Information Ministry restricted access to some media resourced of Baltic States in response to their blocking of Belarusian media

... with the introduction of a ban on the activities of certain ... , has made a decision to ban a number of Internet resources ...

lithuania , latvia , estonia , media , belarus , ban

Medical fascism

... supply of vital medications. The ban on the supply of anticancer ... diagnostic equipment in 2019. The ban on the supply of vital ...

medicine , ban , genocide , medical , fascism , the EU

Mobile phone use to be banned in schools in England

... guidance calling for a complete ban on the use of mobile ... case of violation of the ban, pupils face being left after ... . The first is a complete ban on the use of phones ...

UK , schools , mobile phones , ban

French authorities temporarily ban online sale of paracetamol

The French government has banned the online sale of paracetamol until January 31st because of the problems with the supply of this drug, RIA Novosti reports Photo: The tense situation with the supply of drugs, the basis for which is paracetamol, has been preserved in France for half a year. This also applies to medicines intended for children. “The various measures that have been taken by the health authorities, however effective, have not yet put an end to this,” the decree of ...

France , ban , drug

Australian Tennis Federation won’t exclude Belarusians from participating in Australian Open

Australian Tennis Federation (Tennis Australia) will not limit the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in the Australian Open; they can play neutral, according to 9News Photo: In February 2022, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) recommended preventing Russian and Belarusian athletes from participating in international competitions. However, the federation insists on its position on the admission of tennis players, despite calls to follow the example of ...

Belarus , Russia , tennis , ban

The President introduced a ban on price increases in Belarus

... goods the directive imposes a ban on price increases and obligations ...

Lukashenko , prices , ban

Medvedev: Moscow’s response to transit ban to Kaliningrad able to cut off oxygen to Lithuania

... in response to Lithuania’s ban on the transit of goods ... radical steps as a transit ban. Nevertheless, Vilnius bowed obsequiously before ...

Russia , Lithuania , Medvedev , ban , transit

Belarus bans exports of some industrial goods

A ban on exports of certain types of industrial goods is being introduced in Belarus – following a governmental resolution As reported by the Government’s press service, the document was signed to protect the state’s economic interests. In total, the list covers 254 types of goods. The ban is being introduced for the period of six months and will be effective after the official publication of the resolution.

industry , goods , ban

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