about 1,800 US law enforcement officers were accused ... not dealt with within the US criminal justice system. At the ...

US , police , minors

Media: Microsoft asks hundreds of China-based employees relocate to US

... company’s offices in the US, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand ... considered by the administration of US President Joe Biden and which ...

Microsoft , China , US , AI

Media: US struggle against terrorism in West Africa failed

... West Africa, financed from the US state budget, have failed, according ... .com The publication, exploring to US military campaigns on the African ... .” According to the newspaper, the US is attempting to redirect its ... , told the newspaper that the US military had been successful in ... of military agreements with the US, as happened in Niger and ... . The NYT reports that the US is reconsidering its approach. Thus ...

US , Africa , terrorism

Poll: 62% of Americans would support mass deportation of illegal migrants from US

... to deport illegals from the US if he wins the presidential ... of illegal crossings of the US border. The survey was conducted ... 5th-7th among 2,063 US adult residents. The poll’s ...

US , deportation , illegal migration

US, Japan signed agreement on joint development of hypersonic interceptor

Kyodo news agency reported that representatives of Japan and the United States signed an agreement on developing a weapons system to intercept hypersonic missiles, TASS reports Photo: It is noted that the document presents how decisions will be made and tasks will be distributed within the framework of the project. In particular, the Japanese side will be responsible for developing the engine for the missile defense system. It is also reported that Japan and the United States ...

Japan , US , hypersonic missile

Media report number of homeless people in Washington rose by more than 12% over year

The number of people experiencing homelessness in and around Washington has increased by more than 12 percent in 2023, TASS reports with reference to The Washington Post Photo: It is reported that in January 2024, 9,774 people lived on the street or in shelters in eight administrative units of the agglomeration – up 12 percent compared to 2023. It is noted that the increase in homeless people amounted to 1,078. The number of people without a place of residence has increased ...

US , Washington , homelessness

Pentagon considers corruption in Ukraine one of highest in Europe

The report by Pentagon Inspector General Robert Storch notes that corruption in Ukraine remains one of the highest in Europe, with bribes and kickbacks widely practiced, and prices inflated at the Defence Ministry, RIA Novosti reports photo: It is noted that the corruption perception index has decreased in Ukraine since 2013, but the country’s government remains ‘one of the least accountable governments in Europe’. According to Mr. Storch, the current conflict between Russia ...

US , Ukraine , Pentagon

Opinion: situation in global economy playing against US

... is already playing against the US: high debts and difficulty in ...

Avdonin , US , Belarus , Russia , opinion

Expert: today Americans spend $1.5bn a day to create fake news

... very important for all of us. “He explains how the propaganda ...

US , history , fakes , information , propaganda

Expert: US ‘project’ on Ukraine turned out to be complete failure

... and in what aspects this US ‘project’ failed The expert explained ... wasn’t successful for the US, which failed to achieve its ... also be desirable for the US to cut off the entire ... Russia. That’s what the US wanted to achieve: to weaken ... represents a force for the US: ‘an unknown economic, financial, industrial ... , and technological force’. “The US authorities realise that they are ...

Expert , avdonin , Ukraine , US

Media: Poland to buy US spy balloons to control airspace of Ukraine and Belarus

The Polsat TV channel reported that Poland will sign an agreement with the United States in late May on the purchase of several Barbara reconnaissance balloons to control the airspace of Ukraine, Belarus and Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, TASS reports photo: m It is noted that only the details of the agreement need to be finalised so that Poland can sign this document. Spy balloons are reported to be permanently stationed near the borders, enabling to ‘detect aerial targets flying ...

Poland , US , spy balloons , Belarus , Russia , Ukraine

European court supported Italy in dispute with US museum over Greek statue return

... Getty Villa Museum in the US to return the ancient Greek ...

ECHR , Italy , US , statue

Chinese diplomat said China’s right to trade with Russia should not be violated

... comment on the words of US Secretary of State Antony Blinken ... Ministry pointed out that the US keeps pouring munition into Ukraine ... be violated, “We urge the US to stop vilifying, pressuring and ... and a political settlement. Earlier, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken ... not solve this problem’, the US will do it. Chinese President ...

China , Russia , US

Media: US negotiating military base in Côte d'Ivoire

The Head of the US Africa Command (AFRICOM), General Michael ... According to the publication, the US delegation – consisting of the Chief ... of the US Africa Command and US Ambassador to Abidjan ... magazine reports. Earlier in January, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken ... said in Abidjan that the US would earmark $45m to ensure ...

US , Côte d'Ivoire , drones

China to lease 2 pandas to US zoo for 10 years

Within the framework of international co-operation in the protection of bamboo bears, China plans to send a pair of pandas on lease for ten years to the San Diego Zoo in the United States of America, TASS reports PHOTO: WWW.PIXABAY.COM According to the China Wildlife Conservation Association (CWCA), the male Yun Chuan and the female Xin Bao from the Chinese giant panda conservation and research centre will be sent to the United States of America. The Centre has been co-operating with the San ...

China , US , panda

TikTok views law on social network’s possible ban in US as unconstitutional

... ban on TikTok in the US – reads, “This unconstitutional law is ... have invested billions of US Dollars to keep US data safe and ... will be banned in the US.

US , Tiktok , Biden

Kyiv withdrew Abrams tanks due to their vulnerability to Russian Armed Forces’ drones

... Suciu, a columnist for the US magazine The National Interest, described ...

Russia , Ukraine , US

Lukashenko: US wants to weaken both Russia and Europe

... very serious rival for the US, and this was felt during ... as an alternative to the US Dollar. This is a strong ... ‘at the instigation of the US, NATO persistently declares the need ...

Lukashenko , Belarusian People’s Congress , Russia , Europe , US

Trump claimed his readiness to debate with Biden at any time

Former US President Donald Trump said he ... of pressure on the current US President, who will have to ... on the eve of the US presidential election, which will be ...

US , Trump , Biden

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