Expert on new Military Doctrine: Belarus responds adequately to military tension increase

... , and the threats to the security of Belarus and the Union ... is primarily about ensuring security within the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO ... possible threats to the military security of Belarus, the official views ... of legislation to ensure international security guarantees.”

Belarus , military doctrine , security

Expert: we need to analyse legislative framework and pause everything that infringes Belarus’ security

... everything that could infringe Belarus’ security – as noted by Chairman of ... framework relating to our state security and see what else makes ... Military Doctrine and the National Security Concept. We need now to ... on everything that infringes the security of Belarus,” underlined the expert ...

Markov , Belarus , CFE Treaty , security

Belarus calculated its web users on International Internet Day

... basic rules of personal data security on the Internet. Create strong ... and application updates to eliminate security vulnerabilities. Never click on suspicious ... on the latest personal data security information and training to stay ...

Internet , Security , International Internet Day

Belarus' traffic police: lowest number of road fatalities recorded in 2023

On April 2nd, a meeting was held at the Belarus Segodnya Publishing House with representatives of the State Traffic Police Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The Head of the Department for the Organisation of Interdepartmental Interaction and Promotion of Road Safety, Veronika Romankova, and the Senior Inspector for Special Assignments, Aleksandr Brui, commented on the current situation on the roads of Belarus and the importance of observing traffic rules. The Senior Inspector ...

traffic police , meeting , security

Kubrakov: Interior Ministry has everything to ensure security in Belarus

... Interior Minister, is to ensure security on the territory of Belarus ...

Belarus , Kubrakov , Interior Ministry , police , security

Expert: European security system needs restart

... it: the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe ... a restart of the European security system, “Moreover, this concept ... must rather talk about Eurasian security. All these definitions by politicians ... that determines new security parameters. What is European security now? Where is ... There can be no European security in its old form. We ... can talk about Eurasian security, which includes the entire territory ... Asian part. Therefore, only Eurasian security, common parameters, and legal frameworks ...

Gigin , opinion , europe , eurasia , security

Expert commented on Belarusian law enforcement agencies’ readiness for electoral campaigns

In 2024, sixty-four countries are entering the electoral period, and it a time when any state becomes more vulnerable. In his talk with SB TV , Retired Colonel Sergei Andreev explained whether new global conflicts are possible. Photo: video screenshot Mr. Andreev predicted that certain crisis moments are possible in some countries, “This is an objective factor, but I think we should better focus on our domestic problems. We can see that the countries which surround us, except Russia, are not ...

Belarus , security , army , elections , Andreev , opinion

Dual-use information

... special services responsible for national security. In Belarus, the draft National ... Security Concept and the draft Military ... threats, curb them, and build security systems.” It is certainly not ...

security , cyberattack , threat , digital , information

The world respects the strong

... as maintaining international peace and security, preventing the threat of ... international peace and security, ensuring the military security of the Republic ... armed defence within the national security framework (previously stated: ensuring ... its military security)’. There has been determined the ... with the legislation regulating information security issues’. The new Military ... maintaining international peace and security, ensuring military security and armed defence of ...

Lukashenko , Military Doctrine , security

MP: Belarus’ leadership doing everything so that the country not involved in military conflicts

... , held a meeting of the Security Council last week, which was ... planning documents – the draft National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine ... serious documents as the National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine ... was widely discussed. The National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine ...

security , Belarus , gaidukevich , opinion

Expert on reaction of Belarus' detractors to deployment of tactical nuclear weapons on its territory: this is hysteria

... we spend money only on security forces. However, we acted wisely ... taking to ensure its national security.”

Belarus , security , nuclear weapons , gigin , opinion

General Staff Chief: level of provocations in airspace remains unchanged but Belarus' capabilities have expanded

The equipping of Belarus’ radio engineering troops with new samples of Belarusian and Russian-made weapons and military equipment increases the capabilities of the Air Force and Air Defence Forces to uncover attempts at provocations and accidental violations – as stated by the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, First Deputy Defence Minister Viktor Gulevich, commenting on the results of today’s event focusing on the approval by Belarus’ President Aleksandar Lukashenko of the ...

gulevich , defence , security , Belarus , border

Khrenin: Military Doctrine’s important innovation is adequacy of measures taken by the state to level of military danger

... : Modern Approaches to Ensuring Military Security of the State, Their Implementation ... under the auspices of international security organisations. Viktor Khrenin also underlined ...

Khrenin , Belarus , security , Militaey Doctrine

Defence Minister: key message of new Military Doctrine is that Belarus does not call anyone enemies

... today’s meeting of the Security Council that focused on the ... draft projects of the National Security Concept and Military Doctrine According ... been presented today at the Security Council. Importantly, this document has ... connection with the draft National Security Concept: we have clearly outlined ...

Khrenin , security , Belarus , military doctrine

Lukashenko: new Military Doctrine and National Security Concept fully meet all dangers and risks

Ensuring national security is a common task – as ... today’s meeting of the Security Council focusing on the consideration ... draft projects of the National Security Concept and Military Doctrine photo ... , following a meeting of the Security Council last year, he had ... preparation of the new National Security Concept, to submit it for ... opinion. After all, ensuring national security is our common task. It ... ’s public discussion, whether the Security Council members agreed with the ...

Lukashenko , President , security

Updated National Security Concept and Belarus’ Military Doctrine to be submitted for approval by Belarusian People’s Congress

... , Aleksandr Lukashenko, has convened a Security Council meeting today, tackling the ... planning documents: the draft National Security Concept and the Military Doctrine ... , challenges and threats in national security are set out in detail ... in the National Security Concept and Military Doctrine, “Many ...

Lukashenko , security

Large-scale cyber fraud detection system will be launched in Belarus in March

Belarus is now on the verge of a historic event in the field of cybersecurity: the National Bank has joined the Interior Ministry and the Investigative Committee to implement a large-scale cyber fraud detection system – following a decree of the Head of State signed last August As noted by Ivan Sudnikovich, the Deputy Head of the Main Department for Digital Development of Preliminary Investigation at the Investigative Committee’s Central Office, the new mechanism for tracking and blocking ...

cybercrime , security , national bank , Investigative Committee

Golovchenko: biosafety in Belarus is at stable level, but there should be no relaxation

The first meeting of the Biological Safety Council has been held today in Minsk in accordance with the Government resolution adopted this September photo: "The relevance of these issues is increasing every year," Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko said at the beginning of the meeting. “This is confirmed by the intensive spread of the most dangerous infectious diseases of humans and animals in the world, antibiotic resistance of microorganisms, outbreaks of previously ...

golovchenko , security

Russian Foreign Intelligence Chief: US-led Western bloc regards Belarus and Russia as single geopolitical centre of power

... of the CIS heads of security agencies and intelligence services " ... special services, including Belarus’ State Security Committee and Russia’s Foreign ...

russia , Belarus , security , Naryshkin , President

Lukashenko: no one will come to us if there are no internal events, so we should not allow a fight in our house

... of the CIS heads of security agencies and intelligence services Photo ...

Lukashenko , security , President

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