People in the countryside deserve the best

... and support. The recent general meeting of the Belarusian Republican Union ... all decisions taken following the meeting. First. Trade: the state will ...

Lukashenko , Belkoopsoyuz , meeting , Ukraine , border

Investments of bona fide business in Belarus are reliably protected by the state

... products, including baby food. The meeting also discussed the development of ... put forward at the last meeting. “The new milestones that have ... by Aleksandr Lukashenko at the meeting, are extremely important for further ...

Lukashenko , Kamchatka Krai , Solodov , meeting

Belarus offers favourable conditions to foreign businesses

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, held a meeting with the leadership of the ... State’s consideration. belta The meeting began with a discussion of ... of the topics of the meeting was opposition to the withdrawal ... Belarus. Another topic of the meeting was the adjustment of customs ... projects paid for themselves. The meeting participants discussed all the identified ... be in effect. At the meeting, Aleksandr Lukashenko also emphasised that ...

Lukashenko , Council of Ministers , meeting , State Quality Mark

Security is a common task for every citizen of Belarus

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, held a meeting of the Security Council, which ... that last year, following a meeting of the Security Council, where ... in February 2023 at a meeting of the Security Council. Then ... society actors. At the current meeting of the Security Council, specific ... aroused genuine interest After the meeting with the Head of State ... Khrenin told reporters following a meeting of the Security Council and ...

Lukashenko , National Security Concept , meeting , Security Council

Belarusian products will compete with the best world samples

... the President’s first working meeting of the coming year was ... President said. belta During the meeting, Aleksandr Lukashenko warned officials about ... State noted, “Our first working meeting this year at the Presidential ... . The second issue on the meeting agenda is the establishment of ... ,” the President added. At the meeting, Prime Minister of Belarus Roman ... told reporters that at the meeting, among other things, the issue ... Administration Igor Sergeyenko during the meeting. “A high quality of human ...

Lukashenko , meeting , State Quality Mark of Belarus

Utmost partner of Belarus in Russia

... fifth area discussed at the meeting. Import substitution is a priority ... export and import. “Before the meeting, we had already discussed construction ...

Lukashenko , Moscow Region , Governor , meeting

‘Only by joining forces can we counter threats’

... to participate in the 19th Meeting of Heads of Security Bodies ... that Belarus is hosting this meeting, in the era of wars ... political situation in Ukraine during meetings with foreign and Belarusian journalists ... emphasised back then. During the meeting, the President of Belarus noted ...

Belarus , Lukashenko , meeting , CIS

Belarus will always be a reliable partner for China

... today,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. “Our meeting on March 1st [2023] was ... thanked Xi Jinping for the meeting, noting that the Chinese ... a huge number of international meetings, not to mention domestic policy ... Aleksandr Lukashenko suggested such a meeting during the negotiations with Xi ... implemented. Taking part in the meeting were Belarus’ First Deputy Prime ... and global prospects. After our meeting, negotiations have continued at the ... Hao Ping emphasised at a meeting with Aleksandr Lukashenko. Based on ...

Lukashenko , Xi Jinping , official visit , Beijing , meeting

‘It’s a difficult period, but we are prepared for this’

... of important events — a joint meeting of the Council of Foreign ...

Lukashenko , politics , meeting , Collective Security Treaty Organisation , Tasmagambetov

‘In the light of recent developments it is extremely important to have reliable and proven allies’

... -operation were discussed at the meeting of the President of Belarus ... have passed since their previous meeting. “I think you are well ... was discussed during the previous meeting with Vladimir Vladimirov), the President ... co-operation discussed during the meeting was tourism and tourism infrastructure ...

Lukashenko , meeting , Governor , Russia , Stavropol Territory

Foothold in Latin America

... the economy. Preparing for this meeting and studying the entire range ...

Lukashenko , politics , meeting , Cuba , Prime Minister

Belarus is a supporter of the peaceful development of all countries

... Peter Szijjarto (left) during the meeting Belta “You are probably the ... of State said. During the meeting, Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the ... At the beginning of the meeting, Sergei Lavrov conveyed greetings from ... the near future. At a meeting with Sergei Lavrov, Aleksandr Lukashenko ...

Belarus , Lukashenko , meeting , Foreign Minister , Szijjarto , Lavrov

‘We should have and we actually do have our own ideology’

... spoke about at the meeting with youth activists. Meetings with young people ... Komsomol movement. It became a meeting of generations. Next year marks ... of the presidency. And the meeting participants asked the President what ... leader Aleksandr Lukyanov during the meeting informed Aleksandr Lukashenko about how ...

Lukashenko , meeting , youth activists

A billion is not the limit

... recalled that during the previous meeting with the head of the ... , Governor of Leningrad Region, “The meeting was very emotional, very sincere ...

Belarus , politics , Lukashenko , meeting , Governor , Leningrad Region

Minsk—Tashkent: new goals and objectives in co-operation

President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Chairwoman of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of Uzbekistan Tanzila Narbayeva belta The Head of State noted that the visit takes place in the year of the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Belarus and Uzbekistan. “A lot has been done, but there is room for improvement in this difficult time, when we are at a turning point in international relations,” the President said describing the level of co-operation. ...

poltics , Belarus , Uzbekistan , Lukashenko , Senate , Chairwoman , meeting

Focus on greater results

... regularly hold telephone conversations and meetings at international venues. In 2019 ...

politics , Belarus , Lukashenko , Türkiye , ambassador , meeting

‘We will not hesitate to respond’

... Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, convened a meeting of the Security Council. A ... Secretary of the Security Council, “Meetings of the Security Council are ... for a year. The last meeting was not connected with any ... held a number of conciliation meetings, saw the problem of some ...

Lukashenko , meeting , Security Council , Volfovich , Khrenin

The President of Belarus: ‘The country must be preserved, and we must mobilise in this regard’

... the main topics of the meeting with the participation of the ... proposals were voiced at the meeting, some quite radical, while Aleksandr ... that the impetus for the meeting at BSU was given by ... .” The President said at the meeting that he was informed about ... , various departments, open and closed meetings were held. An expert analysis ... important reasons for today’s meeting. At present when we have ... about the results of the meeting at the Belarusian State University ...

Lukashenko , Belarusian State University , BSU , meeting , journalists

Co-operation for the security of peoples

... President of Belarus said. “A meeting between old friends is always ...

Lukashenko , belarus , china , meeting , Chinese Minister of National Defence , Li Shangfu

Trade and economy — the basis for full-scale co-operation

... a result of today’s meeting, we need to agree on ... the importance of the current meeting for both Belarus and Brazil ... been active and effective. The meeting of our Presidents in Rio ... at the beginning of the meeting that Dmitry Rogozin ‘completely vanished ...

politics , Belarus , brazil , Lukashenko , Ambassador , meeting

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