Australia to earmark $7bn+ to modernise and expand its fleet

... $54.2bn ($35.4bn), enabling Australia to build ‘a large, firepower ...

Australia , fleet

Australia keen to halve intake of migrants and tighten rules for issuing student visas

... this time. This is about Australia’s future,” Home Affairs Minister ... to foreign students. Last year, Australia raised its annual migration figures ...

Australia , migrants , students

Japan plans to regularly transfer its Air Force to Australia

... Force at military bases in Australia on a rotational basis to ... be stationed in Australia. Regular training in Australia will take place in ... made a test flight to Australia. According to Asahi, the regular ...

Japan , Australia , Air Force

Australia to deploy radar detection aircraft in Germany

... announcing a new step by Australia aimed at ensuring security in ...

germany , Australia

Australia to provide $74m aid package to Ukraine

... press release also noted that Australia will supply Ukraine with 105mm ...

Australia , Ukraine

Biden cancelled summit of the US, Australia, India and Japan due to the national debt situation in the country

... Biden and the leaders of Australia, India, Japan has been cancelled ... participation of the leaders of Australia, India, the US and Japan ...

usa , Australia , india , Japan

Australia to allocate $2.7bn to purchase US missiles and produce ammunition

The Australian government plans to allocate $2.7bn to purchase American high-precision missiles and launchers, as well as to expand its own production of ammunition and components, TASS reports Photo: According to Defence Minister Richard Marles, this decision was made to quickly equip the Australian army with the latest weapons systems, including sea-based strike systems and long-range missile launchers. “We also intend to ensure the formation of our own stocks of weapons and ...

Australia , US

Australian company made meatball from long-extinct mammoth

A mammoth meatball has been created by Vow Food – an Australian cultivated meat company – resurrecting the flesh of the long-extinct animals, according to The Guardian Photo: An Australian company has been working to create a mammoth muscle protein. A professor from the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology at the University of Queensland said, “We haven’t seen this protein for thousands of years... So we have no idea how a person’s immune system will ...

Australia , mammoth , science

Media: Australia’s actions threaten full nuclearisation of the region

... actions to acquire nuclear submarines Australia’s move is dangerously paving ... : News of Australia’s acquisition of nuclear submarines ... to build the submarines takes Australia a step closer to becoming ... . Moreover, the newspaper stressed that Australia’s actions are dangerous, because ... pretext. “Now, more than ever, Australia is living up to its ... . Earlier, it became known about Australia’s intention to create its ...

Australia , US , UK , Indonesia , nuclearisation

Australia to buy 220 Tomahawk missiles from US

... missile systems worth $895m to Australia, further tightening security ties between ... Photo: www.o Australia’s purchase of 220 Tomahawk ... and ready self-defence capability. Australia will use the missiles for ...

US , Australia , weapons

Brazil to resume visa requirements for tourists from US, Australia, Canada and Japan

... that previously allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and ... , Brazil unilaterally allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and ...

Brazil , USA , Japan , Australia , canada , visas

Media: Australia to buy 20 MLRS HIMARS from the US

Australia will purchase twenty HIMARS multiple ...

Australia , USA

Australian pharmacies lack antibiotics

... of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Adele Tahan, noted that there ... change in the near future. “Australia does not produce many medicines ...

Australia , antibiotics , pharmaceuticals

US, UK and Australia conduct joint drills simulating conflict with Russia

... States, the United Kingdom, and Australia took part in a joint ...

US , UK , Australia , military drills

US plans to deploy B-52 bombers in Australia

... B-52 bombers in northern Australia. To do this, it is ... the long-range bombers to Australia sends a strong message to ...

USA , Australia

Australian energy companies warned of increase in tariffs by more than a third

... common for the West, but Australia has also joined those talking ... carry out in order for Australia to switch to renewable energy ...

Australia , electricity , energy , prices

Australia, UK, Japan, New Zealand, and US form new alliance

... Pacific region was established by Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, the ...

Australia , UK , Japan , New Zealand , US , Pacific

China accuses Australia, US and UK of fomenting arms race

Australia, the United States and the ... According to the Chinese diplomat, Australia, together with the United States ... Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare criticised Australia over failing to consult the ... in response to attacks from Australia over the conclusion of a ... the Solomon Islands and China. Australia fears that China will expand ...

China , Australia , US , UK

Chinese Foreign Ministry said China is not seeking WWIII

The Chinese authorities are not seeking WWIII and support the settlement of the conflict in Ukraine through diplomacy – as stated by the official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Wang Wenbin, TASS reports Photo: According to Mr. Wenbin, no one wants to see the outbreak of WWIII. The official representative of the Chinese Foreign Ministry believes that the process of advancing the peace talks between Russia and Ukraine should be supported. “We must not allow the armed ...

China , Ukraine , Australia

Lukashenko: Belarus keen to expand co-operation with Australia

... the people of Australia on the national holiday: Australia Day – as BelTA ... that this year Belarus and Australia are celebrating the 30th anniversary ... back much longer. “Belarus and Australia, no matter how far apart ... and wished the people of Australia peace, well-being and prosperity ...

Lukashenko , Belarus , Australia

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